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Elephant Insurance - Elephant Auto Insurance

Company Elephant Insurance
Product / Service Auto Insurance
Location Haryana, Haryana
Category Property Insurance
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I was searching for the best insurance coverage for my new first car.My dad suggested me few names and i got the one I was searching for.

I visited the website of elephant auto insurance - http://www.elephant.com/ and asked for online quote that was so cheap. I gave them my details and they help me in getting auto insurance at every cheap rate. I saved a lot that i have not expected.

I am fully satisfied with their insurance services.They have launched their services in Virgina and Maryland just two years back and now they have a great number of clients all because they offer great deals and they know what customer wants.Thanks Elephant 302c654

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Apr 03  from Carmel Hamlet, New York
None of the insurance companies are any good...but we are stuck with them. Elephant tried to raise my premium by over $50 because my insurance had lapsed at 11:59 pm and I was calling them at noon! I was dropped by State Farm after I was in an accident that had no police report, but they paid the claim on a car that had already been wrecked! I ended up back with Safe Auto, and I know they aren't any better. I had them before. I'm stuck paying the same amount I was paying before. I can't actually afford it, but I'm stuck. I have to have full coverage on my car, because it's still being paid for.
I'm not saying I wasn't at fault...saying she didn't want to call the police...she also said it could go either way.... :?
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Mar 29 
I was in an accident 12/4/13 where their insured was at fault. They received a citation, but Elephant is trying to claim I am 25% at fault for being negligent in not taking evasive actions to try and not collide with their insured, who was attempting to cross over my lane to get to the other side. I told them the only evasive action I could have taken would be to hit someone in another lane, which is probably what they wanted. My insurance company is not accepting any fault and is taking them to arbitration. In the meantime, I just filed a complaint with the department of insurance and the BBB in Henrico county, VA where their home office is located. My insurance company has said if Elephant is willing to accept 75% responsibility, then they know their insured was at fault. Absolutely disgusting!
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Jan 31  from Wylie, Texas
I really appreciate your reviews, I almost did it. But I asked her what the Insurance name and I looked it up, I found you guys. Thanks very much, I almost made a wrong choice.
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Jan 23 
Elephant Insurance has the rudest customer service representatives I have ever encountered. I was trying to add another vehicle to my policy, and the lady I spoke to was sooo rude after I spent almost 45 minutes on hold. When I told her that I will be searching for a new company because of her rudeness, she told be that I am welcome to do so. I am looking for a new insurance company. This is the worst customer service ever!!!! :(
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Dec 06, 2013 
If somebody have problems ,unfairs charges ,must complain consumer affairs agency, is the only way to stop the fraudulent operation
they use.
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Dec 06, 2013 
I,m upset ...very dissapointed with elephant insurance , I got their
car insurance for about 2 years when you ask a quote by phone ,they
give you a price, you acept the deal but when they email you, you
find a different price their behavior is nasty when you are their
customer, I will start looking for different company. F. them
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Oct 08, 2013 
Had an accident with their client. The client admitted fault and still Elephant denied claim. Spoke with Casey customer representative. They actually told the estimator to lower the estimate. Before they even saw picture they denied the claim, and didn't even talk to the witness of the accident.

This place is a total fraud.
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Feb 04 
I am having the same exact issue. Their client admitted fault but once I submitted pictures of the significant damages, now they are saying there are "coverage issues". :(
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Sep 21, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
I was rear ended by a car insured by Elephant Insurance driven by the insured's adult son who lives with him. I called Elephant the same day and was given a claim number. I talked to an adjuster the next day and talked to her about a rent car. She was positive, but stated that she had to talk to her insured before assuming responsibility, A few days later, Enterprise obtained a PO # for a rent car, but Elephant pulled it the next day, still waiting to here from their insured. Around 3 weeks later. Elephanr stated that they had indeed heard from their insured and he stated that his son had permission to drive his car. A week later, Elephant wrote my insurance company and me a letter denying liability. Elephant is a company that takes their customer's money and uses any excuse not to pay a claim, even fraud and plain lies.
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Aug 16, 2013  from Austin, Texas
I had insurance with Elephant for a year. Then they sent me a new renewal policy with very high premium . I said I do not want it and never signed any documents saying I want it. Anyways they tried to charge my card on account for the renewal policy and it got declined. Now after 2 months I get a call from collection agency saying I owe Elephant $45. I called them and got to know that they charged me 25$ for declined payment and 20$ collection fee. Never was i told that I owed them 25$ and on the first place I had not even gave them permission to run my card to make a payment for a policy that i never wanted. I called them and no wonder they would not take it back , and I did not want to ruin my credit for 45$ and had to make a payment. Such a *** company. Never do business with them.
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Aug 08, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
Elephant Insurance is a HORRIBLE INSURANCE COMPANY THEY DO NOT PAY ANY CLAIMS BASED ON THEIR PARTIES BEHALF. They make up false denials to say the reason why they are denying the claim they are rude unethical, uneducated and ignorant.. People under this insurance better beware and let this company go right now they are horrible I am praying with enough complaints the BBB see that this company is not fit to be in the league with Fortune 500 companies like State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide and Geico they don't even fit in the minor leagues this company need to be SHUT DOWN!! Their Client hit my car and Elephant Insurance made up some fabricated story about why they are deny the claim come to find out they never pay any claims they do not even pay the claims of their clients. The *** that was assigned to me was JEFF COLE SO BEWARE HE IS A COMPLETE *** HE HAS NO COMMON SENSE WHATSOEVER.... GOOD LUCK JEFF COLE ON HOW YOU TREAT AND SPEAK TO PEOPLE YOU WILL GET WHAT IS DO TO YOU BY THE HIERARCHY MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!!!


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Jul 26, 2013  from Houston, Texas
So far so good..I have 3 cars insured for 70 bucks in Texas
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Mar 08, 2013  from Gretna, Nebraska
Wait a minute - you actually got insurance with a company called Elephant Insurance? I would only use this to insure my pet elephant
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Jan 22  from Phoenix, Arizona
If you have a pet elephant, then you are crazy!!! Sorry, it is what it is :p
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Mar 08, 2013 
One of the smartest things costumers can do is go straight to a Independent Insurance Company. By doing this, they shop several different insurance companies for you and get you the coverage you need. Find one in your area.
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Feb 15, 2013  from Beaumont, Texas
I went with Elephant because I had been in two accidents and they offered me $80 less a month. No problems for the first year. I called them today to see if they could adjust my rate for this next year since I've had no tickets or accidents. SURE, they said... THEY UPPED MY PREMIUM $840 a year!!! When I questioned why it was so much, come to find out they "upped the rate across the board in Texas" and since I was beginning a new year with them this month, they attempted to draft out $451 dollars from my bank account instead of the usual $202, and it declined (OBVIOUSLY!) so they let my policy lapse for ONE DAY and didn't even tell me!!! Ergo the extra $840 a month (a lapse fee). RIDICULOUS! I never write complaints on people but after the b.s. I dealt with today, STAY AWAY!!! Thank God I didn't let them take out the $451, or I'm sure I would never see that again. I found a local Farmers agent (a company I had actually heard of) and saved $120 a month, guess they didn't suffer the same "rate increase"... Save yourself some money and anger and steer clear of these thieves!!!
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Sep 06, 2012 
Trufflepig, interesting that you're in Lynchburg but apparently don't know that their U.S. headquarters is two hours away from you in the Richmond area. Yes, they have some operations overseas since that's where the company originated (in the U.K.), but there are plenty here as well in Claims and Sales.

Disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever, worked for Elephant,nor has anyone in my family. I just live in the area and read the news.
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Aug 25, 2012 
yeah my cars been in the body shop now for 4 months now. and i called body shop as far as a follow up, come to find out insurance company wont get back to them.
Reply to elephant they down right suck

Aug 11, 2012 
Their claims department will try to find any excuse to not pay a claim....now I know why the are cheaper....They don"t pay claims! Being insured by them is a total nightmare
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Aug 02, 2012 
Worst insurance company ever!!! Buying insurance from them is like not buying insurance. Their customer service sell you products without from details and have premium higher than big good insurance company. You need to
wait 30min to talk to their customer service with rude representative on the other side. Even in the end when you want to cancel your policy they wont leave you without adding fee. I had paid in full in starting but in the end I had to pay $50 to get rid of them for no reason. So please dont buy any policy from them!!!
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