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Easy Home - Easyhome SUCKS

  • by   Jun 15, 2009
  • Review #: 150024
Company Easy Home
Product / Service Furniture Computer
Location Toronto, Ontario
Category Loans and Mortgages
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I have been renting from easyhome now for about 6 months I have quite a bit of equipment and have always paid on time.Recently I have had to attend a funeral out of the province told them I would return and pay them.

While out of province was assaulted had 3 teeth broken and had to deal with the police. They have showed not an ounce of caring, I do understand they are a business but I am paying triple on everything. I had not returned yet and they were at my house 2-3 times a day filling my answering machine harassing my neighbours this is embarassing.

I would call them back speak to someone half decent explain everything and they would tell me to come in as soon as I get back.I can't deal with the harassment when I get back they can pick up everything and get nothing!!!! 2ffe5ce

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Sep 10, 2013  from Overland Park, Kansas
Can easy home garnish my wages?
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Sep 03, 2013  from Waterloo, Ontario
This concept of renting furniture is foreign to me. I can't grasp why anybody would even consider this. It takes a severe *** not to do the math and see your getting ripped. For all you people who are going to tell me its an option for people who don't have the cash or credit news flash if you don't have the cash or credit you shouldn't be buying a new couch to begin will. If you put 9 dollars away a week into savings you would be able to buy the couch out right for 1/3 the price and you can own it brand new no contract. If you aren't the jones then don't try to keep up with them! :(
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Feb 20, 2013  from Vancouver, British Columbia
You All Read And Signed The Lease. REALLY???? :x :x :x

I know I am paying too much for the furniture I am renting to own from Easy Home. It's a decision my partner and I walked into. And we know that *** happens so we keep all our reciepts with our signed documents from Easy Home.

Keeping a good attitude and being responsible for the choices you make goes a long way. I realize life *** happens and so does Easy Home!

REMEMBER, YOU signed the LEASE with Easy Home. So own your part in your decison and ride it out. It's only a LEASE! And if you actually finish your Obligations to own the items you choose to rent to own.....then You Own IT....Hence the RENT - TO - Own !

Finally, it is your responsibility to check to furniture for wear and tare and how many times it has been leased, and how old the furniture is.

I have a good relationship with Easy Home because I pay on time, am personable to the staff, and enjoy the furniture that I LEASE... Regardless.

Easy Home in Maple Ridge, BC are wonderful because I treat them with respect...and then I get respect. We are good repeat customers and we are always greeted with a smile.

It is hard to hear all the hardships people have
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Feb 24, 2013  from Stephenville, Newfoundland And Labrador
I agree with you 100 percent. They all sign a legal document. It may cost you a lot more in the end but I have no other choice and I am thankful for easyhome or my children would not have a bed to sleep in nor would I have a sofa for our family to sit on. They are great people. :) I find they are a great bunch of people.
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Jul 14, 2013  from Grande Prairie, Alberta
I agree. If you read the majority of these complaints they all come from people at funerals or vacations when their payments are due. My guess is that they wait until EasyHome calls after their due date wondering where their payment is?
I deal with the Grande Prairie Alberta location and the Manager is the most understanding and polite lady I have ever dealt with. Perhaps if these people on vacations had mentioned prior to their payments being due that they would be late or when they went in to make the previous months payments -had taken into consideration that they would be gone next month and had pre-paid up until they got back...??
I've been with EasyHome for over 3 years now and aside from the interest rate, I would deal with them time and time again.
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Jan 07, 2013  from Ottawa, Ontario
I recently got a bed from Easy Home Delivered, we made the first few payments on time. Than we had to go to a funeral, on the day that we were late because we were out of town. They said we had to pay or they would come get the product. Now, all we signed was an application, No contract was signed. Can they do anything? :?
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Nov 05, 2012 
Used easyhome when I moved into my new apartment just for a while and I missed one payment because I was delayed on a vacation for 2 days extra they called my work showed up at my apartment. Unfortunately for them they also left messages and spoke with people at my work telling them what money I owe and such which is not allowed by any company no matter who they are, I sued Easyhome in Barrie, and won easily of course with all the proof they had not only did I win an undisclosed settlement and got to keep all my furniture and tv but they were also fined $25,000 for breaching privacy laws. So go *** yourself easyhome! Suck it!
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Jan 21, 2013  from Ottawa, Ontario
Most Easyhome stores are easy going with late payments as long as u can explain ur stituation and give a time for payment and keep to that time or call again but dont be 15 days plus or try to make bs stories or avoid them bc they will try anything and everything to get thier stuff back which means bailiff police collection agency etc etc and dont be stupied and pay ur bill and exchange alot......cheers
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Aug 28, 2012 
Expect them to call you repeatedly, even after you tell them you are planning to come in, every single due date. They call more often than a payday loan place, starting at 8 am on Saturday morning, over and over and over. I told them I would be a couple days late if they couldn't take a payment over the phone because my car was in the shop. I have paid on time every single time for almost a year. They then proceeded to call everyone on my reference list. It was due 3 days ago AND I have talked to them about it. Now they can come get their furniture and keep the harrassment for subpar overpriced furniture.
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Aug 08, 2012 
Ifyou have paid and they start to ***, take the ***, tell them to jam it and dont pay them a dime. I had a problem come up in life and they called me four times while i was at a funeral, yes i told them, they even had a truck shoe up there to talk to me, how rude. So yes, i kept the stuff, and am not going to pay them a dime more. They called for a while, i changed my number now they dont call....they have not sued me yet, and an inside source says most times they dont bother, it costs to much and if they get judgement then they have to collect the money. Easyhome wants to be rude, well now I am rude.
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Jun 14, 2012 
To the person who just posted about credit recovery services.

I would recommend calling easyhome, only they will be able to go through their records and fix the situation. 6 years is a long time and someone could have made a mistake along the way. If you contact your local store, get them to contact a regional manager. If they cannot answer your question, contact their head office in mississauga and speak to their support staff.

You will have this resolved.
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Jun 04, 2012 
I rented to lease a computer from the EasyHome (Easy Financial/CCL Financial; Yarmouth location about 6 years ago. The computer had been stolen along side a lot of other stuff. I had their insurance. I went to the police station and received a police report and was told by a Easyhome rep that day when I called and reported the crime that the police report was all I needed to give them to be exonerated from my contact because of where I had the insurance. 6 years later (today) I just off the phone with an ignorant *** from National Credit Recovery saying if I don't pay them 620 by tomorrow at 5pm he will personally fax my debt to Equafax and etc and I won't be able to qualify for loans, my credit card will be cut off and I will be taken to court and made to pay 1241.42 plus all their and my legal fees. ANY ONE READING THIS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT rent from EASYHOME!! They are crooks, the computer isn't even worth 400!! Save yourself the hassle and your money and buy something second hand from kijiji or ebay if you can! They are just not worth the stress. They have put me through so much stress, it's just NOT worth it!
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Apr 02, 2012 
What happens if you moved and dont tive the stuff back... Can u be arrested
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Feb 01, 2013  from Fredericton, New Brunswick
what ever came out of it?
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Feb 24, 2013  from Ontario, California
They will track you down. It happened to me. Trust me they will find you. Never thought they would but they did. I guessing made a big boo. I really needed easyhome and I screwed myself out of ever leasing again. Tried to get a loan December and it came up I owe easyhome and until I pay what I owe them I can't get the loan and it sucks. I owe them like 3 grand.
Reply to Andrew

Oct 13, 2011 
has anyone paid for easyhome insurance that covers you for unemployment ? we did and now when all is paid off they say we never had it. go fish i say , now we are suing thier a$%^ off for breach of contract,fraud,harassment,emotional stress,finanial hardship etc.yes,we have proof that the insurance company paid them a grand. lets see who gets the last laugh now! so anyone who has paid for this insurance check with the insurance company if they paid out.you do not have to be making 6 months of easyhome payments (which they try to tell you )
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Oct 04, 2011 
I have dealt with Easyhome in the past, before they all became franchised. We have been RTOing our bedroom suite for 1 year and 11 months. We also have a Living Room suite, and extra mattress and a TV with them now. We fell behind, and have agreed to let them poick up their stuff, but want to pay the $100 amount oweing to pay off bedroom suite. They have said no, they are taking everything back, and we cannot make any other arrangements with them. I am working with a lawyer now to stop this BS! This company is as crooked as it can be! They are going to take back a bedroom suite that has been paid for my 2 previous renters (it was used) and resell it for an inflated price again! There must be a law against reselling over and over just to screw good people who are ina bad situation! Makes me sick!
Reply to really pissed edmontonian

Feb 24, 2013  from Ontario, California
If you only owed 100 to pay it off I am sure they would of let you pay it off. That is their business to sell it or lease it again. If you had it almost 2 years you must of been explained the contract and you agreed so why is it just now an issue. You knew it was used when you got it. It amazes me how dumb people can be.
Reply to Wanda

Aug 01, 2013  from Edmonton, Alberta
I am curious to know how this turned out. My foster son has easyhome debts, about $3000. He lives on AISH and can not make the payments. They sent him a letter threatening legal action. I am appalled that they would let him rent, (a computer, ipod, camera and Ipad) in the first place. He returned the computer and he said that the other 3 were stolen from the group home. He clearly would not understand any contract even if he said he would. You can tell within 2 minutes of meeting him that he can be easily taken advantage of. With no income, no credit, clearly disabled, and signing him up for 30% interest on electronics, they are obviously taking advantage.
So what will happen now? Will he serve jail time? They can not garnish AISH.
Reply to concerned gardian

Jun 17, 2011 
okay I rented from easy home. My tv and play station got stolen on easter I told them and there still making me pay for it!! There always calling me. They call my aunt all the time. They go by my old house and mess with the people there! They tell us we are going to go over there and pick your stuff I tell them to go ahead because I don't have anything. I guess they don't believe it got stolen!. Also I was noticing my payments have been going up!! I used to owe 110 left on the play station now I owe 147. Makes o since!!!. I pay them when I can. But I'm not rich!
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