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Eagle Bank Corp

Company Eagle Bank
Product / Service Mortgage Broker
Location Silver Spring, Maryland
Category Banks
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located in Bethesda, Maryland
Buyer Beware: Do not apply for a mortgage with this company unless your credit is perfect without a blemish. They will promise you that your loan will come through but it won't. IF you find yourself near the closing door and suddenly you have to write letters of all sort to appeal to the underwriter, BACK OUT! You don't want your FHA case number to follow you with a denial. NO ONE will work with you after a denial so don't let this happen to you. RED Flags: Eagle Bank will grant you pre-approval and guarantee your loan will be closed by the contract date but most likely your loan will be delayed, delayed and delayed and finally denied. Dont Do it. They can't perform.


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Nov 05, 2013 
Eagle bank has jerked my client around repeatedly throughout the entire loan process. The relationship manager is completely unprofessional as she changes requirements for paperwork on a daily basis. My client has exceptional credit and capital that Eagle has recieved in advance to include closing costs, yet no closing date has been assigned nor a commitment letter. Never use Eagle Bank for any financing projects , they're inconsiderate and unprofessional.
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Aug 05, 2013  from Falls Church, Virginia
OMG I wish I would have seen this. I was preapproved by three banks, but forced to use them in order to get builder credit. They preapproved me and closing date came and went. Three weeks later the day before I was to close they denied me saying the loan was too risky, BS! Never do business with this bank....push back if the builder makes you go with this bank! They had every excuse known to man for the delays, so unprofessional.
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Dec 19, 2012  from Washington, District Of Columbia
If you have 5 months (YES 5 MONTHS) to wait to refinance go ahead and use them. I more than once thought about cancelling the whole process as my loan still have not closed even with an original closing date of 9/20/12. They demand more paperwork then when I previously purchased the same home and also when I refinanced. Yes, they did pay the closing costs but they are not the only bank out there who will do the same. They required immediate turn around on docs but never provide even the simplest of answers. Totally a waste of time. I am not even optimistic that my loan will close tomorrow as promised as they are still pushing papers my way.
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Oct 23, 2012 
I refinanced my home with Ramsey Williams out of their Park Potomac office. I was able to get a great rate on my 30 yr fixed. As mentioned above they were able to cover all of my closing costs. The loan did take about 2 months to close. However after walking through their office it is clear that they are trying to process tons of loans with the huge refinace boom. So if you are willing to be a little patient I gaurentee you will not be disappointed. We got a great rate, no closing costs and everything was taken care of. The Title company even came to our house!!
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Jan 16, 2012 
I fell inbetween Juniefightsback and David...we closed on the day we were supposed to, but the closing was delayed from the morning until the evening as Eagle Bank jumpted through hoops to finalized all the papers at the last moment. We had to write a letter and provide all sorts of last minute documents that was way too stressful. Also, they didn't live up to the float down rate match that they promised, so we ended up with a higher interest rate than we should have. I would not work with them again.
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Oct 02, 2011 
I personally had totally an opposite experience than Juniefightsback. Customer service was excellent. Title company had closing documents two days prior to date of settlement. Good Job.
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