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1040.com / Drake Software / Phil Drake WARNING RIP OFF

Company Drake Software
Product / Service Tax Service
Location Memphis, Tennessee
Category Tax services
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Monetary Loss

I purchased a tax preparation and efiling service through Drake Software / Phil Drake owned website 1040.com and all I got was 39.95 deducted from my bank account and lots of headache.

The site gave an unable to connect error a few times while preparing and then when I tried to submit the efile and it kept getting rejected. I called the IRS 3 times and they had me try different things and they finally said their system (1040.com's) was probably messed up and I should submit my return through the mail.

I took their advice and then contacted 1040.com for a refund and explained the situation. They said they would not refund my money. They said their site clearly states no refunds in their TOS which it still doesn't at the time of writing this. I even told them it wasn't in their TOS. Still no refund.

The FTC states your terms should be disclosed clearly and conspicuously in your advertising. This was not and still is not the case. I feel as if I have been entirely ripped off. When I signed up I saw ZERO mention of no refunds. This is a scam. 2d76eee

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Jan 12, 2013  from Ann Arbor, Michigan
I am really surprised you had a problem. I have found Drake and their on-line software to be nothing but great. I screwed up my inputting, called them, and they were able to look at my return and walk me thru it. Best of all, the fee that was charged to my credit card was exactly what they said it would be!
Reply to Winston

Sep 15, 2012 
You can't compare a tax return to toilet paper. The IRS said it was fine - the problem was definitely with 1040.com / Drake.

Drake is not correct - you have no data to support your statements - I do. You are wrong.

I wouldn't be surprised if you are Phil Drake posting as Lynn from NC trying to cover your butt.
Reply to Cullen

Sep 15, 2012 

Why didn't you call Drake? They have excellent support and it is rare that a return cannot be efiled unless there is a problem with the data entry.

Sounds like a problem with the preparer - would that by you? - I have used Drake Software and efiled over nearly 4000 returns. Drake has an excellent product.

You used the return that you produced by the software to file your tax return. I'll let you in on a little secret: The grocery store does not allow you to return used toilet paper either.

Drake is correct - you need to adjust your thinking.
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