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DISH NETWORK over bills and rips off customers

Company Dish Network
Product / Service Dish Network Hopper
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Category Television/ Radio
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Monetary Loss
Update added by user Jan 14, 2013
They kept me waiting a couple of weeks then they came back with a story saying that they listened to the recorded sales call and that the rep said on the call that the cost would be $66. my main problem was there lying and now they are lying again and they would not refund the excess charges. I reported to the BBB and got really nothing but a *** story from DISH again..these people are professionals at ripping people off legally so be ware. I don't give a *** about the money they ripped off but it is a matter of principle thats all..I would spend thousands to make sure that 100000 of their customers know the truth about them and this is not the end of it from me..
Original review posted by user Dec 14, 2012

FIRST OF ALL: Their customer service is rude and monotonous and insist on reading stuff out to you that you know all the way to end and when you tell them don;t do that and tell me things I already know, they insist.I was supposed to pay $45 a month for the first year for 250 channels.

they keep billing me for $66 IE: without the 15 discount they promise. when I called first time they said OK next month cause there is some mistake there...next month same thing, they charged my card $66 again, so I was pissed and called to and they gave me a new BS story that I will be billed like this the first 3 months until the free offer of premium channels is gone..I asked to cancel Auto-pay so I can see my bill before they charge my card, the guy said fine I cancelled it, and then went to tell me and this cancelled you HDTV as well!!!!!

I was appalled and I have names to call and describe the guy but I will hold my tongue...so I said no i want my HD and then he went back to say they put it back....DIRTY GAMES is the word...they are worse than a used car salesman with all respect to Used car salesman cause I know they are not as bad as DISHNETWORK customer service
*** ***..this month they billed me $98.Now I am certain that DISH NETWORK ARE CROOKS and I will make sure that I do not recommend them to anyone...DIRECT TV is much better and they let record 5 shows..dish is only 2 and you have to be watching the third...
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE is how I describe this..they have to heard the end of this cause I am going on Youtube and everywhere on the net for the next two years unless they offer to cancel my service with no penalties whatsover and give me back all the money they over charged me 306e74e

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Dec 19, 2012  from League City, Texas
Hello fahddish, I am sorry to hear that there have been problems with your billing and I will be gald to look into this and see how I can help you. Please email with your account number for help with this.

Thank You

Mark Haakenson
Social Media Representative
3 pm – 11 pm Sunday through Thursday

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