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Dish Network - Bought Direct TV and was scamed

Company Dish Network
Product / Service Dish Services
Location Orlando, Florida
Category Entertainment
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I purchased direct tv through AT&T since they have now merged and had some type of bundle going on.The person who sold me the bundle did not inform me of any extra charges that would be made monthy to my account.

I do a lot of traveling am rarely home just wanted basic cable so I can catch the news from time to time.

The plan I purchased was $24 a month however when my bill came there was over $40 in extra charges that would be billed to me monthly!. extra $7 for a DVR box (which I explained I never wanted to begin with) $6 for an extra receiver so all the rooms in my house can have cable. 10 per receiver that isn't hooked up to a phone line (2 receivers) and an extra $8 for some warranty that I never needed or wanted (plus tax on all of this). I was also told at time of purchase that if I didn't want to be in a contract I could pay an extra $50 and not have a contract I opted to spend a little extra money and not have the contract.

Apparently that was bull and I am stuck in a 2 year contract that is about $200 to break. Not to mention when it rains or if it's cloudy out I lose signal. Best part is when I did call to cancel this I got transfered 22 times and was on the phone for over 4 hours and STILL was unable to cancel it. Every time I pay my bill over the phone I get transfered atleast 5 times and it takes atleast an hour.

Its always a guaranteed headache every month! 2ee1722

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Aug 31, 2008  from Dorset, Vermont
I noticed several complaints at iripoff.com about the same thing.
Reply to Your not the only one.

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