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Former Directv Employee Speaking Out

Company Directv
Location Kankakee, Illinois
Category Ex Employees
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I'm definitely feeling those who's had problems with Directv.WORKING for this company was an absolute nightmare!

I personally went through 9 straight wks of training & once you get on the floor, its a completely different ballgame. The Team Leaders literally would tell us to forget everything we learned in training, & the Quality Assurance team were complete douchebags when they monitored calls. They definitely had their favorites, and would target certain people to get rid of them. From an insider's perspective, they deserved the "F" from the BBB!!!

To make a long story short, I got the *** out of there & now am so much happier & stress free!!!!

Beware of the Early cancel fees for the account, premium removals before 30 days, and having the protection plan for less than 1 year.I refuse to EVER work for another shady company like them again!!! 308b91b

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Mar 18 
I am a Protection plan tech support CSR for dtv and I like the job I just don't like how the customer call and get all pissed off when we have to send someone or when they have to do troubleshooting in order to get their free replacement. And the 6 weeks of training was pretty intense.
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Feb 02 

Jan 28 
I guess you people suck at your job because I worked for dish as an installer and it was exactly as you describe dtv. I made the move last April and have never been happier. I make more money I work more consistently and receive every penny that I am owed. Our office admin will even find things that I miss and make sure I get paid. However if you work for a subco you are getting screwed. Thats tbe nature of being tbe dirty red beaded step child
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Jan 28 
Direct Tv San Diego office targets subcontractors they don't like to get rid of them. They are beyond dishonest. Apparently the rules and regulations do not apply to the people in the San Diego office. I'm very disappointed that they are getting away with these sort if actions.
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Jan 13 
Sounds like your the douche bag directv is probably better without you.
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Jan 03 
I worked for Directv as a OO tech for 3 years and got treated like trash not to mention I drove the most out of any tech in the market at the end the manager Marcus cadwell of the Kansas office ended up getting read of me and putting one of his buddys inplace used some *** excuse that I failed some QCs but when I got the QCs they were not fails at all in fact they got mailed straight to the Co office and now his *** is under investigation guess that's what u get when u jack with a good employee that wont take ur ***. all in all *** company to work for Co office always tells u to contact them if u have any problems well I have a problem and you have still not done *** about it and is been 5 months! :(
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Nov 18, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
does anyone know the promo code to ticketmaster. they are having a nhl hockey game and i wanna if your a directv employee do they issue a pomo code to you?
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May 02, 2013  from Newark, New Jersey
if u want to work and not get pay work for multiband/direct tv
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Dec 17, 2013 
Yes I must agree. I can honestly say it wasn't worth leaving the house for at least 4 days out of the week. And they expect you to sit around and wait to see if any jobs fall your way. You have to keep checking till 4pm and you are suppose to be on the clock but you don't get paid by the hour it's by the job. And if you drive a company truck the upgrades are $15 know matter how much has to be done. Going into crawl spaces or attics for $15 is insane.
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Apr 25, 2013 
Since we ALL have our 2 cents, I figured I'll point out anyone, and everyone, who worked for "DirecTV" thru a 3rd party entity- I am so, so very sorry. A company named West is an example, and YES these 3rd parties are the absolute WORSE experience you can have in the call center industry. Falling so very FAR from corporate minimums. If you get the chance to work for an ACTUAL corp call center, it is the cushiest job you will ever have, and that's true for ANY company!
I used to work for a Sprint 3rd party center and it was as bad, if not worse than, your career with DTV, but when I worked for their corp call center- years later- it was a fantastic job. Naturally, I then swore off ALL 3rd parties and go straight for corp centers, when I'm considering call centers.
As far as the customer end user experience, their are many plans they have to redeem their poor service of the past, but just like any train wreck, the pieces all have to be picked up and replaced in time. The nickle and diming they do is obnoxious though, but considering that's unfortunately how the game is played when subscribing to "services" -like your cell phone provider for example- it's to be expected. However; dont act like the information was never out there at the beginning! the honest truth is that 80% of all consumers are idiots that dont pay attention to anything more than 2 sentences long, and even if you look them in the face and read it aloud they STILL tune you out cause all the want
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Oct 30, 2012  from Hermosillo, Sonora
i also was a bgi agent gor directv. i worked in mexico in a company called teleperfomance, wich directv sub contracted to outsource the calls. in my experience it was a great job, very objective, great training and more. Directv does have a lot of tricks to make customers pay more, it also have some good offers but all companys work like this. i think your problem was with the callcenter you worked at because in mine was a great job and i regret resigning.
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Oct 20, 2012  from Hermosillo, Sonora
Directv takes advantage of lazy people who hate reading bills and taking care of their business, but anyhow, we are not responsible for angry customers and we have to lick their arses and behave, to stay engaged and empathize with the customers, have to bear people DEMANDING to know WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED and at the end, apologize for not trusting in your expertise. Im sick of american customers who give bad scores on Customer Satisfaction Index just caring about how much you licked their arses and how much you said how great they are "CSR made you feel valuable customer" *** that!!! We have to be extremely polite and listen to all the *** they carry for the company when we only EXPLAIN THE FRIKIN CHARGES ON THE FRIKIN BILL.
I always tell customers TO READ their bills, its the only personalized document they would have and directv will post any "Directv Protection Plan in 30 days 5.99" (or other ***) dont blame US for your lazyness, seriously.
Sorry for those who are charming, kind, respectful and really appreciate our daily efforts to keep you informed and offer you our assistance. For those, there you go, phone transaction fee waived, $5/6 on a premium channel (or two), free showtime 1-3 mo, or Starz!, or Sports... whatever WE feel like it.
Be nice and we can be nice too.
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Nov 21, 2013 
alguien trabaja aun en directv call center de mexico? tengo bisnes conctactame en eldoradephx
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Sep 26, 2012  from Mobile, Alabama
I am not sure about the other call centers but the one in Huntsville, AL has absolutely no regards for their people. And it is sad. I know this one person who was in a wreck that left them hospitalized overnight. By the Grace of God they made it out alive. Long story short, their doctor told them to stay out of work for awhile. So that person calls the call center and management tells them if they miss that many days of work they will get fired from having over 7 occurences and basically did not care they were in a wreck. Well I hope they enjoy being sued as that person has gotten with lawyer as that violates FMLA laws.

Also one person I know of had a letter from the military they were needing a leave of absence. Management told them the letter was fake and fired them. The letter was real....yeah...their ***.

CRG manager I know of had surgery done and was needing to be out for awhile. Same thing as earlier happend--if you are out that long you will get fired. Again FMLA violation.

This call center needs to get their *** sued off of them because of the many illegal stuff going on there.
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Apr 13 
First, FMLA is NOT a requirement to be available to use. Typically, IF a company offers it, it's after x amount of time of employment, but as I said, not a legal requirement to provide.. Next.. If the person was in a wreck, needed time off, and ordered by a doctor, that would fall under extended leave of absence. Now, depending on THE STATE you work, yes, they can deny you. BUT, having worked for DirecTV myself, in a "right to work state," I know they bend over backwards to accommodate time off, especially for reasons like this.
Military they do not fire you over. Period. So that's a bunch of ***. Period.
Sounds like you're bitter for no reason. Or maybe, you can't do your job. Either way, of the three companies I have worked for in my life, DirecTV was the most employee friendly.
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Aug 23, 2012 
Funny that only 1 person defends the job. If a company is going to outsource and give incentives on sales, they are gonna run into shady business. This is more about working in the call centers and having stats held over your head for a job that someone else did a ***-poor or dishonest job at. They need to figure out a better way to run business other than scare tactics and statistic sheets and treat employees with respect, not like they are a number.
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Jun 07, 2012 
I have been working for Directv since February at the Newer West Virginia facility that handles the att joint billing calls and such. All I got to say as a BGI agent Is that I love the Job. I work the Flex shift that I got right out of training after an initial nesting period(employees will know what I am talking about). I make 11.50 an hour already just for this. Anyways The training I went through prepared me for everything and anything that could happen on that call floor and it is a very pleasurable experience. I think either the other call center is having issues or you other people just honestly are lazy and feel entitled to have the easiest job and just sit there and do nothing all day. Bonuses are fantastic as well as almost everyday we have events and competitions at work that reward us for doing good on phones and getting good QA scores. I can Say that DTV is a place I can work for a long time.
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Mar 17, 2013 
I worked for "DirecTv" for MANY years and still didn't make that much an hour, the company I worked for stopped giving raises and only gave bonus based on stats. I was angry at first then realized its possible you may work directly for DirecTv or for a different company. Hey, before you start thinking I was a bad employee, I worked for YEARS and was always ranked as top 10% agent. It was hard, if not impossible to keep stats totally in goal to get the entire bonus. I work myself to a frazzle all month, only to lose my bonus from doing MY JOB helping a little old man resolve his technical issue, he was happy he got his issue resolved, but it took FOREVER and I was not so happy my $200 bonus went down to like $50. (It seems a large number of agents had started hanging up on customers to avoid having to set up sevice calls, order replacement equipment, remotes and receivers). I started getting too many callbacks from one actual DirecTv call center, noting "the call had been dropped please setup a service call" for it to be a coincidence - it was so unfair!)

The job was so stressful, it was no fun getting yelled at, being cussed at and being called *** because of DirecTv's policies. (Sorry, I have to vent, customer called ME *** because they're the one that signed a two year contract without reading it - LOL)

I didn't work directly for DirecTv but they've lost a very experienced TECH agent, I took over 400,000 calls and I knew the job inside
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Apr 06, 2013  from Summerville, South Carolina
who believes what they say, but knows it is a bunch of ***. who paid you to write that comment?
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May 26, 2012 
I have been working there since jan and its pays more than min wage and you get a bonus every month for your sell Most jobs don't even do that any more . If it not your dream job well get education and do better. I personally like it :grin
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