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Direct USA Foods

  • by   Jul 29, 2008
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Company Direct USA
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Category Food
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We had the same problem last year with steaks we purchased from them. Bad quality. No recourse.

They did take a check, but the number the man left was not answered. The steak was discolored after cooking. In addition it has a odd odor to it. Was just plain awful.

The young man who sold it to us was polite. And to be honest do not think he knew how bad this was.

From that day on I have not bought any food sold door to door. There was two men here yesterday who tried to sell me meat. It did not look good either.

Never again

John in Arizona 2f3ba9b

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Jul 05, 2013  from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
II just bought a me from these two guys that came knocking on my door I'm hoping that it's good quality mount a mistake with that I didn't read the reviews in time everyone says that to me is horrible so I got one defrost the right now I will repost as soon as I find out my wife wants me to give it away to the homeless she said she wants the one piece of steak out of the whole box only time will tell
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Sep 22, 2013  from Columbia, South Carolina
I too bought meat from two men in a truck that said "OCEAN SIX" DO NOT BUY ANY FOOD FROM THEM, IT IS SPOILED. They cashed my check that very same night. The meat spells like dog ***!!!! I will never buy any food from any person selling door to door, lesson learned! Wasted money. :(
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Sep 07, 2012 
I have purchased meat from direct usa foods for some time. I did once get some questionable meat that had bad quality and a slight odor. I tried to contact the company, but they refuse to divulge their corporate address and phone number.

Any ideas as to their whereabouts?...

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Jul 20, 2012 
well first off ive been selling meat for a long while now and ive worked for different meat places only because the other ones have closed down direct usa has been around for longer than any other door to door meat companys in the usa they seem to be doing something right you see only if people would be willing to pay for what they get than you will get what you want good food good price and a great sales man you see i eat the same meat i sell and well its cheaper than what you get at the store and you save money by having it brought to your door i have had good days and bad at my door to door meat sales job .. the bad days were only because i didnt have a good attitude about my work day because people are not in the buying mood there is a saying in my work its not the land its the man and it s true.. if you like to eat good steaks chicken seafood and pork than give direct usa a try they are really good they carry different kinds so everyone in the family gets to eat something different any ways its all good this is from a meat man
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Sep 22, 2013  from Columbia, South Carolina
If you work for them then post their phone number, because the meat these two guys sold to me is spoiled and I am upset and feel I got ripped off. No, I know I got ripped off because my husband and I can not eat what we paid for as you put it "a good price for the money" It smells rotten. I would not feed this meat to my dogs! I would be afraid I would have to take them to the vet afterwards. I can tell you this much, at this rate this co. will not be in business very long.
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Jul 16, 2012 
A man walked up to my mom in the yard, and I knew he was from that Direct meat truck, I am always saying no to while shutting my door. But my mom is always a sucker. I kept saying no no no.and my mother kept saying welll......he tried throwing in another box and a cheesecake.... I said no mom, it's to much money! The Guy finally came down to 118.00 for the steak box. Which is about what it would cost to buy all that at Walmart. I think. So far we ate the peppercorn steak and steak burgers and are good. No one is sick. Though looking at the order. Online I think there was suppose to be more than 2 ribs. I myself wont buy it. But my mother is so gullable and don't know how to say no. If I wasn't there he would have gotten her to spend 248.00. Which. Is a lot of money these days. Specially for so so meat. Shame on these meat pushers preying on the weak, elderly and disabled.
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May 07, 2012 
my wife call me on the phone to tell me 2 guys were at the door try to sell her some meat from direct so she got a case for steakthe next day i unpack there is some bad meat in this case i have talk to 2 people about it they said they would come out and switch it out but no one has show up i will not get any more meat from these people again
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Feb 29, 2012 
MeatMan, you should not be yelling at these people who've had bad experiences. It not only makes you look bad, but it also makes your company look bad. Some grammar lessons would help as well in your argument. It makes you sound more professional and intelligent in your argument.
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Sep 22, 2013  from Columbia, South Carolina
I agree with this comment!!!! :) His Co will be all over FACE BOOK and no one will buy from them, if they do not give customers a refund.
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Dec 02, 2011 
I bought steaks from a guy name Andrew,, they tasted like cardboard, I called & talked to a guy, said he would send someone back,still have'nt seen anyone, so I called again, said they would call when they were coming, did'nt call,so I called them told them I want my money back, guess what, no deal, they want to give me meat, I said no, So I,'m calling the Better Business , on them :upset
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Nov 25, 2011 
I bought the mixed case from a salesman for $162 if you total up all the pounds of meat you get you are paying over $8 per pound and that is including hamburger patties. You are better off buying fresher cuts at the local market vs direct buy.
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Oct 12, 2011 
Husband bought the mixed case of steaks & burger. He made the burgers last night, took one *** & spit it out. He threw all the burgers he cooked away saying they tasted like a rubber basketball. Thank goodness I wasn't having one! My hubby eats anything being that he was in the military & for him to spit this out....must have been disgusting. I laughed at him. Hopefully the steaks are better. I have bought their chicken & fish in the past & thought those were okay.
Reply to Jaci

Jul 17, 2011 
I work for Direct USA.....so there is no secret about that....no false bloging....now...first of all, who ever is writing about the weight....sinsce when is a filet the same price as a New York Strip?...you can not label the food by weight because everything costs different when you go to the store....second of all....when you pay 3 dollars a steak, for food that is almost always good, if prepared right, you should understand that you are getting a deal....also, the guarantee is there for a reason...ITS FOOD....you can't always expect it all to be the same....nature doesn't make anything alike 100 percent, so there is a guarantee in place for picky *** who think they are going to get kolbe beef in a box for 3 dollars...when you get restaurant quality food for a quarter of what you pay in the store, you should be happy that you came accross a deal....also, if you do not understand that you cook flash frozen foods different, then you have no business in the kitchen and you should probably eat at mcdonalds on a daily basis....because that is the only place that will give you food even remotely close to the same price....also, I have many customers, in high end neighborhoods, who know what a good steak is, that love our food and call for multiple case orders all the time....also, those of you who love to bargain with your meatman....we work on commission and have families just like all of you....when we go to work, its not to screw people, but to pay our bills....whoever the... Show more
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Dec 16, 2010 
I worked for Direct USA for about two months this past summer. The food's decent, I even bought some for my house and was relatively satisfied. It is a deal, but not restaurant quality. You can do worse than Direct USA. The company trains its contractors (none of which are actually employed by Direct USA) to prey on the "impulse buy." Here's a few tips to insure you don't get sold:

Don't ask any questions if you are not interested. Saying no 4 times is the sign for the seller to give up.

Contractors only pay $100 per case. Any price they charge above that is profit for them.

Direct USA does not make restaurant deliveries from small trucks with freezers. This is a pitch to make the buyer think he or she is getting a "one time deal."

A seller may show you a brochure with a price of $248, then show you the brochure that has a list of discounts that they can offer you today only. Another sales tactic.

There are no "Holiday Specials." Cases are $100 for contractors, regardless of time of year.

The food will last for a while in your freezer. However, don't expect to take advantage of that money back guarantee. You WILL get the "run-around" if you try to get a refund.

Sellers want you to buy four or five cases at a time. They say you cannot break up a case, which is not true.

If you want the food to taste as good as advertised, do not defrost it.
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Reply to Brandon

Oct 07, 2010 
I've had delivered steaks from a different company and they were AMAZING. was not the same company this time and i figured they should be just as good (hoping) i have not made any yet so i guess i will find out tonight.
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Aug 27, 2010  from Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand
I bought my box of various kinds of steak for 120.00....I went straight home and dethawed 2 filets in cold water...put it on the grill and they tasted good. I think the key is to NOT over cook this meat...so if you like your steaks well done...it might not taste good. (which i cant imagine cookin a filet well done anyway lol) I cooked them med-rare and they tasted good...NOT great...but good...I feel I got my moneys worth...SO FAR...if the other meat tastes bad, i will post again to let you know
Reply to Michael

Aug 23, 2010 
There seems to be a very similar thread in the comments from people who actually like Direct USA's meats. In fact, these comments all sound like people who work for Direct USA. I was accosted by some of these jokers with a Direct USA truck at my home a few years ago. They had a scam in which they claimed they had some leftover meat from a restaurant delivery. I had already read an article about Direct USA and their suspicious business practices, so I sent them on their way pronto. I still see their trucks on the road occasionally and worry about some poor guy that they'll sucker with crappy meat.
Reply to Bubba

Jul 13, 2010 
one of the guys in the truck had been dealing with my neighboor for a while and he stopped by last week and i finally bought the steak package and it was well worth it, the steaks tasted better than most from the grocery store, and its all guranteed for 6 months. i am very happy with the food and the service
Reply to angie

Jul 13, 2010 
total rip-off. the steaks are like poorly flavored cardboard.
Reply to taken

May 17, 2010 
people that blog negative comments are d bags because they have nothing better to do. these steak are the bomb and your an ***.
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