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Company Direct TV
Product / Service Satellite Provider
Location Reston, Virginia
Category Television/ Radio
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There is power in numbers. Send your Direct TV complaints directly to:
Ms. Ellen Filipiak
SR VP, Customer Care
2230 E Imperial Highway
El Segundo, CA 90245
Email: Ellen.Filipiak@directv.com

Consumers, UNITE! There IS power in numbers. Bombard, innundate Ms. Filipiak's office with your concerns and complaints. If there are as many as I believe there are, they will not be able to ignore them.

Additionally, I urge you to contact your Better Business Bureau (again, if they get enough complaints, they CAN do something about it) and contact your County Consumer Affairs office (contact name and address can be found on your local County website).

Stop these people from stealing our money and providing abominable service. 308dd8e

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1 day ago  from Mechanicsville, Virginia
Do not order direct tv
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1 day ago  from Mechanicsville, Virginia
Poor service, they went into my account and stole what money I had left without my authorization.
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Apr 16 
I work for myself and one of my main clients slowed down on work. I called direct tv to see if they could work with me because I have always loved them and been with them since they first came out. I was loyal even when one cloud would pass over and it would interrupt service. I was patient. I called to see if they could give me a month to get money coming back into my business. I am a single mom of two kids as well. They said no pay by this date or it will go into collections. A month later they deducted funds from my acccount without my knowledge and causing more monies lost due to bouncing balance. As a mother of 2 every little bit counts during these times. They are no better than comcast to me - too big for their customers. I remember years ago when they were small I had a similar issue and they let me work it out. Good - bye! direct tv... I thought you were better than the rest. I guess I was wrong... So very sad....
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Apr 07  from Green Bay, Wisconsin
:( I am sick and tried of all the run around I have had with Directv.. Thet keep uping my bill thinking oh maybe she would notice and increase.Fat change... My bill started at 34.99. hnow it is over 89.00 every time I call they tell me one thing and than I call and they tell me another thing. Sick sick sick of them......
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Mar 19 
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Mar 17  from Fresno, California
I was with Direct TV for 6 months. They charged me about $200 too much. I didn't get a bill to stop unwanted HBO etc and was not notified that I had to call within 90 days. I called within 4 1/2 months, but Direct TV wouldn't deduct the $47 charged for the extra. They also charged too much for advanced receiver. And I didn't get the 3 mos. freebies free. The most expensive package advertised was about $86, yet wouldn't give me any refunds on the $47, one promised the other in the freebies. Upon complaint,I was transferred to Mexican channels, included adult film (I don't speak Spanish)and didn't order. A day or so was changed back to English which I didn't do and Direct said had to come from their office. New company charging about $38 month.
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Mar 06  from Tyler, Texas
Various channels are showing commercials advertising "Halo Oranges". Parents are asking their child if it is OK to eat
the oranges. Children reply with a 'smart mouth' remark. What does this teach our children? It certainly doesn't show respect to the parent, and the parent is certainly not teaching his child a way of sharing
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Mar 06  from Tyler, Texas
Commercial running on Hallmark, advertising Kraft Miracle Whip shows a young man making dip, when he reaches the party to share his dip a comment is made "there's the friggin' dip"! I take offense to this language.
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Feb 28  from Cambridge, Ohio
Bring back the weather channel!!!!
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Feb 20 
I see directv has employees on here trying to give positive reviews. Sad. They lost 2 accounts today, with one being over 20 years old, all because of something outside of my control. No one cares. That is what is wrong with the world right now. Good bye.
Pissed in TX
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Feb 22  from Denver, Colorado
So in short you do not want to pay for the maintenance and you throw a fit like a child, fine leave nobody will miss you, you had options you just didn't like them $49,service call or protection plan @ $7.99 a month so take your ball go home and when whoever your next provider is once it breaks down and they charge you the same or more to fix Know that there is a dtv rep laughing at you now go home little child maybe your mommy will teach you nothing is free
Reply to Dtv billing supervisor

Mar 03  from Cumming, Georgia
DTV billing supervisor,
I cannot believe that DTV does not fire you for such a negative, childish response. Totally unprofessional!!
Reply to Tom

Mar 24  from Houston, Texas
Dtv supervisor, is that what you get paid for, to reply like a juvenile ***? Shame on you, I doubt you work there but if you do, you should be fired ASAP, a stigma on dtv reputation.
Reply to JJ

Feb 12 
Sitting in my house in central Florida in middle of a major Thunderstorm. Tried Weather Nations and they had nothing on what was happening locally. Turned on local station and low and behold there have been funnel clouds sited with wind damage not far from my home. I'm fed up with Directtv not allowing the weather channel to be apart of there service. I'm leaving Directtv I've been with Directtv for over 15 years but I'm gone now.
Reply to Sweeter

Feb 09  from Ventura, California
Terrible customer service, no retention department or at least they don't act like they care if you stay with them or not. We paid premium prices for 24 months , when we asked about a credit or something for how terrible the recordings were, they offered nothing. Never refer them !!!!!!
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Feb 09  from Fruit Cove, Florida
9042871533. Been with direct TV since 06. Good on time customer. My contract was supposedly up in 2012. I added some equipment for my son to watch TV while home from college. Direct TV said no problem. Not a change to contact. I said I have to can cell. Guess what? I owe $140. for early termination. They extended my contract. I'll pay of course but I will probably not cone back if they treat a senior citizen that way. I will file a BBB complaint for devious pricing practices. H white. 905-287-1534.
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Feb 09 
We have been loyal customers of direc tv for over 20 years, we have never switched service providers. One of the reasons we like them was instant access to the weather channel, we have family in different parts of the US and my wife who is disable and confined to a wheel chair, starts her day by looking up the zipcode where my daughter lives to see what her weather is. I own a construction company and depend on twc for immediate and weekly weather reports, often calling my wife and asking if the weather has changed for the evening. When our contract is up we will change providers to include the weather channel in our pkg.
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Feb 07  from Tifton, Georgia
Please get The Weather Channel back on the lineup. This was one reason I chose Direct over Cable service. It is unfair to sell one lineup then lose some our favorites.
Reply to Laine

Feb 05 
I signed up for DirecTV in July 2013. Six months later, my financial situation has changed and I wanted to upgrade one of my HD boxes for an HD DVR. No can do, unless I want to pay DirecTV $200 up front to LEASE the DVR plus return the HD box. In addition, I would pay addtional DVR programming fee per month. One would think that since they still have me as a captive subscriber for another 18 months, they could have discounted that $200. They do not try to make sure their customers are happy and will stay after their contracts are up -- they just want to rope you into one and ignore you for those 24 months. I will NEVER subscribe to any satellite or cable tv provider that requires a contract again. Seriously. If their service isn't good enough to keep customers on its own and they need a contract to make sure you don't jump ship, it isn't a service I want or need.
Reply to desuth

Feb 07 
Unfortunately you are highly mistaken about Directv and there plans.If you have tge protection plan you have the opportunity ever year and a half to two years to upgrade for free with thw obvious DVR charges of cours, a and not only that but with the protection plan you have any tech calls or replacement fees covered by directv if anything was to happen. Directv oir even any other provider satellite or cable had policies they have to follow just as much as you have to follow policies and rules at your employment place.So plse know thw facts before you tru and bash a great company.
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