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Direct TV - rip-off

  • by   May 07, 2009
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Company Direct TV
Location New York, New York
Category Household Services
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Beware of Direct tv.It is a complete rip-off.

I called to cancel my service because of the myriad of problems with the service. I was told that my contract was for two years and early cancellation would incur a fee. In my original contract, the terms was for one year. However, I was told by the representative that when I ordered another box for another tv I just received, that extended or renewed the contract for another year.

This company, Direct tv, is full of deception, lies, and hidden fees. The service sucks. It doesn't operate during rainy or windy weather. Most of the channels are music channels.

Their packages are rip-offs. Their movies are expensive.

Their equipment is flimsy and requires holes in your home.I could go on.............. 2fff07a

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Oct 11, 2011 
Someone needs to intercede. I have had Direct TV since February. Had problems many times and now to get it fixed I must pay. I spent two hours listening to their rep say that my problems were rare. B--- S---. Who is paying me for fixing their problem. Direct TV is committing nothing more than criminal fraud!
Reply to Darrell Davis

Sep 28, 2011 
Direct TV can burn in ***!! They keep charging my checking account and making me overdraw!! They will NOT refund my money! BTW, if you pay by check, debit card, or cc... beware... IF you cancel their service, they WILL charge you account! They used my checking account number(not my debit card) b/c I paid by check online once... they keep that info! Screw that *** company! Will NEVER EVER use them again! Be warned!! AND always, always, always read the disclaimers.. they have a ton of hidden fees!
Reply to Kristy G

Jun 03, 2011 
I have the exact same problems with Direct TV.
I changed out one box for a HD box and was promised 6 months reduced cost and Preminum chanels for three months. They never reduced my bill and when I called to cancell the service they told me that I would have to pay 360.00 to cancell-- I told them that I had been a customer for over three years so I had fulfilled my one year agreement--but they told me that I had signed a two year agreement by getting the second box.
Total Rip OFF
Reply to Dan

Sep 22, 2010 
we should find an attorney, I tried to canceled their services 48 hour into it , they wanted me to pay $500. dollars, they stick me with a service that i was unhappy with from the beginning ,so now a year later I canceled their services and they still want almost $400.dollars. thet will not get a penny more from me.
Reply to ruby

Jun 12, 2010 
:( i can also agree with you. i had direct tv and like everyone else had numerous problems with them. the last straw was last night. i received a text message saying the had just deducted almost $600 from my checking account. i called direct right away, and was told that since i cancelled and i had a card on file, they had every right to deduct the money from my account. when i complained, i was told by the representive "at least you don't owe us any money now".
Reply to jeff moore

May 10, 2010 
Yes, Direct TV is a HUGE ripoff and waste of money. Customer service is horrible. I was hung up on multilple times by agents AND supervisors. They changed my terms without notice in the middle of my contract and I was forced to either agree to them, or pay for cancellation. I could go on for hours, but I'm in a hurry. Just STAY AWAY from Direct TV!!!
Reply to Jason Dacy

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