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Direct TV - Removal of channel from package

Company Direct TV
Product / Service Choice Extra Classic Package
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Category Television/ Radio
Views 97
Monetary Loss

As of 2/9/12 Direct TV has arbitrarily removed Cloo channel from Choice Extra Classic package $58.99 and made it only available on higher Premium Package being Choice Ultimate $74.99- with NO BREAK IN COST FOR REMOVING CHANNEL. If we want to continue viewing Cloo we have to pay $16.00 more a month, to next level for 14 more channels which I am not interested in- Ya IM PISSED! By the way there was no prior notification of this change before it happened.Not sure there is any recourse but if enough people complain I am told maybe they would consider replacing the channel in the Classic lineup. 306911c

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Feb 22, 2012 
Time to drop and check out another company, or just forget about "fancy" TV all together.
Reply to Annoyed out the wazoo

Feb 19, 2012 
I have been with Directv since the 90's and one of the reasons I never switched to another company is because the others are so much worse than them. But if they are going to start adopting the practices of the cable companies I rejected, then I'm going to have to drop all of them and get Netflix or something. (And I haven't heard such great things about them either.)
Reply to Lkeke35

Feb 13, 2012 
Yea, brought this to my attention. I've been a Direc TV customer since day 1 literally. I wonder if they would object to me reducing my monthly payment lets say by oh, $10 maybe just because I feel like it..........
Reply to Steve's pissed too

Feb 13, 2012 
count me in on any mass complaint also. this move stinks. One could swear that direct tv has been bought out by a cable company. Think I'll call the public servic commission in our state and file a complaint.
Reply to john gallet

Feb 13, 2012 
So ridiculous! Taking advantage of your customers in this economy is poor business practice. I've been loyal since the 90's and recommended many current customers. Now after bragging about the excellent service to my friends you do this. So I get my friends to sign up because the cable company was messing with channels/package prices and now your no better than them? Last time I utter a recommendation with directv...unless it's to avoid your company because you're shysters like the others.
Reply to tig3138

Feb 12, 2012 
Cloo was one of my favorite channels and I was so ticked when I turned it on and found I had to pay extra!! They just raised our rates and now taking off a channel, get real. I have been a Direct TV customer for over 15 years but am thinking of switching if this is how they are going to treat customers.
Reply to Martha Martin

Feb 12, 2012 
Thanks Alot! Guess you dont care enough to keep me as a customer. Think i'll give dish network or netflix a call. totally pissed of. when we upgraded we got junk and didnt even get what we wanted. all you care about is your ALMIGHTY dollar.
Reply to Rod Fitzgerald

Feb 12, 2012 
UPDATE: call and *** do not take no for an answer. I got them to upgrade me for 6 months at a lower price than what I am paying now!
Reply to kris

Feb 11, 2012 
I want my CLOO back! Just WHO 'compelled' you to take it off of my package without any kind of warning whatsoever? It makes my TV package feel a LOT LESS 'total', if you know what I mean. :(
Reply to Roger E. Thompson

Feb 11, 2012 
count me in as pissed I was like what the heck thought it was mistake. I haven't called to complain but I will now.
Reply to kris

Feb 11, 2012 
I am upset and have called and complained. Direct is doing the same thing that the local cable company is doing taking channels out of the local pack that have been there since cable started and making people rent their cable box and upgrade to a higher movie pack. IT IS UNFAIR!
Reply to Not Happy

Feb 11, 2012  from Giurgita, Dolj
Reply to CHRIS

Feb 11, 2012 
I am so angry about this change without notice. I have had direct tv for many years, but i think its time to cancel my subscription and go with another carrier
Reply to beltranfam

Feb 11, 2012 
Yes, watching Cloo one minute, and gone the next...no notice at all! Very rude and no it's not worth $16 a month, in fact I'm looking at dish tv again!
Reply to Mugzi

Feb 10, 2012 
:cry I miss CLOO...we should have been know about the change or @ least godfathered in and able to keep it.

Feb 10, 2012 
I'm mad at taking Cloo off I just find out when I turn it on this morning I think you need let us know I'm still trying to keep it
and you do this that not fair
Reply to Charles Morris

Feb 10, 2012 
I am upset about the removal of the cloo channel. I have been paying for addtional channals including cloo for months which was sluth when I purchased the extra channels.
Reply to carol

Feb 10, 2012 
Another customer mad about losing Cloo. Have had really good service in central MI until now :sigh
Reply to Upset

Feb 10, 2012 
I think Direct tv should have informed its customers that CLOO was no longer available. I think they have forgotten that we hold the power to change our viewing and not them. Direct tv, do not underestimate consumers-we will not be pushed around.
Reply to Helen

Feb 10, 2012 
I enjoyed CLOO. I watched CLOO. There are so many channels in the package that are totally without value. I want CLOO restored, immediately.
Reply to Terry Freese

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