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Direct TV - loses signal every time it rains

  • by   Jun 10, 2013
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Company Direct TV
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Our satellite loses its signal every time it rains hard.Does not have to be an electrical storm, just a hard rain.

It will stay off as much as an hour or more, ruining any chance of seeing the program in progress.
We never had this problem with cable, and there is no explanation for why it happens with satellite. If this cannot be remedied, I must consider going back to cable, or requesting a refund of the premium.

Direct TV has not lived up to its promise to deliver uninterrupted service.I see a Direct TV service truck in my neighborhood at least once a week. 3072b03

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Jun 10, 2013  from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
From what different people tell me this happens with any type of dish receivers. It is even worse if a person lives where there is apt to be heavy snow.
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