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Direct TV - extra charges

  • by   Sep 08, 2012
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Company Direct TV
Product / Service Satellite Provider
Location Staten Island, New York
Category Television/ Radio
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I signed up for a package deal for $69 a month for 13 monthswhich included 4 receivers.After three months they increased my bill to over $111 which they said was for HBO and Starz.

I specifically told them at the purchase date that I didn't want any extras, just the $69 for 13 months. They are refusing to refund my money. Furthermore, the satellite goes out too often. I am extremely unhappy with Direct tv and I would suggest to anyone thinking about purchasing from them, don't.

Try another company.Their customer service is very rude and unaccomodating. 2f10de3

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Sep 15, 2012 
This is in response to the comment by DTV.
What a crock!
I complained about fraudulant charges and misprepresentation by their rep.
I'm just lovi'n that "Refund" I got. It's called Squat.
I got the run around. Of course when I told them to cancel my service they unveiled the info about their early cancellation fee.
I canceled anyway and there is no way I'm paying that $350.00 fee. They are going to have to take it out of my hide if they need it so badly. And, they are going to find out my hide is pretty tough.
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Sep 10, 2012 
pinches gringos chillones paguen sus cuentas y ya, antes de comprar informense

Sep 10, 2012 
you can call and dispute the charge of the premiums for missinformation and we will be more than glad to place a refund on your directv account ....

haha never you dumbasshole pay your bills
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