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Direct Furniture Outlet - I bought furniture against $3500 on Aug19, 2013, NO DELIVERY till todate

Company Direct Furniture Outlet
Product / Service Bedroom Set Quality
Location Mississauga, Ontario
Category Furniture and Decor
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Monetary Loss

On August 19, 2013 we bought furniture from Direct furniture Outlet and had been waiting till to date.A part of that consignment was delivered, but the parts of the set were missing and promised to be delivered with rest of the materials.

In spite of many calls that go unattended, no reply. Now they have closed their phones and their warehouse premises is empty. We went their Mississauga out let from where we bought that furniture, but its inexistent there. I paid through my credit card and now I am filing a "dispute a charge" to the credit card company for the reimbursement.

I am sure these are fraudulent people and they are big frauds.

they are stealing public money and authorities are criminally silent over the behavior of these cheaters.I request the authorities to take action against such fraudulent fake business organizations who they are playing with hard earned public money. 2e06822

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Dec 28, 2013  from Mississauga, Ontario
Direct Furniture Outlet A scam company
They are fraudulent and cheaters. They are collecting public money and giving promises to the public. They do not supply anything bought from them. I am one of the victims. who has lost a big amount in a purchase from them. I advise the buyers not to trust them even if they promise to give you something without money. Mississauga DFO has new address
6185-TOMKEN ROAD Mississauga, Phone 416 904 8786
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Dec 28, 2013  from Mississauga, Ontario
these are scams. I had placed my order in August 2013 after payment through my credit cards. I called them almost 40 time but no luck. They have changed their place. I went there but another promise, which they didn't obey. New location and address is
6185 Tomken Road (Mississauga) and phone is 416 904 8786
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Dec 16, 2013  from Cooksville, Ontario
Buyers beware of this company! You will continually be given the run around and be promised numerous delivery dates before you receive any of your purchases. After a couple of months, I finally received my order. However, when I finally received my purchases, they gave me some incorrect products. They have been promising me since July 2013 that the correct product will be arriving. Till now I have not received it. From what I'm reading front he other comments, sounds like I'm also out of luck now.
Worst company I've ever had to deal with!
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Dec 12, 2013  from Brampton, Ontario
We purchased the bed set in september and till date we haven't recevied the bed yet. They don't pick up calls and no promised date so far. Thank god we didnt buy anything else. No wonder they are shutting down. I think these people are just scam.
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Dec 09, 2013 
i also still waiting for my furniture ... we were promised delivery last week..to date none...and not even a phone call to what is delay..i even went to their tomken addres promised another date. we will see what happens,
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