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Devito Heating and Cooling - Got ripped off by Jason Devito Heating & Cooling of Clarksville TN.


Devito Heating & Cooling located in Clarksville TN. area came to our house and installed a brand new heating and cooling unit , He also installed all the gas pipes in our home , The first thing he did after he was payed in-full was never returning our calls when we had trouble with the units he installed , we had a Professional Heating & Cooling Company come out to check the problems , they found gas leaks all over the home , the unit was set-up for natural gas and we have propane it cost us several thousands of dollars to fix the unit and the leaks , We were told by the gas company we were lucky our house did not burn down due to the way Devito set up our unit. We later found out that Devito Heating and Cooling is a fraudulant company but the crazy thing is he is listed with Angie List and they say he has a good name what up with that ANGIE !! 2f2958a

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Dec 30, 2013  from Dover, Tennessee
Jason Devito is not a Professional in any way , shape or form . He has no Insurance and he will rip you off and leave you hanging I used to use Jason Devito Heating & Cooling but after getting rip off on several jobs We had to find someone else and thank god we did
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Dec 30, 2013  from Clarksville, Tennessee
Well I am so pissed at Jason Devito Heating and Cooling, over the job he did, or may I say the job he got paid in full for but never finished and there was problems with what little he did do that we had to hire another company to correct what he did
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Dec 14, 2013  from Madison, Alabama
I no longer trust Angie's List. Companies have friends and family get memberships and give fake glowing reviews. I notified Angies List regarding this and they did nothing. I will not review my membership with them.
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Dec 14, 2013  from Clarksville, Tennessee
Never finished our project either!! Had to hire another buissness to finish what he had started. End up costing me 1200.00 more than anticipated.
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Dec 13, 2013  from Clarksville, Tennessee
Iam glad to see someone finally doing something about Devito Heating & Cooling he never finished my job either , we had to hire another heating & cooling company and it cost us 6,000.00 dollars more because he never came back with the units we had to buy them twice. People be very careful with Devito Heating & Cooling of Clarksville TN.
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Jan 29  from Clarksville, Tennessee
slander jim. one shouldn't lie
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