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Delta Airlines - I was threatened by the captain to be throw off the plane because I asked for a glass of wine !

Company Delta Airlines
Product / Service Onboard Service
Location Tokyo, Tokyo
Category Airlines
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I was on delta flight 173 from JFK to manila sept 15 2013.The flight was delayed 4 hours,after landing in tokyo and then reboarding to manila , everything in the airport was closed.i asked for a glass of wine and the flight attendant said no and im begged her holding out my hands as praying.she came back with the head flight attendant so i asked her ( her name is renee) and she went postal ,told me to get off the flight ,cameback with the captain and he threatened to throw me off the plane and leave me in the airport and even have me arrested .i just called delta corp and they offered me 7500 miles.one of the flight attendants told me renee is the captains sex partner when they travel together.the captain was throwing his finger in my face and said if i bother her again he would have me arrested in manila.all i did was ask for a glass of wine on an emtey flight !
Don't fly delta airlines its really bad news. 3049b27

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Dec 07, 2013  from Seattle, Washington
I've flown 250,000+ miles with Delta, all in First/Business Elite. The flight attendants always pour freely. I've never been refused alcohol, but then again, I've never been drunk, nor have I begged for it.

I've seen a fellow passenger refused alcohol just once. Why? Because he was totally wasted. He even managed to sneak additional alcohol out of the galley. As soon as we landed he was escorted off the plane by local police.

There's a lot to your story that you aren't sharing, or that you don't even realize to begin with.
Reply to Frequent Flyer

Nov 14, 2013  from Chantilly, Virginia
Maybe the fact that you were "begging" for alcohol led her to believe that there would be an issue. Either way, you are leaving something out and fabricating the "sex partner" thing to bolster your story.
Reply to MikeBrady

Nov 14, 2013  from Toronto, Ontario
I have a feeling that we are not getting the whole story here. I doubt she would go postal if you just politely asked for wine twice. When you tell the whole truth then come back and tell us what really happened.
Reply to Jack

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