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do not ever buy dell computers again

  • by   Nov 24, 2013
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Company Dell
Product / Service Dell Inspiron
Category Desktop computers
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I ordered 2 desktops 660 with windows 7, I did not open the
boxes promptly due to work and other issues. When I did, the
first system would not even boot up, the other system had windows 8 the worst OS ever. After several hours of trying to
talk with the India call center, I was told that I could not get the systems replaced because I was too late. I don't have as many clients as the IT guy they pissed off, but I do have enough that
will be told how this company treats its customers, or former customers. 2d22f36

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Nov 24, 2013  from Lawrenceville, Georgia
first of all you admit you did not open them up promptly? well i'm sorry but that is YOUR fault. anytime you buy something online, in a store or at all for that matter you open it right away that way if there IS a problem you can get it corrected. now the one not booting up ok that's an issue that you could have corrected had you opened it WHEN You got it. as for the one with win 8 and that being the worst? you must not have used/heard of windows ME that along with vista are far worse. windows 8 is just a rushed version of their mobile phone OS slapped together with features of their windows pc OS and they give us a "new" os. i'm sticking with 7 till it's no longer supported as I did with win98 hated win2k,me,& vista all horrid.

and as to your last comment you said you do have enough to tell how the company treats its customers? do you mean it treats them fairly and explains that you took too long to contact them about the problem so they're no longer going to replace it? how is that unfair? while it may suck you DID admit you took too long to open them so in the end is is YOUR fault
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