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Cydcor reviews, Cydcor complaints, read Cydcor reviews, find Cydcor reviews, Cydcor scam reports
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  • 18 complaints
  • $3 claimed losses
  • $0 average
  • 10961 since Jul 31, 2008

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Main address: 3011 Townsgate Road Suite 400 91361 Westlake Village CA
805 277 - 5500, ,
Cydcor reviews, Cydcor complaints, read Cydcor reviews, find Cydcor reviews, Cydcor scam reports
  • 18 complaints
  • $3 claimed losses
  • $0 average
Had an experience with Cydcor?
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  • Apr 20, 2013
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  • 362

Cydcor pulls these eager naive straight college kids looking to jump their career and hopefully make some quick money. They get caught up in the smoke in mirrors due cult like rituals and truly believe the "system" will work. Here, I have a link describing exactly how these business models are run would choose to be involved and WHY MOST OF THEM FAIL. I mean you've gotta be a morally bankrupt... Read more

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  • Apr 03, 2013
  • Jobs
  • 396

Cydcor, and its many offshoots by proxy, are sustained only by the blood, sweat, and tears of their new hires and the desperate, empty people who don't speak anything but Cydcor lingo at you and worry obsessively about your morale. Why? Why does your iProduct start to get shifty, wonky and sketchy about doing what it used to be able to do after a few years? Planned obsolescence. In order to... Read more

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  • Mar 27, 2013
  • Bingham Farms, Michigan
  • Direct Energy
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  • 424
Cydcor Scam offices = Fiducia Marketing, Hill Inc, Turner Enterprise, Nars Group, and Rockland

I am a recent victim of a Cydcor office in Michigan. I worked in Bingham Farms with a ATT Uverse office. I never was paid correctly, I was forced to go door to door, I was never offered a base or benefits and the managers lied to my face every day. They state they DON"T do door to door but they DO! They scam customers with Direct Energy and Att Uverse. They make you pitch in negative... Read more

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  • Sep 17, 2012
  • Houston, Texas
  • Jobs
  • 774

If you are like me: a recent college grad, you are busy looking for jobs that match your qualifications. As someone who has worked in the PR/Marketing industry, the title of this job offer on a job website stood out to me. Started to do research and saw tons of red flags, but being as desperate as I am, I still continued the process. Within 15 minutes of submitting my resume, I received an e-mail... Read more

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  • Jan 05, 2012
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Cydcor
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  • 558

first of everyone is entitled to their own opinion now here is mine. i am currently working for cydcor and i love it i have never experienced a career like this. i think the people that are complaining just didn't have the people skills or health or even entrepreneur based. cydocr is far the most greatest job hands down i have been w,working there a little over 3 months and would never look... Read more

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  • Dec 01, 2011
  • Streetsboro, Ohio
  • 3
  • 865

CYDCOR has too many alias and DBAs to even count. If you are unfortunate enough to be lured into one of their MANY nationwide offices and are promised the moon, but end up going on a "second interview" out in the field with a door to door sales person... RUN!!! They promise a "Management" position, and you will end up working for them for years as they make countless dollars off of you (and... Read more

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  • Jun 22, 2011
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Htc Marketing Company
  • 17
  • 591

HTC Marketing Company Posted: 2011-06-22 by Houstonjobseeker Scam Marketing Job Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes Company information: HTC Marketing Company 3730 Kirby Dr Suite 1200 Houston, Texas United States Phone: 713-831-6834 Thank God this company has only been open for a short period of time, an off shoot of Cydcor the most famous scam company in the world. If you look... Read more

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  • Mar 24, 2011
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 8
  • 341

I recently had a brief stint with Eclipse Marketing in Little Rock, AR. There website is Several red flags went up, first off I was asked to work ten hours a day with only a half hour break for lunch. Second, I was being asked to pay for own gas for company business, which is not all that uncommon but there was no reimbursement at all. Which I found odd since I am out... Read more

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  • Mar 08, 2011
  • Mesa, Arizona
  • Fiber Optics
  • 8
  • 351

Two people dressed in what looked like Qwest uniforms showed up at my homes' door, after ringing door bell and knocking loudly. They were wearing ID badges, Qwest showing predominently, but in smaller type is CYDCOR, INC. Two employees, one named Todd Hollister, explains they are there to advise that Qwest has 'construction' in the area and I ask if they cannot read the No Soliciting... Read more

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  • Feb 01, 2011
  • Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • Phone Service
  • 15
  • 2350

The Cydcor employee knocked on my door claiming to be an AT&T employee and asked me if I was interested in an AT&T Uverse product. I told her I was not interested in switching and asked her to give me some info regarding the product. She passed her cell phone to me & a man started asking me several questions, when I questioned him as to why he was asking so many questions even though I told the... Read more

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