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Culligan Water Conditioning - Leak in my condo , ruined my new wood floors

  • by   Nov 04, 2013
  • Review #: 455756
Company Culligan Water Conditioning
Product / Service Water Softener
Location Pinellas Park, Florida
Category Kids
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My condo was completely remodeled years ago.Everything was replaced,new pipes,floors,water heater ,appliance,ext.......... We came home one day& walked into the living room to the sound of water slushing under my feet.Quickley went to closet to check what we heater&softner.Water was pouring out the neck of the softener.So we shut off the water.Called our Cullingan company &got the emergency number .It was late on a Saturday.The young man was very nice& apologized for not being able to come out because the company won't let them.All he could do was tell us how to shut it off which we had already done.What find of company does that?Then come Mondays called for someone to come out only to be told it would be 2.5 to3weeks.i was stunned .I told the lady this is a emergency would u say?She hangs up on me!!!!I call back & said so this is how u treat your customers?She said u aren't going to holler at me .I said if u can't handle emergencys then u&your boss need to get out of business.Finely came & it was a O ring.I said,u mean to tell me in 4years this can go bad& flood my home?It shouldn't,but it's only under warritfor 1year.So we're stuck redoing our new floors.I tried 3-4times to reach the owner but he wouldn't call me back.Surpries.I tell everyone I know not to by from Gulf Coast Culligan in Pinnelas county Florida. 2d361e6

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Dec 25, 2013  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Not at all surprised at this lack of quality assurance. I have tried to deal with them and found that their policies are not in my personal opinion, consistent with professional ethics, at least in Pittsburgh, PA. I have owned a softner from a number of companies over decades, and essentially, they are all alike. However, RainSoft and Culligan as far as I can tell, make good equipment, but the management practicles related to QA in terms of service and backing are very much lacking. I would not buy either of the product lines. They are over priced, and depending upon location, serivce is impossible to get, or incompetent.
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Nov 04, 2013  from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
I'd have hung up on your pompous arz as well. Shat happens....O rings go bad....and yes a one year warranty is about standard. You have homeowners/renters insurance right? Use it and stop whinning.......
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