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Cancelled by Cruisemiles - Police investigating - GET IN TOUCH!

Company CruiseMiles
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Monetary Loss

I have lost 3 cruises (and 2 lots of airfares) with this company. I reported the scam to the Essex police, and received an email at the end of last year that the case has been passed up to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

This email was genuine, and Chelmsford CID are investigating. Regardless of where you live PLEASE contact them:-

Telephone number: +44 (0)1245 212518
Email: warren.josephs@essex.pnn.police.uk
Ref: Cruisemiles

I am also building up a list of members so that we can keep in touch with each other: cancelledbycruisemiles@gmail.com

Let's see Richard Lester face justice. Thank you

(p.s. they are reading this site so anything you post is read by them) 2ee09a1

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4 hours ago 
what gets me though is these cheap cruises he has on offers will be cancelled like the other hundreds end of last year, beginning of this year..I cannot for the life of me understand why the people on the CM site are so gullible :? :? :? :? :?
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4 minutes ago 
Well you have the "lord lester guarantee".These are the good cruise.He can't cancel these one's...lol...Many hundreds cancelled last year that he had us buy without him buying them?Do you think these are reserved,i bet you no way.Call the cruiseline and ask for a group under every cruisemiles aliases and there's no booking.He's booking us something that's not his to book thus making this charade illegal.A TA can't just take your money for a specific cruise without having it at least reserved,but RL will tell you he can,but he can't,i asked the cruiseline this specific question so the miles we bought was just to go around basic rules,that's it and of course he can give miles away like egg nog at Christmas,this is his currency and has no value(his terms and conditions). :roll
For people being gullible I really think people are cought just hoping to recoup something but RL plays with that.He likes his members beging and bowing as he's thy lord you know. :x
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20 hours ago  from Sarasota, Florida
How is it possible.Our Lord Lester has put a mile auction including free membership...lol...what does this mean?i thought most members had paid that so called blackmail fee.Now people are going to pay hundreds more for that?
Just to let you know Richard,the problem isn't the membership,it's the lack of cruises and lack of trust.people don't like you because you lie all the time and you think that because you post one liners every 3 weeks it makes you great and people will believe you put 20 hour days in this charade :? :? :roll
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21 hours ago 

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Apr 15 
Poor Ron,still today defending and blaming members that are not passing 20 hour days waiting for a couple of cruises to pop up.You know the replacement cruises that haven't been replaced yet that have been delayed from November to dec 9th because of payment processing problems and this week we find out that they still were not processed and had to resubmit them...lol...is this serious.it was part of the excuse of the delay for the dec restart instead of oct or nov.remember?
Now in april,no replacement yet and the members having been cancelled paid in full cruises are still being blamed?
Thanks Ron for reminding us the few cruises that lasted what 7 hours for the 1 that was only for Australians and downloaded on the offers at midnight on our time...lol..wow,just wow! :x 3 cruises avail.and 2 of them are a joke.Who that joined cruisemiles would bother paying thousands in flights and hotels to take a 2 night cruise?? you Ron,maybe Yvonne?
Please get serious and put a drop of common sense in your biass rhetoric.. :sigh
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Apr 16 
I paid my fee,well I just paid for it...lol..even thow it was paid in December.At this point anyone who hasn't had a replacement should be given a heads up for a cruise in there respected region so the last of the so called 25,now I guess a few of us left can have a replacement and then at least we will feel a bit better that we haven't been scammed,because frankly it really feels that way,so last week I filed a complaint with the uk police.If I get a cruise I will remove my complaint but not the way it is now.
We bought a cruise,we had it in our bag,cruisemiles(Richard)came and took it back and now wants us to buy another one with none to buy?This is quite a mess.. :roll
Agree with the 2 offers that is ridiculous to think it's satisfied the masses except if you live close to florida. :roll
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Apr 16 
You don't understand.Richard is not interested to give replacement,he is interested in covering his a$$ to look good as a façade to keep him out of jail.If it looks like a few are cruising then he hopes the police will think all is ok.Problem is with the fee he kicked out many of us and kept the money.
you will notice that the new terms and conditions are a joke and the old term and conditions prior to nov 2013 have been changed a lot.Why I ask,leave the old one's there but change them so much that they aren't even close to what they were?
Those were not the terms prior to nov.2013.no way and the police will easily find them or members will give them to the police and this will show Richard did as usual and lied about them to cover himself.Rubbish ethics I tell ya!
Want to find the terms and conditions prior to nov2013 that were in place.go on web.archive.org type in cruisemiles.com and click on april 25th 2013.those were the real terms,so UK POLICE,GO ON THAT SITE.Now anybody trust Richard to not be a liar,you cannot defend this,no way!LIES ALL LIES
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Apr 16 
Wanted to add to my prior post.Go on web.archive.org and go on cruisemiles.com and then nov.5th 2012.Those are the terms and conditions when most of us bought our miles and cruises that were all cancelled at the time.my prior post is after march 2013 and most of us had bought our cruises and miles by that time.
So just to show how many times he changed the terms to fraud us all,or should I say to tip the balance on his side so he would be covered from giving us anything after we paid of course.
now those that are thinking about joining,look at the terms and conditions that are in effect now.you have a better chance to win the jackpot at your local casino. :x

Apr 08  from Sydney, New South Wales
The offers and auctions now are few a fare between, totalling 6 in all…I have never seen this on CM before…I guess they are dwindling out now…wish they would close the site down..I can't believe there are still followers who are so blind that they can't see.
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Apr 08 
I would like to congratulate Ray who won a cruise just paying 4 times the actual price in miles.But as it's the only cruise having been booked in the last month,we have to have blinders on to not see that cruisemiles is booming.Come on people don't you see that Richard's is working like *** to save his business...(sarcasm off)...lol.. :roll :grin :grin :grin
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Apr 08  from Sarasota, Florida
We will lie and ignore you for years,cheat you out of your money,cancel your cruises, leave you hanging and after all that we will still expect a big THANKS from those few chosen to have a cruise that have after all the delays paid more than anywhere else on the planet. :? :? :? :x
would be quite a ridiculous business model if it wasn't what cruisemiles has become.
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Apr 08 
he has now put up 4 new offers, I knew he would do this to keep them dangling…what a cunning ***.
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Apr 08 
Those in 2016 are all good.All know the thousand cancelled last year and early this year was a one off problem.By the time the dates come up for these hopefully he'll be in jail!
He must be paying for the new one's with all the money he's getting from the auctions... :grin :grin :grin oh wait....they aren't selling any are they and have you seen the price now at 9 million miles for a 3000$ cruise so that makes them very pricy but hey that's the plan.no more deals I guess.People are staying with cruisemiles for the fantastic customer service. :roll
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Apr 10 
yep,i guess with all those extra staterooms on each cruise as promised it was still not enough for the 25 members that didn't have a replacement and can see that at least 5-10 members are still not having any luck!
Good news is the last miles on ebid are still not being sold except on the cruisemiles site,so at 250000 miles going for 110$ that means the balcony going for 9 million would have cost 4000$ and would have had to win 36 straight auction at 1 a week....lol..isn't this ridiculous or what?the value of the cruise if booked without any debacle and a booking# is about 3000$ :x :? Good news for us I guess by the time everybody gets a cruise we should be able to book 4-5 dummy cruises each as thank god they are never expiring miles... :grin :grin
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Apr 11  from Los Alamos, New Mexico
I hope he gets some 2020 offers up soon...so many miles just burning a hole in my pocket :grin :grin :grin :grin
Or perhaps I can leave the miles to my unborn grandchildren, so they can cruise in 2062...

Mar 25  from Chelmsford, England

Martin Amundsen is in charge now of the investigation against cruisemiles.Please forward your info to.
Detective Constable 4098
CID Reactive Chelmsford
North LPA Address: Chelmsford Police Station, New Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1NF Tel: 101 Ext. 420156 Email: 4098@essex.pnn.police.uk 3 QUESTIONS ARE ASKED FROM HIM: 1--tell me of your experience using cruisemiles?(the fact of what has occurred) 2--what is the financial lost you have been exposed to? I would maybe add for those who had paid flight and hotels if communication and time before cancelled cruises was not communicated. 3--Details of any cruises you have been on?(Booked thru cruisemiles). I would think that after this if concrete proof is needed as charges are being contemplated we will probably need to send all proof. Let's get this rubbish behind us...
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Mar 26  from Denver, Colorado
To update - I was contacted again today by Martin Amundsen to inform me he had compiled my account of my dealings with CM into an official witness statement. I signed and returned the statement. Seems like things are moving more quickly now & I take it as a good sign that these reports are being compiled.
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Mar 26 
Me to.I hadn't done so until I saw the info here on pc but he emailed me back to make an official complaint with all details.So those who didn't do so before it doesn't matter if you do it now.Look at the site and you will understand that he has no intentions of offering even the promised replacement.
martin Amundsen and his email is a post below.Time to get justice folks.
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Apr 08  from Sydney, New South Wales
Hi ghostmonster! I too have the email from Martin Amundsen. I will email and let them know of my experience with CM. Hope all who have been scammed send them an email.
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Apr 07 
Have made my official complaint.Very clear that RICHARD has left the building.Nothing more telling than an empty cruisemiles site with no cruises.
Wonder if those still hoping will have the patience to still be waiting in 5 years for that cheapy cruise that isn't what you want or date you need,but hey that's the only thing there right!
So all those that know there's no hope you still have time to file your complaint.
Contract was broken when all our cruises were cancelled no matter the excuse.
Martin Amundsun as posted above is the lead detective.Please forward all your info.Rose colored glasses is clearly not enough to believe he's working on anything at this time.
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