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CruiseMiles reviews, CruiseMiles complaints, read CruiseMiles reviews, find CruiseMiles reviews, CruiseMiles scam reports
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  • 82 complaints
  • $100,154,615 claimed losses
  • $1,221,398 average
  • 27584 since Jun 30, 2012
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CruiseMiles reviews, CruiseMiles complaints, read CruiseMiles reviews, find CruiseMiles reviews, CruiseMiles scam reports
  • 82 complaints
  • $100,154,615 claimed losses
  • $1,221,398 average
Had an experience with CruiseMiles?
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  • Mar 20
  • Cancelled Cruises
  • 27
  • 149

over a period of 10 months I bought a lot of cruisemiles. Booked cruises but one got cancelled. Then another the cruise just wasn't supplied and we were left stranded with no cruise. No apologies or anything and of course no financial reimbursement. Then the 3rd cruise that we booked was also cancelled. All I have ever received is more cruisemiles which I cannot use as they keep cancelling the... Read more

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  • Mar 06
  • Fraudulent Emails
  • 108
  • 167

It has come to our attention today that someone using mailchimp has used the stolen list of customer emails that was a while ago published by someone on this site to send emails pretending to offer cruisemiles at a discount. This is not from us and the IP address is California and we have also spoken to PayPal and they said is not a registered account. If you ever receive an email offering miles... Read more

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  • Feb 28
  • Voucher
  • 5
  • 123

I bought a voucher before they started having all these problems. It was good for an outside cabin for two. The problem is, there are NEVER any cruises available. If they are available, the total cruise miles needed are about double what I originally was given. Point values have increased dramatically, essentially forcing you to either not use your points, or buy more. In fact, when I... Read more

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  • Feb 19
  • Roosendaal, Noord-Brabant
  • Cruisemile Vouchers
  • 19
  • 153

I paid out 1000 Euros for CruiseMile vouchers and was booked on a cruise last November. There was no contact and my emails were ignored. It was only by reading the posts on the Forum that I discovered all the cruises had been cancelled. I now see that all the posts on the forum have been removed and there are no cruises until 2015. My 1000 Euros have been turned into a few million Cruise Miles... Read more

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  • Feb 09
  • Howell, Michigan
  • Cruise Miles
  • 19
  • 259

I had 1 cruise threw cruise miles and it worked out fine and thought it was going to be great , I purchased $800 worth of miles and booked a second cruise for Feb 2014.. it was canceled in Nov 2013 and I was awarded 1 million miles for my trouble. I want to book another cruise however there is not a cruise to book and some false bidding on there auctions site. There is no way bidding is that high... Read more

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  • Jan 31
  • Cruise Cancellation Refund
  • 7
  • 173

It is no surprise that there have been changes to the T&Cs over the last few years. Richard Lester keeps changing them to suit himself. When we book shouldn't that booking remain under the T&Cs that were in force at the time? Watch out for "Only members who post nice compliments about me will get tickets - anyone else will be cancelled" !!!!! We already know the one "If I decide to... Read more

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  • Jan 25
  • Missing Cruises
  • 14
  • 254

Today I decided to visit the cruisemiles site for some black comedy, as I still have more than 3 million miles in my account. I was looking at the auction page and saw that there is a current bid of 5,405,000 for a 5 day cruise in an inside cabin on November 29, 2014 on the Carnival Elation. And the auction still has 4 days to run. I checked on Carnival's site and the price of an inside cabin... Read more

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  • Jan 24
  • Paris, Ile-De-France
  • Cruise Cancellation
  • 6
  • 165

I bought Cruisemiles a year ago and booked for cruise, but CruiseMiles never sent me ticket. When there was only 2 weeks before cruise I see that all the cruises were cancelled. Now I see Seller Shipshape on Ebay saying that you can go on wonderful cruise using CruiseMiles but look at the CruiseMiles website and no cruises are there. Only one little trip for 2015 but it lasts no longer than being... Read more

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  • Jan 18
  • Lightning Ridge, New South Wales
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 2
  • 160

We ask you to take a closer look at our problem.We have paid in excess of $3000.00 to buy a cruise from "CRUISEMILES" only to be told without warning[this is after numerous emails requesting sailing details] 4 weeks before the cruise that it had been cancelled.The vouchers now are worth less than one quarter of their original value.The scheme goes like this;Cruise vouchers are sold on eBay and... Read more

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  • Jan 13
  • Cancellation Of Cruises
  • 93
  • 785

I have lost 3 cruises (and 2 lots of airfares) with this company. I reported the scam to the Essex police, and received an email at the end of last year that the case has been passed up to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). This email was genuine, and Chelmsford CID are investigating. Regardless of where you live PLEASE contact them:- Telephone number: +44 (0)1245 212518 Email:... Read more

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