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CreditResolutionAdvisors, LLC Debt Mediation Scary Mail Ad Campaign

  • by   Feb 03, 2012
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Company CreditResolutionAdvisors
Product / Service Debt Mediation
Location Tampa, Florida
Category Financial Services - Consulting, Marketing
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Within one month repeated scary ads have been mailed to our home. They are made to look like collection notices and the envelope has a warning box with the following text: "$2000 FINE, 5 Years Imprisonment, or both for any person interfering or obstructing with delivery of this letter ..."

Seemingly the intent is to scare you into opening the letter and perhaps it is successful because judging from the web many gullible people have opened it and seem to take it seriously.

While there is no law against melodrama there is a law against harrassment. It is really terrible that some people feel free to prey on the economically disadvantaged. I hope that everyone does some research before letting scammers rip them off. 2db26c7

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Aug 29, 2013  from Plano, Texas
This company, parent company Landmark Management, changes their marketing name annually or 'by state' in order to re-market to consumers with a different name (American Debt Mediators, Credit Resolution Advisors, Credit Answers, Jensen Legal Group, Worden Law Firm etc. are all the same company) and also change their address and phone numbers regularly, because they have burned their bridges so many times with consumers. There is NOTHING this company can do for you that you can't do yourself with a little time. This (these) company requests that you to stop paying your bills, which opens you up to late fees, higher interest rates, and then litigation by creditors after a certain period of time, and will NOT represent you once you get sued. Contrary to what they tell you, they ARE NOT a law firm. There is no attorney looking out for you. 50-60% of their clients get sued by companies like Discover, Capital One, etc. It's a no-brainer that you can settle on your own with your creditors for 50-60 cents on the dollar after a certain period of delinquency, just like these people purport they can do.
You don't need to pay these people a 12% fee, plus 49.95 a month for 'maintenance costs'. They mislead consumers, especially the elderly and non-English speaking clients, that there will be no credit effects, no tax implications, even misleading foreign and elderly consumers to think that they are doing a consolidation. Then by the time consumers are fully informed during a
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Jul 22, 2013  from East Meadow, New York
COMPANY IS FULL OF ***!!! They have sent me 4 letters, first with no letter head, then strangely enough after I reported them to attorney general I got another letter now with their letterhead. Here's what's so blatantly wrong:
1. I have no credit cards under the name they are uisng
2. my credit card debt is no where near the amout they proclaim

those of you using them are deperate and probably paying thorugh the nose and will NEVER get the success you hope for, just more issues I am SURE of that! and I do't believe the people saying they are successful aren't really part of ADM posting bogus ***!
Tear it up and ignore them, if your bank card has a dispute they will contact you first BEFORE sending out the dogs! :(
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Jul 15, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
Everyone should carefully open their letter and black out your name, address,reference number and bar code place the letter back into the envelope and write "RETURN TO SENDER".
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Jul 15, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
Then drop it into a mailbox! :grin
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May 19, 2013 
Just recieved a letter form ADM as well. This is complete fraud!!! I do not even owe the debt they speak of. Please don't fall into thier trap by calling them.
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May 17, 2013  from Sacramento, California
LOL these shills with their comments below describing how wonderful this company is! :roll
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Mar 16, 2013  from New York City, New York
I received a threatening letter from this company for NO REASON AT ALL.

They wanted to renegotiate my debt in my (zero balance, fully current with payments, active account that has never had a late) credit card. They said i have 20 grand in debt (i don't and never have). i had 6 grand (that i have every year from my month long trip to europe) which i paid off to a zero balance 6 months ago (as i always do) and continue to pay my credit cards in full, monthly.

This is at the very least fraudulent and i'd consider it harassment. what this company does is gross and preying on people who don't know any better and get involved with them should land them in jail.
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May 09, 2013  from Fort Smith, Arkansas
received 2 letters from them also...scam!
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Mar 13, 2013  from University Park, Texas
Been in the program 7 months now... So far so good will keep you updated.
The only disadvantage is sometimes it's hard to reach someone. :roll
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Mar 10, 2013 
Two thumbs Up!!!
Great company!!!!

Ask for Thomas he's awesome!
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Aug 24, 2013  from San Francisco, California
Since your thumbs are up why don't you sit on them, you fool! Obviously you are an employee of that sham scam company,
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Mar 07, 2013  from San Andreas, California
Awesome company! Very informative and down to earth!
Letters are a bit much. They should change marketing. Other than that they rock!! 12 more months until i'm debt free! Woot woot
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Feb 23, 2013  from Sandy City, Utah
Kept receiving letter, called and spoke with someone. I did enroll into the program. This company is not a scam. Especially with all of the FTC laws. I signed everything in writing. And hopefully in 24 months i'll be debt free. Highly recommended. If you can get passed the scary letter your just fine.

Not a scam..
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Jan 30, 2013 
I have been receiving notices to "Activate my renegotiation credit card balance" for months now, by the same scam company that changes its name and phone number on the regular bases. I have called them in the past to tell them to stop sending me notices that I have no use for, only to receive another in the mail shortly there after. American Debt Mediators are pond ***. I am shocked that this is allowed to happen, and that they work every loop-hole to get around the legal system. These snakes need to be shut down before they ruin more lives.
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Oct 30, 2012 
I too got a letter that looked like it was from a collection agency,,then I got a second, so I called the 800 number, the man was very rude and intimidating, I told him I would think about it and hung up, that was a month ago,,now I keep getting phone calls like it was my idea to call them in the first place,,,this is bordering on harrassment, and I am sick of it...
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Oct 16, 2012 
This company is a SCAM. Rec'd 2 letters from them, both with completely incorrect info, an obvious attempt to get $ with bogus 'debts' that they make up. DON'T RESPOND TO THESE LIARS! They will continue to send letters and threaten you that the credit bureaus will be contacted: they don't. They can't help you if you do have debt, and they WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY REGARDLESS.
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Mar 22, 2012 
I'm a former customer of CR Advisors. They are wonderful. I was in debt and they went in and after 18 months I was debt free. They worked with me every step of the way. Highly Recommended!
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Mar 10, 2012 
got their mail today. called the 800 number and said I want to know how they know about my debt. the rep said sure they can help me and asked for the Client Account #. then said it is not on file and if i could give them my phone number. and i said you have my name, my address and an account # for me and my record does not come up at all, and you want my phone #? that's when i hang up. does anyone know how to get off a mailing list without disclosing any more information these companies already have?
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Feb 23, 2012 
whois.com lists owner of "catalog" site as...

William Loughborough

Registered through: Go Daddy
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Feb 20, 2012 
I have just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You should too.
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