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CR England - Using hair follicle drug test

  • by   Jun 28, 2010
  • Review #: 187505
Company CR England
Product / Service Drug Test
Location Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Category Collection Agencies
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They are using hair follicle drug test now.Very unfair, especially when it already has a 90% turnover rate.

There are some out there, who will stop smoking pot and whatever else they use to start a new career.
But when a hair follicle test can go back 7 yrs, that will add to drivers being put out of work. DOT randoms call for urine test, not hair test. They don't offer you goverment pay, so why use government drug test.

People should notify ACLU reps, and DOT to see if they have the right to use these test.
I guess all their drivers are perfect and can raise the dead as the only one perfect man did 2efb891

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Jul 20, 2013 
I have a rare condition called alopecia but I know I have enough hair to be tested. Can they use head or eyebrow hair?
Reply to Bob

Jul 20, 2013 
They take a body sample off your buttcrack that dates back a year so be prepared to bend over!!
Reply to Don

Jun 06, 2012 
dont tell me not to work for them if i dont like the policy, because this rhair testing is not mentioned until you have already gone through an awful lot of time, money, and effort. Then they call your name to come to the medical room. I have done no drugs in a couple months, but before that I probably did 4 nights of cola and literally 8 puffs of herb in the past 6 months . What happens if I pass urine test and fail hair test, BS.
Reply to random victim

Aug 25, 2011 
if you so not like the drug policy, then don't try to work for them, simple as that.
Reply to three

Jul 04, 2011 
yeah a hair test can only go back 60 to 90 days
Reply to The man

Jun 30, 2011 
Well there out of Utah so that tells you a lot right there. Mormons don't like people playing with there money or equipment
Reply to Bill

Feb 01, 2011 
CR England will do urine test on the first day for every new students. On the second day, they will randomly pick 10 students out of 50 to do a hair test(hair test is way more expensive than urine test). With that said, they also do a random urine testing once you are hired. Get your story straight U dumb anonymous tard!!!
Reply to cr england driver

Sep 29, 2010 
Personally, I don't use, but honestly, I don't think it is any employers business what their employees do on their own time.
Reply to bjb

Sep 17, 2010 
Hair folicle tests are good for only about 60-90 days jackazzzz.

hmdbrian - should have expected that answer from a union puke.
Reply to Jrmc

Sep 13, 2010 
I,d like to discuss this matter cause I,m a victim of a hairfolic test that was wrong. The companies MRO officers refused to send me the results of test but I got retested the next month and results came back negative. Quote me i don,t soke period drink or do drugs i,m also diabetic. I lost my house a whole lot of other things and still fighting with rest of companies to hire me. Been out of work since March and they got FMSCA head official to try and force me to go to SAP program to make them look right so plz people this is some serious stuff for truckdrivers so plz note I was retested and I still can,t get company to realize this was wrong, they ruined my career by being wrong
Reply to johnny

Jul 15, 2010 
People on drugs are unreliable? untrustworthy? lmao i am a local 1 ironworker and make 100k plus a year, i am at work everyday on time and bust my *** everyday, and guess what I SMOKE ***...how can u say one that does drugs is any different than one not on drugs, i can throw a handful of guys that bust their *** harder than drug free people...
Reply to hmdbrian

Jul 05, 2010 
@Sillygirl...Make sure you stop taking OTC drugs yourself...or is there a list of APPROVED DRUGS?
Reply to SillyGuy

Jun 28, 2010  from La Prairie, Quebec
Call the ACLU? Really? :grin :grin :grin :grin How about not doing drugs?
Reply to Sillygirl

Jun 28, 2010 
you are right these companies have no right to judge people as long as they are following the DOT then they shouldn't have to go back that far with a follicle test, that is digging to far in a persons past. then again i guess they want to see what kind of people they have carrying their stuff. people who have used drugs in the past, no matter how long ago tend to be unreliable and un trustworthy but once again that is not for me or any company to judge. i see both sides to this one. :?
Reply to jrhopper

Jun 01, 2013  from Charleston, West Virginia
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