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CR England - scam scam scam

Company CR England
Product / Service Truck Driving School
Location Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Category Transportation and Delivery
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signed up for the CR England truck driving school in Richmond Indiana .Was told if I started before a certain date my $3,000.00 fee for the schooling would be cancelled and I would not have to pay .Only had to pay $50.00 for the administration fee ,and $47.00 for the permit fee and $35.00 for the DOT physical.But as soon as you go over to do the DOT physical weather you pass or fail they take your money.The day I did my physical they were sending people home because they had glasses ,they are obviously making money scamming anyone they possibly can they run at least 50 to 0ver 75 people everyday of the week through this process I guess they have a quota they have to make a day or week or month,It seemed like the only people that made it past the first 3 days were homeless or female .I think if everyone who has been screwed over by CR England would complain to the Better Business borough .They just might finally investigate this scam of a company.The best advice I can give anyone is stay as far away from this company as you can.If you don't believe me and the hundreds of other people than you get what you deserve . 2d8f5bc

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Mar 14 
I went to there school in Salt Lake last year and yes you do get fed a lot of bs and yes if you are *** enough to get suckered into a lease then that is your own fault because you didn't take the time to read the freaking paperwork! If the people who are *** about CRE would have done some checking around before they left for training IE: looking on the internet or going to a place to the best place for information which is a truck stop or warehouse and talk to one of there drivers.
I have been driving for CRE for almost a year now and when they tried to get me to go the class on leasing a truck I went outside and had a smoke, went back in and got some coffee and went back out and had another smoke and killed time till it was over and when asked me why I wasn't in the lease class I flat out told them I'm wasn't *** enough to get suckered into that mess!
I got a good trainer who took the time to show me what I needed to know and a few old school tricks of the trade as well. I finished my training with no problems and was only in Salt Lake for 3 days before I was assigned a brand new truck and I even got assigned to Western Regional and I've never been stuck sitting longer that over the weeks and that's only happened a couple of time and I when I have asked for home time I am normally home within 2 to 3 weeks :)
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Jan 01 
The amount of complaints filed against C R England not only in shady business practices, but scams of every magnitude. A good example is the "our freight goes to the lease operators first" while you have already sat in NYC for 3 days, and used all of your advances getting their freight into the city. If you agree to sign a lease, they will have a truck in Pennsylvania, or Ohio that will magically appear. It is a career of servitude for them. You will have any control of your success, but suffer all of the failures while guided by their hands. Avoid this company at all costs, and if you want to be further horrified, there are plenty of negative reviews about them, but go to a truckstop, and find a current C R England driver, and ask him/her.
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Nov 10, 2013 
I was told that I would earn between $800 - $1200. per week driving as a company driver. That never happened!
As a solo company driver, I earned .26 per mile; However, I was not allowed to get any miles because I was forced to swap all of my loads. The Trainers with Students are the priority in this company. They will tell you and encourage you to lease a truck and become a trainer - "if you want to earn any real money." So, once I was out on the Interstate with my load, I had to swap and accept a load that only had maybe two hundred miles left. I got out of that arrangement, and started driving as a team for a whopping .13 and 1/2 cents per mile. After driving 6,000 miles I earned less than $800. I felt like an *** for being so exploited by this deceitful company. I started looking for another job,and I was so lucky to find one that started me out at .42 per mile as a company driver. I have never been without a load less than one thousand miles. C.R. England is a good example of what is wrong with Capitalism.
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Jul 23, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
being a trucker is not easy a lot of you guys and gals think its a job i look at it as a lifestyle where you will spend a lot of your time over the road.its a hard life if you have a family at home and your gone all of the time.all i can say to all of you who like to knock down england we should think trucking is not for me :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry ... Show more
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Jun 05, 2013 
someone has to pay for your testing? key word your. :)
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Mar 25, 2013  from Moreno Valley, California
:( I totally agree with the people. I have fell a victim to this scam as well. I was a student in Nov-Dec 2012 and once I was done with my 20,000 mile training and waiting to go back out for my last 10,000 mile run I was never called back. Then I received a letter from the collection agency saying I owe 3,000 dollars for training. I never received a termination letter or anything from CR England which is very bad. I have consulted a lawyer now who said there can be a case but the only way he will do it and for free is if I am able to find other victims that were with this company. If anyone would like to participate and still have their documents and proof of what happened to them feel free to email me your name, email, and phone #. If you feel that you are uncomfortable with leaving the information you can contact the lawyer himself. My email is dalyia2006@yahoo.com or the lawyers number is 310-288-0854 and his name is David Berstein. If you choose to call him let him know you are calling about the CR England Law suit. They need to be stopped with this scam of free tuiton if you work for them but they never hire you.Also for the people with leasing issues or any other issues lets put them to a stop and get your money back or credit repaired NOW! FREE.
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Sep 11, 2012 
I would like to give my two cents to this converstation. I don't work for CR England, however I'm reading all these post like they are any different than any other company. Let me tell you from an experienced drivers point of view. I've drove for about 10 companies over the past 12 years. and I'm sure no one will like what I have to say, but any company that has over 1,000 plus trucks don't give a *** about their drivers. You as a driver are just another number, if you quit they have 75 plus students going thru school waiting for a truck, so you are very easily replaced. This isn't just CR England, this is any number of larger companies. If you truely want to be happy get your CDL, yes you will have to put up with one of these schools, but it will be worth it in the end, if you cant put up with a month or two worth of ***, than this career isn't for you anyways, once you get some experience go to a company that has 50-100 trucks, you will be known by first name, *** they will even remember your kids birthdays, you will finally be treated right, but don't expect that from CR England, or any other trucking company. So I'm not saying CRE is bad, cuz I dont drive for them, but I have came in contact with many of their lease drivers and they all seem to be very happy, so I'm not sure if the ones pissed off on here are just mad becasue they couldn't *** it, or what but CRE doesn't seem to be any worse than Swift, US Xpress, Warner, or any of the other multi-billion dollar trucking... Show more
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Aug 27, 2012 
I just don't understand how CR England has got way with. All these complaints people have made against. Complaints that would make dot open up an investigation.
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Jul 10, 2012 

Jul 09, 2012 
my husband is in texas right now for cr england, and it has been a nightmare, it is all *** they are liars and they make your life miserable, waiting waiting waiting, for buses waiting for trainers, they treat you like second class citizens they tell you all this *** to get you out there and it is all lies, don't go is all i can say! from what i have been told by my husband it is all a bunch of ***. he wishes he had never of signed on with them and is looking for a way to get the *** out of there, but you get kinda stuck out there with no where to go. they put you in a hotel but they want you to hide away, you can't use the pool, the gym and you can't even hang out in the lobby or out in front of the hotel, they have no way to go anywhere even though they told us they have a shuttle to take you to the store and places NO! you have to walk a mile or more to go get something to eat, and waiting for buses they tell you to be out front for the shuttle to go to class at 3:45 AM and then the shuttle doesn't come for 4 *** hours, and then everyone can't get on one bus they have to wait for the next one. then you go to the dmv you have to wait and wait and wait all *** day out in the middle of nowhere for everyone to finish then to only wait for the bus back to the hotel where you have to hide away like they are embarassed to have any of you seen there. when you get to the point where you get to learn to drive they just take a bunch of you out into this big parking lot and take... Show more
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Aug 06, 2013 
LOL, I had the EXACT same thing happen to me, get outside to wait for the bus at 430 am, the bus doesnt come till 630 am, and only half the people make it on the bus for 7am class. The next bus doesnt come till after 730, by the time you get to class its after 8 and they make it seem like its your fault that your late for class, I felt like slapping the teacher I was so mad. Im sorry it sounds like your husband went through the same *** as me, it was crazy how much *** I had to put up with to get my CDL and it doesnt get any better when you start driving for them.
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Jun 28, 2012 
Wow im scared now. I start cr england schooling in 2 weeks and now reading this stuff im thinking not to even go. Im gonna look at other schools. Thanks ppl for the heads up.
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May 09, 2012 
@ CR England Student: Ok, so one can not shave their head then to beat the hair stat test?
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Apr 16, 2012 
first off a lot of trucking companys do the hair test along with the *** test, they do this because you can cheat the *** test by cleaning out your system and they know this, thats why they do both.
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Apr 15, 2012 
Is this CR England schooling a Monday thru Friday gig? And if so, can a guy go home on the weekends during this class?
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2 days ago 
As far as I know, no, you will not be home on the weekends during training. My brother-in-law is currently in training with them, and he had a 10-week stint before he was able to come home for two days. He left again this morning, and has no idea when he will be back.
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Mar 08, 2012 
They really hair test every applicant? Isnt that fairly expensive? And why hair test as opposed to urine?
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Mar 08, 2012 
I just completed the first phase training with CRE & it was the worst month of my life . first of all I paid for my training $2000.00 from the door but I feel that I was lied to every step of the way . if I had known that I would be required to leave my wife for 3 months or more just to get pass phase two I never would have joined , and then they placed me with the craziest SOB least operator trainer between California and New Jersey the guy was Nuts he called the cops on me in Buffalo NY because I would not give him back his truck key , he only allowed country music to be played in his truck even though I was makeing money for him by driveing 500 to 600 Mi per day . after more than 2 months I asked to be sent home to NJ they put me on a truck from IN. to OH. but when we picked up the load in OH its destination was Chicago and from there we were to go to Kansas I don't know when I would have gotten home if I hadn't taken myself off of that truck I wound up going to the airport in Canton OH and flying to Phil. it cost me $ 300.00 but it was worth it to get away from CRE
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Jun 05, 2013 
I did same deal in 1990 w/Schneider except I was more naïve ,I went to school for three mths 6400.00 Schneider hired me immd. 1.5 mths out every time out ,winter first,i quit after 10mths,they where never in hurry to get me home, well I kept driving else where,and now Ive drivin for over 20yrs don't know where yrs went?. owned our own trks for close to 10yrs now , its a struggle but wouldn't trade it anything else.not for every one I guess!!
good luck!
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