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Consumer Cellular reviews, Consumer Cellular complaints, read Consumer Cellular reviews, find Consumer Cellular reviews, Consumer Cellular scam reports
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  • 156 complaints
  • $132,593 claimed losses
  • $850 average
  • 28895 since Jul 04, 2010

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Consumer Cellular
Main address: 7204 SW Durham Rd Ste 300 97224 Portland OR
(503) 699-7363, 1-888-345-5509, ,
Consumer Cellular reviews, Consumer Cellular complaints, read Consumer Cellular reviews, find Consumer Cellular reviews, Consumer Cellular scam reports
  • 156 complaints
  • $132,593 claimed losses
  • $850 average
Had an experience with Consumer Cellular?
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  • 1 day ago
  • Sacramento, California
  • High Charges
  • 2

They advertise a $10 plan with no data, or $12.50 with. In April my bill was $21.25 with NO usage!! I had cancelled my service in March but was billed anyway, in April!! Customer service failed to return my $21.25, that it was a correct charge. They are just too expensive. A better option for seniors and others who want service and text is Puretalk, where I pay exactly $5 monthly, and received a... Read more

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  • Feb 25
  • Mobile, Alabama
  • Technical Report
  • 9

Had consumer cellular since June 2014. All of a sudden could not make outgoing calls. Called tech dept. said they had to fill out report and send it to AT&T and it would take 24 to 48 hours. After 3 days had to contact them and still no solution and more reports to fill out. Finally went on Internet and did research and found if I turned off 3G I could make outgoing calls. Contacted the tech... Read more

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  • Feb 18
  • Lancaster, California
  • Samsung Galaxy Phone
  • 44

I paid for a Samsung galaxy phone. when it arrived everything seemed o.k. but the phone wouldn't link up to any of my Bluetooth devices including a Samsung device. When I asked for a new phone to be sent out and we could swap and I would send back the device I had they would not. They said my phone bill of 22.00 dollars needed to be paid. What the *** does that have to do with the 160.00 dollars... Read more

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  • Feb 03
  • Gsm Unlocked Moto X
  • 2
  • 54

DO NOT USE CONSUMER CELLULAR. (That's the short version.) When I first called, I specifically asked, in several ways, whether the phone I wanted to buy would work on their network. (They only offer 6 phones, only two of which are Android, both of which are utter ***.) I was going to buy a GSM Unlocked Moto X, a phone that IS available on the AT&T network, which they use. The woman I spoke... Read more

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  • Feb 01
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Poor Customer Service
  • 49

changed from tmobile, their customer service was horrible and the lies.. gave them up after about 16 years.. now with consumer--I have been without a phone now for 3 days.. can't get a hold of anyone-no one and no one seems to care. no a I am not 80 but, need a phone and where are they now??????????????????????? day 3 and having to email all I know.. I know a lot of people!! do they want the... Read more

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  • Jan 10
  • Wayzata, Minnesota
  • Cellular Phone Repair
  • 42

This morning I unplugged the charger and my phone went dead and I have not been able to use at all. Any suggestions? I don't like the word pissed!!! I loved my phone up until to date. So much better than my Jitterbug. Hope I can get it repaired quickly as many friends and family have my number on my Consumer Cellular Phone. Cellular phone number is 612 412 6851 Thank... Read more

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  • Dec 23, 2013
  • Blairstown, New Jersey
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 58

Educated or smart customer service with this company is non-existent. I talked to 4 customer service reps over the past 2 days that can only repeat off a script on how to fix my problem. My problem surely can not be that unique being that they tout having over 1 million customers. All of them supposedly stepped up the situation to a high-end support tech. I was initially told they are swamped... Read more

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  • Dec 15, 2013
  • Ashford, Connecticut
  • Service Cancellation
  • 63

I just spent 20 minutes on hold trying to cancel my service after spending 5-10 minutes a couple of days ago and sending an email to cancel with no response. The representative told me that 20 minutes is much shorter than with anyone else and that they have a lot (1MM) of customers justifying the long wait times, getting cut off and having no response to an email cancellation. Even though I... Read more

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  • Dec 12, 2013
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Cell Phone Unlock Codes
  • 76

after an issue between my credit card company and consumer cellular, consumer cellular shut off my phone service without ever attempting to contact me. i was never given a chance to address the issue before they shut off my service as a first line of action. then, i fixed the issues with the billing and asked them for the unlock codes for my phone so i could use it with a new carrier since i have... Read more

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  • Nov 28, 2013
  • Yakima, Washington
  • Phone Bill
  • 1
  • 114

Consumer Cellular placed a negative collection on my credit file, making it impossible to purchase a home or obtain credit. After a home invasion robbery, a Superior Court Judge in Yakima signed an order for a trap and trace with Consumer Cellular. I called Consumer Cellular and they told me they couldn't do anything as they had sold the account to a collection agency. I called the collection... Read more

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