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Conair Corp - The bobby pin opener

  • by   Nov 28, 2012
  • Review #: 363085
Company Conair Corp
Product / Service Bobby Pins
Location Oskaloosa, Iowa
Category Health and Beauty
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What were you thinking when thought of the idea!how are you going to hold that little black tear drop of shame and try to hold you hair in place at the same time.

how many hand do you think we have? I know I have two, I don't know about you though. Also putting it though the paper was really *** because you have these little peaces of paper sticking out of the little black tear.

Just asking who thought this was a good idea?
- people that have better things to do then to open my booby-pins 2ebfcaf

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Jan 05 
I agree entirely. I don't have any clue how to use the opener; all the paper is sticking out of the little black teardrop!!! :upset
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May 23, 2013  from Reading, Pennsylvania
Um, who needs a bobby pin opener ? this is ridiculous !!!
all you need is teeth :) at least, that is how I open my bobby pins, especially if I only have one had :)
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Dec 25, 2012 
I agree with the previous posters. The tear drop utility would be better served if it was attached to the travel case. Not a random piece of paper we are supposed to save. I think most of us dump all our bobby pins in a tin or something. Not leave them lying around on the purchased card.
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Nov 30, 2012 
I agree with the comment from Anonymous. Please supply directions on how to use the pin opener. After tearing the package open, I think I figured out that you need to leave the little black tear on the paper package. If that is the way to use it. Please state that on the package in large print so it is not destroyed before it can be used. I think it might be a good plan but the pin needs to be opened before the hair is placed or curled.
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