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Communications Publishing Big Time Scam

Company communications publishing
Product / Service Book Order
Location Everett, Washington
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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Monetary Loss

I placed an order with Stephen Young through Communications Publishing for the book titled America's Secret Cash Giveaways on April 23rd 2008.the flyer that was enclosed with the order slip truly looked authentic so I placed an order.

my check was cashed. I called the phone numbers and. The number was a recordings with no way for you to leave a message, I am hoping that filing this report will not only get my money but also everyone else who has lost their money. I hope this Scammer is brought to justice.

There are thousands of complaints on the internet.

I should have researched it before sending my money.

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Dec 07, 2011 
I ordered the book and have not received it yet. I wish I had read all these. I get f***** in the wrong way.
Reply to chris

Nov 08, 2011 
ive receive this same letter also,ive been scam a couple times before in which ive loss a couple hundreds of dollars. in which i didn,t try to get back.however,from now on when i receive this kind of letter, i investigate them myself before i send my money.these, people should be found and dealt with.i will tell you all, before you send your money check the address out on the webb, you,ll be surprise :
Reply to james m

Nov 01, 2011 
It's not the loss of $30 that hurts, it's the crushing of one's hopes. I know there is a thuggish brother out there that can rent a po box close to box 996 wall st NY.,NY 10268-0996. Please take a pic of this fool and post it. I promise you KARMA will do it's thing.I'm just sorry I live so far. I'll Be in NY early next year, if this is'n done by then, I'll do it myself. Question, why is it the government knows about this person and he/she continues to profit from others misjudgement? If you need help, recruit me for a month and I'll find him.
Reply to Johnny B

Nov 01, 2011 
Mother#$@@%$, now I decide to read this ***.Like a fool, I'm looking in my mail box everyday. This is indeed the most heart-breaking blog I've ever read. Peoples, KARMA is a ***, This sob is guaranteed to get his share of it. If he or she did not realize it, KARMA trickles down the blood line,...
Reply to Johnny B.

Oct 20, 2011 
I like a lot of other sent for my book for 24.99. Money was withdrawn,yet still 9 week later no book, nor the other 30 books I sent for. I usually check, but not this time. For I to start a small busines.Boy was ever dumb, but never again without checking out the information.
Reply to Sandra

Sep 26, 2011 
Reply to Chuck

Sep 25, 2011 
Well, I sent in a check for $24.95 too, because it said it was guaranteed money back...and I have not received my book. The check cleared about six weeks ago. Guess what? Today I got another offer from them for $29.95...and it sounds like the same stuff.
Reply to Debi

Aug 23, 2011 
I feel so grateful to the many people on this website and their HONESTY regarding the so-called "Communications Publishing". I almost fell for this scam/fraud myself until I looked at all of these comments. Whoever finds these comments here, please listen and don't give "Communications Publishing" one cent - in fact, don't even give them a second thought.... The Bible says: 'A bad person will not go unpunished.'. Whoever is doing this scam will eventually get caught.
Reply to Eric - disabled

Jul 22, 2011 
In late '08 or early'09 I sent for $billion$ources offered by Stephen Young and received it several wks. later, but never used any of the information. Irecently decided to get an updated edition and sent $24.90 to Com. Pub. Have not received anything as yet.
Reply to David Vivier

Mar 30, 2011 
sure am glad I came to the internet for a better address before I put a check into the mail. Pleased that I found out this was a scam before I lost my money!!!!
Reply to silver mama

Mar 11, 2011 
stephen young - i ordered your book. i have not received it . it was ordered on feb. 18, 2011. please send my book and 30 free reports.........or send my money back. i am turnig you over to the atorney general as fraud !!!!!!barry moody po box 519, hazelwood, nc. 28738.
Reply to charles barry moody

Aug 27, 2010 
I received the same "fast money from gov" from Adoph Young. I am surely certain this was the same a Stephen Young, selling the same books as the others I am reading about. Reading the letter, a person becomes so excieted, thinking they can get this "free money" from the government. It appears ok because the letter looks so good, and the government gives out so much *** money (our hard erned money) to so many *** things, it isn't difficult to believe; especilly gov. has put so much extra money on us, that living is much more expensive. I almost fell for it, this August, 2010, but then decided to research it. Found out what I suspected. I feel so "let-down". The ten minutes it took me to become excieted, until I found out, caused me such disapointment. THIS STEPHEN/and or ADOLPH YOUNG NEEDS TO BE PUT IN PRISON FOR CAUSING SUCH HEART ACHE TO PEOPLE IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE, DUE TO GOV OVER SPENDING. This world is in trouble with God, because of GREED. This greed problem the government has and other people who do not care, is going to finish off our country, along with the world. I wish I know how to "GET him.Thank God, I did not get stung. :sigh
Reply to Marsha Hare

Jul 31, 2010 
thank you for this report. i would have ordered this too if my daughter did not look it up and found this website. sorry to hear that you got scamed, i hope you get your money back.
Reply to mary

May 20, 2010 
I sent my money for $24.95 to them April 7th and have not received my book. I should have checked it out too before I did it. I am sick of people taking advantage of people that need help. I work 2 jobs and was hoping to quit one of them. You know the saying, "If it's to good to be true, it usually is." I hope the *** gets caught too!
Reply to Michele

May 19, 2010 
These people should be governed somehow by the postal service and have somekind of accountability to the people that they are sending these ads and purchase oppertunities to. If this is a scam they should be hung up by their testicals with wet leather thongs and let to dry!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply to Gary

Apr 10, 2010 
I did research on this company right from the internet by going to www.newyork.bbb.org website , which is the Better Business Bureau for the State of New York. This Company has 198 complaints against them 132 of the com[plaints unresolved! The BBB gives them a "F" credit rating and Communications Publishing is not a BBB Accredited Business. I have found in research on several companies that I"ve tried to do business with that going to the better business for information , by putting in the address that company uses usaully is a start, if ther are other complaints which you will find out right away then you no to stay away from them. Then the next step is to contact the FBI if it involves large amounts of cash you have been cheated out of.
Reply to denise

Nov 13, 2009 
i was scamed also there should be somthing done about it if something seems to good to be true it usually is who ever did this will get payed back i'm sure of that
Reply to s. armstrong

Jun 25, 2008  from Kerpen, Rheinland-Pfalz
Well thank you for your report because i have been searching for money for college and was considering ordering the book .
Reply to lisa

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