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Coast to Coast Renewal Service - Coast-to-coast (magazine) renewal service - here we go again

Company Coast to Coast Renewal Service
Product / Service Magazine Renewal Service
Location Frierson, Louisiana
Category Advertisements and Cons
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(See my post on July 24, 2013 re: Central Periodic Services)

It happened again, with a different company!"Coast-to-coast Renewal Service" - (218)789-4126.

For the last several months, I have been receiving about a dozen magazines (started with 1, every month added a new one) for a few months, that I had not ordered. Nobody could tell me who ordered them, but that I was not paying for them. Same thing, getting calls asking if I was receiving them ok, I told them that I didn't order nor would I pay for them. Then, I got "the" call wanting to know if I wanted to renew, and that I would have to listen to a "recording" in order to cancel.

I told them that I never ordered this, etc. etc., and the guy (Phillip Jones) asked to put me on hold so he could talk to his supervisor. After about 5 minutes, I got disconnected. I checked my credit card online and, sure enough, had a pending charge for magazines for $5.

I called both the number on the card and the number that called me and told them to get if off there (the last one said that it was an "accident," that Phillip had pushed the wrong button!) Anyway, they said that it would take 3 to 5 days to get it off my card. Day 4, is still there. (I didn't cancel my card the last time, didn't think it would happen again - ha!) I am paying it off and getting a new card this time. (Still not sure how they got the card number in the first place.) The only magazine I have ordered is one through my niece's girl scouts, paid with a check.

I never give anybody my bank account number, at least with a credit card you have an out!Anyway, the new rip off magazine renewal is "Coast to coast Renewal," FYI!! 2f18434

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Mar 25  from Los Angeles, California
This just happened to me . I was subscribed to a magazine before so didnt think of it much. I was told I had one a 250 dollar gift card.I was stoked I was skeptic at first but didnt think of it much so went through the process and gave them my debit card number and my 3 digit security number on the back of the card. I was just thinking of cancelling my card and hoping I dont get charged?would that be my best bet to avoid this scam ?
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Mar 18 
I have reported Coast to Coast to the Do Not Call list, since I have been on the list for such a long time. If you are on the list go online to www.donotcall.gov and report this number. If enough ppl complain the greater the chance they will be fined and ordered to stop calling ppl on the list. If you haven't registered please do at www.donotcall.gov
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Mar 04 
Because I am in a clear state of mind/heart/body, I could feel the dishonest nature of this Coast to Coast call today. Of course these gentlemen on the phone need to make a living, but it seems to be through a dishonest medium.
Just be clear, kind, firm, and direct: "Well, I do not know what magazines I signed up for or when. Can you tell me what magazines and when ((they say : "no.. I don't have that information...")) Clear, firm, direct: "I may have entered a contest is which you came to get my address and number. No, I do want to subscribe or renew to anything with you today. No, you may not have any more of my information. Thank you, have a great day."
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Jan 22 
I was called on a courtesy call as well. They asked if I wanted to renew. I said no. Then they worded it so they made it sound like they already had all my information, including the last four digits of my credit card, and they just needed to verify it was me. To verify, I had to give them the rest of my credit card #. I was an ***, and I gave it to them, because I was receiving magazines, and had signed up for a magazine company before. Then it started getting weird, and the lady said they had been sending magazines to me for free for the last 24 months, and now it was time to start making payments of $50.99 for the next 30 months. I told them I thought I had already payed for services at the beginning, 2 years ago,and that I didn't want to renew. They said that they had no record and I still owed them money. Trying to be an honest person, I went through their process of verifying, only to realize at the end, after calculating, I'd owe them around $1,700. Something didn't sound right. But, by then the process was done and they were hanging up. I still didn't feel like something was right, so I called them back no more then 10 minutes later and got the answering machine saying their offices were now closed. I tried 2 more times in a ten day period,at different times, only to hear the same message. I finally just cancelled the debit/credit card and got a new one. They're still calling me. Pic tell them to cancel me out and they won't let me. I hear they can't send me to... Show more
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Nov 06, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
This just happened to me tonight! I knew I should've just hung up the phone. But they asked if I wanted to cancel the auto renewal and since I got tricked into this magazine service in the first place of course I didn't want it to auto renew! So I talked with the guy Dariell first who then transferred me to a girl Carrie. I talked with Carrie for awhile and asked her several questions and she clarified what I had to answer yes and no to to get the auto renew cancelled and then she started the recorded conversation. Looking back at it now and after reading these comments I'm pretty sure I just signed up for another service. Had anybody found a way to get out of this? I'm tempted to cancel my credit card and send the magazine's back "return to sender". Maybe calling all the magazines up directly to cancel would help. I'd anybody has any ideas to help with this I would greatly appreciate it. This is some BS!
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Nov 06, 2013 
(I am the one who posted the first "complaint" here.) I first checked my credit card online to see if they had charged it. (And they had.) Then I called the number next to their charge on the credit card, which was the "service" that they use (Their billing service?) and told the person that I had not requested the magazines in the first place, I never agreed to pay them, and they should take the charge off my credit card. (Which, believe it or not, they did.) But that may depend on who does the actual "charging." Then I called my credit card company and told them about it all. Since the charge was still under "pending," I could not file an official dispute, and they DID take it off. But had they not, as soon as it showed up on the card, I was to follow the dispute procedures, and the credit card company would "unpay" them (?) and take it off my card. (It was a visa card, not sure how other cards do this, but probably similar.) At least you do have a way out when they do this on a credit card, I feel bad for people who do it through their bank/debit cards! Whenever they call, (asking if my magazines arrived in good condition), I tell them that I never ordered the magazines, and will not pay for them. (And they say they will take me off their list!) But I am still getting magazines (about 16 a month), and every once in a while (always after I receive a call), they try to charge my card, and I go through the same thing - call the number and call the credit card... Show more
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Mar 18 
Have the cc company issue a new card with a new number and cancel your current card. That is what I did. That way the cc company returns any bill back to them. The new thing I did when they called a couple of days ago was to tell them I don't get magazines and have no clue what they are talking about. Also, if you are on the do not call list file a complaint at www.donotcall.gov if you are not registered, go to the site and register. Then file the complaint...
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Mar 18 
Call your cc company and cancel the card. Explain to the cc company what happened and they will dispute for you. Look at the cc statement the correct number will be on it. Call them tell them you cancelled the card and want them to cancel. If they tell you that you have to answer a bunch of questions tell them no. Give them your name and address as it appears on the magazine then tell them that is all they are getting from you. If they connect you to billing tell them the same thing and that you want them to mail you a conformation letter of your cancellation. If they refuse I would contact a lawyer. My sister is a paralegal and had to draw up a letter telling them to cease and desist anymore contact with my parents. They stopped, I don't think they want to be dragged into court. For me it started w/a co in Michigan which cancelled, but must have sold my info to others as I am still getting mags. When they called the other day I told them I don't get mags and have no clue what they are talking about. He apologized and hung up. I have reported the # to the do not call list. If enough ppl report them they will be fined and forced to stop contacting ppl on the list.
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Mar 18  from Bastrop, Texas
(Nancy here, original post!) I (finally) called my credit card company and cancelled/reissued card w/new number. I got another call the other day from them, and every time I get a different story on how to cancel, but always ends up with the same results - wanting me to listen to their "quickly spoken" statement and give their "instructed" answer. Anyway, the last guy I talked to was nice, and I could understand him very well, and I did tell him that I had been having problems with them before (nicely), something to the effect that I was "on" to them! I didn't tell him that I was going to cancel the card, but I got him to verify the last 4 numbers to make sure we were talking about the same card. (Oh, and in the mean time, I received 2 new magazines this week!) And I am going to the "do not call" site and update that. Thanks for keeping this going! :upset
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Sep 12, 2013 
I am a victom of the magazine scam
I paid 29.90 for 4 months they (coast to coast) said i owe them 89.70 to finish my bill and cancel.plus said i was signed up with eastern readers service as well for 27,90 a moth, they cancelled eastern with no more money but had to split the bill over this month and next to get out of owing them 792.00 i was crying . It was a scam i was to get a gas card for 100 plus a i pod for my daughter as well as 6o months of magazines 7 magazines i got scammed!
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Sep 13, 2013 
Now that you mention this, I think that is how mine got started! Free walmart card! (All from clicking on an ad on facebook!) Did you put it on a credit card? If so, you can fight it. Don't give them any more money. And please don't feel bad, these people are evil and good at what they do. But they have to be stopped!!! I still get calls, they start out asking if I'm getting my magazines, I tell them that yes but I didn't order them nor am I paying for them, and they'll say they'll take me off their list. (Of course they don't, they just call back in a couple of months and go through the same thing!) Good luck! - Nancy Spencer, Bastrop, TX
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Aug 01, 2013 
Please check this awesome website. The Better Business Bureau. "The BBB has received 10 complaints between June 11, 2013 and July 25, 2013 regarding Coast to Coast Renewal, Inc. In each case, the consumers filing the complaints allege that the company contacted them by telephone, offering to renew an existing magazine subscription. When the consumer indicated that they wanted to cancel the subscription, they were told they would need to go through a cancellation process that involves recording the consumer's answers to questions about the subscription. Consumers further report that the employee tried to get the consumer to answer "yes" to questions that they believed would make it appear they wanted to continue their subscription rather than cancel it."
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Aug 26, 2013  from New York City, New York
what is the solution for this? seems like it happens a lot. how do they end up with people's payment information in the first place?
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Aug 28, 2013  from Bastrop, Texas
That was my question, where they got my credit card info. I could see where maybe they got magazine info, they could have hacked in to another magazine site (I have ordered magazines before, also received free magazines from Beall's - but I don't know that they have my other cards, only my Beall's credit card.) And there is a good chance that these people are overseas, and laws outside of our country are harder to enforce. --- Nancy S., Bastrop, TX :upset :( :cry
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Aug 28, 2013 
Thank you for info on BBB! (I just got another call the other day asking if the magazines had been arriving in good shape, I told them that I had not ordered nor am I paying for the magazines that had been arriving - she said they would "update" my info! And she was from a 3rd party, not the "Coast to Coast...") Anyway, will go check this out and add to their complaints (and I'm still going to our State Attorney General's office.)
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Sep 21, 2013  from Athol, New York
This just happened to me! The person said I HAD to answer yes to all the questions but the last to have a 5 year automatic renewal cancelled. She spoke so fast that I couldn't understand what she was saying. I asked her to repeat and she did so but just as fast and when I asked her about the amount I thought I had heard she got huffy and said she would have to start all over. She then repeated the instructions to say yes until she said it was the last question. This happened three times! She was furious. I finally did what she wanted even after explaining that I had cancelled my subscriptions within the time the confirmation email stated and that I had the confirmation codes. She said they had no record of those calls.
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Aug 01, 2013 
I just got a call from this company. ive never had any contact with them before. I googled the company "coast to coast renewal" 1-303-629-8327. I haven't ordered any magazines. So i dont know why the guy started asking "Have you been getting your magazine subscritions alright?" I have recently canceled catalogs from a couple of mall stores but never had a magazine subscription. Hmm. I got a Bride magazine in the mail recently but figured it was free from a bridal show I went to. Now I really need to investigate. I did forward my mail recently and it had a bunch of magazine options that I said NO THANKS to. Hmm....
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Jul 28, 2013  from Bastrop, Texas
I just got 2 more magazines that I never requested! (And one of them is "Harper's Bazaar," I would never order that, couldn't afford anything in that!) I think it's a total of 14 now - it's got to be costing them a fortune (ha-ha on them!) I'm going to try to call the attorney general's office and see what to do. But since it's on a credit card, I just keep telling them not to charge it/pay it and I'm going to cancel it - it's just a pain in the a** (and a lot of mail). :upset :roll :p :x
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Jul 24, 2013 
I don't know how this happened, but I never agreed to have a contract with Coast to Coast renewal. I tried to cancel it but they say that I have a contract with them. I have a payoff amount of $1,117.20 and I'm paying $39.90 a month and I can't cancel it since an agreement is been made. But I might as well keep paying it until it's paid in full. But once it's paid in full, I hope it doesn't renew. I'm not really interested in magazines. I only look at them when I'm bored but really I don't need them. I really wish I can cancel it. But you know what I think? I think that some kind of hacker had stolen my identity and used it. I got a police report from the police department of where I live and they told me to just give a copy of it to all credit places so if someone uses my identity, I'd be notified and I say if I'm using my credit or not. But like I said, I don't know how I ended up with a contract on Coast to coast renewal but I sure do want a way out of it. But if I have to pay it until it's done, then I'll do it but once it's paid in full, that's it I want no more of it.
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Jul 24, 2013  from Lindale, Texas
You probably didn't agree. These people are crooks. I would call the number that appears on your credit card next to the charge (there are no dashes, hard to tell it's a number). That will be a different place, it's the place that does their billing, they seem to have several different numbers. Anyway, when I called them, I told them that I had never ordered anything, never approved anything, and would not pay for anything. (And it is hard to cancel, they trick you there too, so I just tell them that they can do what they want but I didn't order or approve and am not paying.) You have to stand your ground and be firm with these people, that's all they understand! (The billing people were nicer, they are like a 3rd party, but you still have to stand your ground and be positive!) Good luck!! (these people are horrible!)
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