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Cbeyond - cpabeyond.com scams fraud scammers

Company Cbeyond
Product / Service Pending Case
Location Seattle, Washington
Category Internet
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Monetary Loss

cpabeyonds scams. anyone else expericne getting banned for no reason. then the owner jon or w/e even admits he scams and goes from lie to lie.

stay away from cpabeyond.com they are a new website and scam. they opeened not even 2months ago search a whois.net on them.

the owner is a bhw member johnnyrabit

my advice stay away . better safe then sorry. join a more repuatble cpa company thats pays. not these scammers. do us all a favor report their facebook and twitter and report to them to the FCC

report them to ic3 i have a pending case online get these scammers off the net.

cpabeyond cpa beyond jon johnnyrabbit and look guys hes even a member of a blackhat community. scammer or what look up johnnyrabbit. on blackhatworld.com.

this is nothing but fraud stay away and dont fall victim like i did 30bbde2

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Nov 26, 2012 
Hey all,
CpaBeyond isn't scam. I received they payout from it, the admin is very good, helping me everytime when i got the question. So the support is awesome. I love the offers, EPC is pretty good. Thanks for this good network :)
Reply to Evaldas

Aug 24, 2012 
Tony --

I find it odd that you can be from both islamabad, islamabad, PK and london, england, UK.


The only way you would be banned is if you submitted Fraud leads. This is the ONLY WAY you would have been banned.

For whatever reason, if you think you sent legitimate traffic. Then reply with your affiliate email and I will have a look into your account.

If legitimate payment is due, then it WILL be paid.

But, something tells me that you are not a legitimate publisher, Tony, and that's why it shows 2 different locations for you.
Reply to Jon

Aug 15, 2012 
When payday came I couldn't login to my account either. Pissed is not the word...
Reply to Tony

Jul 20, 2012 
cpabeyond.com--------------not do good job not honest to anyone banned when time of cash out comes like me i banned becouse i made 250$ and time of cash out I am banned.
Reply to tony from USA 0n july 15 2012

Apr 20, 2012 
wtf i am with them since last 6 motnhs every time i get payment on time.
Reply to sand john

Mar 09, 2012 
i got scammed my cpabeyond i made 100 and tryed cashing out he just banned my account
Reply to adam

Dec 29, 2011 
the owner john. tryed to offer me $2 to fill out a postive pre written review and post it on that affpaying for him. but i declined. he too scammed me $588. all the reviews on affpaing are faked by the scammer
Reply to Michael

Dec 29, 2011 
Thanks for proving my point you are trying to slander our reputation.

We BANNED you because all of the "leads" you provided were actually YOU filling in the lead forms yourself over proxies.

This is against our TOS reason for your ban.

We payout FULL and ontime for all affiliates.

Check Affpaying.com/cpa-beyond
Reply to CPABeyond

Dec 29, 2011 
cpabeyond.com is a scam. the owner jon banned me as asoon as cash out time came. thanks for the tip. and i would suggest report these guys to the cyber crime websites. get them off the net. the owner is part of a blackhat community and a *** man.
Reply to jennifer

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