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Company Cbeyond
Product / Service Telecommunications
Location Houston, Texas
Category Appliances and Electronics
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I recently applied for a job at Cbeyond. They seemed to be very excited about adding me to the team. When they saw that I was still serving one weekend a month in the military as a reservist, they became hesitant. They continued to ask me whether my military service would come in the way of my work at Cbeyond.

After three interviews they brought me in to speak to a board of managers. I was again asked if my military involvement would interfere with my work at Cbeyond. When they began to ask me questions on some of my accomplishments, I of course cited some of the things I had overcome and achieved in the military. At that point the hiring managers were quick to point out that they were not the military.

I was deeply offended by this. I could not believe the audacity of such a comment. I continued with the interview and was reminded several more times that military accomplishments were not reflective of their industry. When I explained I was only using this as a comparison, one of the managers actually rolled their eyes.

Veterans beware. I have never in my life come across a company that is so hostile towards military involvement.

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Jun 24, 2011 
I worked for their Dallas branch a few years back and second anyone who has a negative experience with the company...it is absolutely an aweful place to work. The higher-ups in the company send the reps in to the field all by them selves while they sit around and do nothing all day...actually, after finding this website, I figured out that they sit around searching the internet for negative posts like this one, and come up with weak positive responses as to why their company is a good company to work for/with. They are liars, plain and simple and there is a special rung in the depths of *** that await anyone there. ..the technology has been outdated now for years, and their product is grotesquely over priced...not to mention, various types of fraud are a day to day occurance. As a business owner, just call the police the next time one of their reps call you, because it is attempted robbery...and that is the truth from a source with some firsthand insight. Small to midsized business owners unite!
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Mar 16, 2011 
A rep stopped by my office and asked for five minutes of my time. I was quick to throw him out becuase I have so many other things going that telecom was the last thing on my mind. After much persistance, I gave him the five minutes he requested, and yes, now I am on their service. They do so much more than telecom that I was very impressed. They upgraded my service from DSL to a T-1 and were able to save me 30% of what I was originally paying! I was also able to minimize costs in other areas (as well as the number of bills I had) by including my webhosting, Efax, and antivirus software (and I beleive there were a few more things I am not remembering at the moment) in the package they offered. I am truly grateful that I gave him those five minutes because I have been on their service for 6 months now and have never had a better experience with any of my old providers. I recommend Cbeyond service 110% along with 5 minutes of your time.
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May 21, 2010 
Go back to the office and have your boss allow you to sit in the Network Operations Center for a few days where you will quickly learn that it may only take the customer 30 minutes to get to a customer service rep to open a ticket, but 72 hours to get their service restored. Oh and by the way....your right! The customer doesn't have to wait 45 minutes to speak to AT&T your poor burnt out overworked employees do. Have a conscience and tell the truth.
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May 20, 2010 
Cbeyond sucks , the people who work there are complete idiots , and are really hyped old school help desk guys from the early 90's

the technology , is very low grade ATT or VERIZON circuits.
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Apr 13, 2010 
This company has left such a bad taste in our mouths, we have never dealt with a more unhelpful, unprofessional company. They are disfunctional and business prevention at its greatest. The people that work in customer service are under trained and therefore no one can actually help you. Guaranteed, you will be transferred at least five times and you will hear a different story from each person. In addition, they will make promises that they can't even keep every chance they can. We hate them so much, we are literally starting a website dedicated to exposing the country to what a fraudulent, lying, conniving company they are. don't walk, RUN away from Cbeyond!!!
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Feb 23, 2010 
Put down the kool aid lil cbeybots I went to work at cbeyond and there is a HEINOUS female dog who's hair is as black as her soul market director by the way and pregnant to its one thing to work with a souless you know what but its another to work for a pregnant you know what! After a while I got fed up with their *** and now Im working for a different provider that owns a vast majority of the fiber in TX oh and by the way cbeyond owns nothing they basically are telecom brokers they are no different than any of these other little pee on voip providers well I take that back their churn rate SUCKS, but the reason they are as large as they are is because they keep their overhead low by hiring kids straight out of college and burning them out and throwing them out the back door, and only servicing the densely populated areas in the nation!
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Feb 11, 2010 
If you are a victim of CBeyond's false promises and/or extortion then please contact munzer@OmnicureHomeHealth.com for a possible class action lawsuit against them.
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Oct 07, 2009 
CBeyond is always hiring...
People are cut-throat jerks...
Just my experience with them.
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Sep 29, 2009 
#6 on Forbes top 25 fastest growing companies, Apple is #14
e last time your service provider was ahead of their competitors technology wise?
out our stock compared to other T-1 providers
we offer, and cell phones, all in one package! (we ARE one provider, one bill)
I have worked for Cbeyond a little over a year and absolutely love the company. The work is difficult but very rewarding. My only wish is that every door we hit daily knew everything we offered. There are so many other businesses selling *** out there that most people don't have time to listen to what you have to say! Any business that is a good fit for our services always sees the benefit in what we have to offer. AND THAT IS THE REASON WHY I WORK AT CBEYOND!!!
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Sep 29, 2009 
I have signed up many business owners with Cbeyond and they extremely happy with our services. Customer care?? When is the last time you were on hold with Cbeyond for 45 minutes to an hour which is expected when you're on hold with AT&T??!! Customer care is very good at answering within a few minutes, if not right when you call!
As far as the product goes, everything is customized based on the business owners individual needs. I save people money 90% of the time while being a huge upgrade compared to their current services!! Any harsh feelings towards this company is not Cbeyond's fault but rather the salesperson who has set the wrong expectations. It is a wonderful company to work for with an excellent product. Anyone who has worked there that complains about being micromanaged is probably taking naps throughout the day along with LOOOOONNNGGGG lunches (in other words, NOT DOING YOUR JOB). You can make excellent money with this company, but more importantly, you can benefit many businesses with what Cbeyond has to offer.
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Jan 31, 2008  from Jamul, California
Actually, I think it's best that you didn't work for them. CBeyond is famous for their hard sales tactics (and smart tactics too). I've had to deal with their reps all the time and I hate it. I had one tell me today that, "You need me more than I need you." Haven't reviewed the quality of their product yet. And although I do think they have a good offering (more expensive than the competition for sure), I will probably not look into it because who wants to work with jerks like that?
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