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Cash Call Loan Sharks

Company Cash Call
Product / Service Loan
Location San Francisco, California
Category Advertisements and Cons
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Monetary Loss

I took a loan from Cash Call. I was not told about their business practices. I didn't know about the high interest rates. After paying on a 5,000 loan for two years, I still just cant get ahead paying the minimum payment.

I was late on a few payments. They call none stop! Back to back! I finally called them to make a payment. When I gave them my name, Cash Call employees were cheering and laughing in the back ground. Saying, "Pay the Boss". "That's what I'm talking about".

I was so upset at their behavior, I hung up and will not give them a dime. My credit will suffer, but I will not tolerate their loan shark tactics anymore. Please do not do business with Cash Call! Unless you have money for a good shrink. 308019b

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Dec 30, 2008 
I have a loan with cash call, i borrowed $5000.00 six months ago to pay some bills until I got paid. I just paid them off, I only paid interest on the six months. These loans are not meant to be dragged out for long periods of time. If you need the money and you KNOW you can pay it back then borrow it. Yeah the interest is too high but you know what I know that, because I read my agreement. I borrowed from cash call 2 times, and both for $5000.00 the first time I paid it off after 3 months. NEVER drag these types of loans out.

It is your own fault though if you don't read your loan agreement and just sign to get the money.
Reply to CJ

Dec 16, 2008 
pay your debt you owe, you knew before you signed the loan agreement what interest rates cash call charged, it's not hidden, you're just another dead beat looking for a hand out.
Reply to prowler99

Dec 09, 2008 
Sally, must work for cash call or has had a silver spoon in her mouth and hand fed all her life, some times good people fall on hard times, These people take advanage of that, they will pay in the end.
If anybody plans on a class law suit on them, please email me, I'll be happy to join and help pay if we lose.
Reply to Allen

Dec 05, 2008  from Karori, Wellington
Pay off your debt. It's their money. You signed for the loan. You should have read the contract, ***. I hate idiots like you. You complain about a company, but it's YOU that the company should be posting about. You're an ***.
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