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CareCredit - Care Credit Scam

Company CareCredit
Location La Vergne, Tennessee
Category Health Insurance
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My account began in 2004 with a $1,400 dental bill.Since 2004, and according to my bank statements, I have now paid $2,233.

I stopped paying in 2009, because the payments kept getting higher. I was taken to court and now the lawyers decided that I must pay $1,800!!! I am livid from anger. How can I get out of this mess?

They are thieves and crooks. I cannot let them just take my money (from my bank account or my job).

What should I do?Any answers or advice can be sent to ernestinemaharaj@yahoo.com. 2e9ed2d

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Aug 26, 2012 
I have had to deal with care credit for 2 years know tring to get a settlement.They finally agreed to take a 402.52 settlement.They said i could make it in two payments the 1st one coming out on the 14th on jan and the other on the 14th of feb that is was to be automatically taken out from my account both times.I didnt have to talk to them again.They took the 1st payment out.The didnt take feb out and said that they didnt receive payment that the settlement was avoided.They refused to even try to understand it was there mistake.Finally after time went on they offered another settlement.This time 3 payments of 164.04.The 1st one in jun 14th came out fine.The 2nd one in jul came out fine.The last one in aug they said they didnt receive it ,that my settlement is know avoided.When it was agreeed again that all three payments would be automattically taken out.That i did nt have to do another thing.I am so *** to have ever trusted them.I trusted them for a 2nd time.Do not trust them.I wish i never open up a credit card with them.Does anyone have any advice or knowledge of this. :cry :cry
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Jan 03, 2012 
Just spoke to care credit about my bill that I've been
Paying since 2007 it keeps getting higher they
Informed me at the rate of what I owe I will have it paid off
In 20-25 yrs. I informed her they wouldn't get another
Dime. Hopefully it will be years down the road before
We see a courtroom but I can't handle being taken
Advantage of any longer. Do Not use Care Credit!!!
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Dec 29, 2011 
I was just about to fill out their a application form for credit approval, Thank you so much for changing my mind. Surely, I don't want to deal with scavangers
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Jul 12, 2011 
I know of many people who are going through the same situation. There is a company that offers up to 60 months medical financing with a fixed interest rate.Here's the address: CheckFactor.com/netnurse
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May 16, 2011 
Wow, thank you for posting your CareCredit troubles. We WILL NOT be getting money from them for our daughters braces!! thanks again.
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carecredit is a ripe off.

I should have not received this, because, I did not have any dental work done.I had all of my credit reports frozen.They want to charge me, for having nothing done....

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