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Car Hop reviews, Car Hop complaints, read Car Hop reviews, find Car Hop reviews, Car Hop scam reports
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  • 119 complaints
  • $414,315 claimed losses
  • $3,482 average
  • 18616 since Jun 02, 2010

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Car Hop
Main address: PO Box 390203 55439-0203 Edina MN
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Car Hop reviews, Car Hop complaints, read Car Hop reviews, find Car Hop reviews, Car Hop scam reports
  • 119 complaints
  • $414,315 claimed losses
  • $3,482 average
Had an experience with Car Hop?
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  • Mar 26
  • Low Quality Car
  • 8

I truly hate I went to this place. Got the car 1/29/13 and it's been to the shop 5 times and its only 3/26/14 never have I had a car that was this fkd up over payin for a car that trans went out brakes locked up struts nd shocks were bad gear shift off track ect...kiss my *** rather have fkd up credit than a fkd up car that im payin $10,000 to keep in the shop I want to drive Thats what im payin... Read more

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  • Mar 26
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • 2004 Chevy Malibu
  • 1
  • 21

I purchased a car in Feb 2014 at the Allentown Pa location. Staff that assisted me was courteous. i bought a 2004 chevy malibu. I noticed after i bought the car after driving it for at least an hour something was wrong took it to midas and discover major issues including safety issues. Well come to find find CarHop just slaps on emission and inspection stickers on cars without properly... Read more

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  • Mar 21
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 2001 Ford Focus
  • 24

COPY OF EMAIL SENT TO TURK FILES IN SAN DIEGO CA ON CAR HOP IN NATIONAL CITY CA: My name is Leticia Bates. I seen a commercial on t.v. about car hop about how they help you fix your credit and give a good car yo use for a good price and they can help the financial situation. Well I got financed on a 2001 ford focus and they want about 10,000 dollars for the car when i am done purchasing it. They... Read more

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  • Mar 02
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Car Diagnostic
  • 1
  • 37

Worst company ever! I purchased a car back in May 2012. Was constantly having problems and funny noises. Took it in to one of carhops approved mechanics and they told me nothing was wrong and that my check engine light being on was nothing. I took it to someone else to have a diagnostic done and found NUMEROUS problems with it. Finally UAC tells me that my warranty was up (18 months or 18,000... Read more

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  • Feb 19
  • Manhattan, New York
  • Van Purchase
  • 2
  • 17

I bout a van from car hop in at the end of july. And then we happen to have a chilli day outside and i went to use my heat and found out there was no heat. I called and they said well it worked when we tested it and i replied it felt warm to me to but it was 90° outside. So they sent me to there so caleed warranty shop they would not fix it and now I have to pay for a van for 2... Read more

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  • Jan 06
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Car Payments
  • 40

I've had issues with this car since day one and they just keep getting worse. I've had 4 account managers that never know anything other then can you make a payment. They don't honor anything they say and they lie to you just to get a payment. Others ive had get cars from CarHop have issues with their cars. Some of their mechanics and other sources that deal with CarHop cars told me they sale... Read more

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  • Jan 04
  • Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Promotion
  • 91

I needed a car unexpectedly, had no trade in, knew I didn't have the best credit, and saw the $99 down promotion. I KNEW this wasn't the best idea, but I needed a car to get to and from work and didn't do my research. HUGE mistake!!! I have had the car a little over 4 months, and it needs THOUSANDS of dollars in repairs just to make it safe to drive. My mechanic told me that he has no idea how it... Read more

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  • Jan 02
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Annoying Calls
  • 61

I purchased the vehicle in June 2013 by the time my second payment was due it was already in the shop. It was two weeks before I saw my car again. The warranty dept. Sent a first part(plastic) intake manifold that came from salvage yard, the mechanic refused it as it was broken when he got it, finally they fixed it with new part. I made my regular payment for fear they would not let me pick up... Read more

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  • Nov 30, 2013
  • Denver, Colorado
  • 1999 Dodge Caravan
  • 85

So back in 2011 I went to CarHop to get a car. I had bad credit, and a bankruptcy so I figured they were the only ones that could help me. I got a 1999 Dodge Caravan. I loved my van. I only had to keep up with the regular maintenance, and put new tires on for winter last year, but it ran great. I got to the point where I needed something newer, and with fewer miles. I was contacted by... Read more

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  • Nov 27, 2013
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Ex Employee Experience
  • 183

After working for CarHop, I would never buy, nor recommend anyone to purchase a vehicle from them! If you have a conscience and are honest this is not the company you want to work for. If you have issues with the car you purchase from them, you get the run-a-round. You will be told by customer service to call the "warranty" hotline, the problem is they won't answer the phone and customer service... Read more

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