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Cablevision making free channel GSN premium

Company Cablevision
Product / Service Cable Tv
Location Edison, New Jersey
Category Television/ Radio
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Cablevision New Jersey has just announced that the Game show Network will be part of the I/O Sports Pak as of February 1, 2011 at 6.95 per month. How this fits in to the Sports Pak that has tennis football and other sports is beyond me. In any case,

This is ridiculous. The other systems include GSN as part of their family package as did Cablevision until now. GSN has old and new game shows, is family oriented and to me this is gouging the customer.

I wrote to them complaining. Please do so as well. Thanks for listening.

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Jun 14, 2011 
GSN a premium channel?! WHAT A JOKE!
Reply to Gayle S

Jun 14, 2011 
GSN SHOULD NOT be a Premium channel. GSN HAS GONE DOWNHILL! Lingo used to be great. They replace Chuck Woolery with a man
that has NO CONNECTION to the adience. He is a CLOWN. Bring back Chuck! Also the host of 1 vs 100 has changed! Can u explain how the host was replaced with a Dancing with the Stars judge. Just does not make sense! I do not watch those shows anymore. So if gsn becomes a premium channel I will say adios! Can't wait for FIOS!
Reply to Gayle S

Mar 22, 2011 
aren't you charging enough! give it back to us!! :(
Reply to wayne60

Feb 25, 2011 
why is it every show i watch that's in the regular package gets moved to where i have to pay extra for it. the kicker is they leave all the NON-ENGLISH speaking channels alone...wonder why. oh, i know, these people won't pay the extra money to get their stations so they charge the customers that pay their bills by moving stuff we watch to premium levels & once again we pull the weight of all the people who drain our society & they get everything free or from our government...what a joke!!!!!!!!!!
Reply to sickofcablevision

Feb 23, 2011 
they just keep pushing me toward dish or direct tv. their prices are already nuts once the first year runs out you are screwed
Reply to jerry

Feb 23, 2011 
Well here is the reason for GSN going to Sports-pac .

High Stakes Poker

Now that the new season of HSP is comming this week and the producers are charging more for it.

Its now being shown in 3-D (another excuse)
to charge more . Well not me they are screwing themsselves i'll waite and watch them on you tube so they all loose
Reply to H.S,P.

Feb 10, 2011 
I watch it a lot too but will not pay extra to the already high cablevision prices
Reply to customer

Feb 07, 2011  from Rantauprapat, Sumatera Utara
I was just given this address to write to:
6 Corporate Center
Melville NY, 11747

but I am also sending my letter to:

Cablevision Systems Corp.
1111 Stewart Avenue
Bethpage, NY 11714
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Feb 07, 2011  from Rantauprapat, Sumatera Utara
Pay up old lady - That is basically what they told my mom. They know the viewership for GSN is elderly and on fixed income. They hope all the elderly realize they can't live without it and sign up for $7. Certainly nobody else is signing up for this package. SAD
Reply to Cablevision blows

Feb 03, 2011 
I know many seniors that watch GSN for a good part of the day. My elderly mother and her neighbor are two of them. They are the ones least likely to have spare income to spend another $7 a month for a channel that rightly belongs in the "Family" package. Unbelievable.
Reply to Bobby E

Feb 03, 2011  from Dehradun, Uttaranchal
Cablevision in Connecticut did this also. What a sham! Customers count for nothing with Cablevision. There must be an alternative. Gameshow Network is not a sports channel. Cablevision stop this stupidity now!
Reply to Gouge Me in CT

Feb 02, 2011 
What a waste!!! GSN is an awesome channel!! My mom and I watch it every night! Cable will regret doing that because not only did millions of people watched that channel but i highly doubt people will be ignorant enough to buy the IO sports Pak. They will see how angry and disappointed customers are and will change, if they are smart business people! :(
Reply to unbelieveable

Feb 02, 2011 
By moving GSN to the IO Sports Pak and charging $6.95 for it Cablevison is showing bias, disregard for and discrimination against women. The Sport Pk is advertised as being mainly for men. MavTV advetises it is Topics Men Care About
Fuel TV advertises it is Targeted to Men 12-34, dedicated to Sports, Lifestyle, Humor of Young Males. By putting GSN into a PKG that is mainly for men when GSN is watched mainly by women is discriminating, being biased and showing disregard for the women. the IO Sports Pg is the last place GSN should be, it should have remained where it was & have Cablevision stop trying to get extra $ by discriminating against women, especially many older women who can least afford the extra $. Most will look to find a different provider for their TV viewing
Reply to Dee

Feb 02, 2011 
Cablevision - will flourish under its own merits, or in this case, crash in flames. FIOS, please come to Wayne, NJ! Hoping that the Internet based TV will replace their markets.
Reply to Absolute Crap

Feb 02, 2011 
I agree with all the previous posts. What does GSN have in common with all the other channels in the sports package? Typical Cablevision....just another way to extort more money from a target audience. When I called today, I was told "Sorry, it's part of the 2011 pricing." I also got the "cannot be processed" message when I tried to file a complaint, so I printed it and mailed it to them. Great business....they get to rob us without a mask and a gun!
If GSN doesn't come back, I soon will be gone.
Reply to Jim

Feb 01, 2011 
When I called cablevision tonight to see what was going on, the representative explained it to me and told me she was documenting my account with my complaint. She also told me to got to www.cablevision.com and click on "contact us" and send an email complaint. I typed up my complaint and clicked on "continue" only to see the comment that my "question couldn't be processed". Of course not! So tomorrow I will scan what I typed on my email and attach it and try it again. If that doesn't work, I will try to get a fax number for Cablevision, and if that doesn't work, I will mail the it to them. This is ridiculous. If you can, go to their website and send an email complaint.
Reply to Angie

Feb 01, 2011 
I agree with all of you, GSN is NOT a sport channel. What are they thinking? We SHOULD all cancel and switch to FIOS.
Reply to Teri

Feb 01, 2011 
GSN is a sport channel?? and a car is a tree? O I GET IT!

Reply to Confused

Feb 01, 2011 
They even censor the posts! Yes George, Nazivision it is.
Reply to Rich

Feb 01, 2011 
Cablevision sucks - most of us are stuck with them and they are a bunch of money hungry bastards. If they credited all of the times I've lost service they should be paying me the $6.95 per month. They're no bettre than a *** channel because all they do is screw their customers.
Reply to Rich

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