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Books A Million - Bad Policy on a Sale

Company Books A Million
Location Saint Louis, Missouri
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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So, I'm a big Marvel comic reader.We went here today to check out what they had, and see big signs saying "Buy 2 Get the 3rd free" and it makes it out to be everything.

We go to comics, and the sign says "Buy 2 Get 3rd free on DC comics". I would've accepted this, if it wasn't hung over 3 shelves of Marvel books instead. And then an associate tells us it doesn't work on Marvel, but it works on the bargain comics. But, all the bargain comics are Marvel.

So the dude then proceeded to act hateful to us about it, and left me pretty upset.I walked out, not spending a fine when I could've bought 50 dollars worth of comics. 306e9b9

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Jan 12 
I know the sign said 55 mph and I would have accepted it if someone didn't pass me going
60. Don't make yourself sound like an *** by complaining about something that was spelled out for you. I am certain they won't miss your comic book money or your ridiculous entitlement.
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I stopped in for coffee and to do some work on the computer. The sign on the window says "Free WiFi...

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