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Biotab Nutraceutical - alteril pills from biotab is a scam

  • by   Jan 26, 2009
  • Review #: 144598
Company Biotab Nutraceutical
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Category Health and Beauty
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the pills do not work, the company do not honor
refunds, they have an invalid webb page, they do
not answer the phone, they charged my credit card
without my permission.the company is" biotab
nutriceuticals inc" the addrss is "401 e. huntington dr.,monrovia,ca91016".I ordered the "one week of
alteril sleep aid (free supply) and they sent to to
me also one month supply and charged me $36.00
without my consent.I asked for a refund and they
directed me to the webb sit" service@biotab.com"
which webbsite has no provision for requestin any
refund 2f18286

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May 04, 2012 
I had the same deal. I ordered the 7 day trial, then was charged monthly for the pills (which they send along with a $20 charge for two *** films). I ended up reaching a guy who was in charge of the films, who after taking my request to cancel the films, said he could "do the pill cancellation". Its a rip off. They should be sued. Its a complete waste of money. Just buy L-Agarine from Walgreens, same stuff.. helps synthesis of Nictric Oxide (NO). Which helps produce erections.It is also $10-$13 for a large bottle.
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Oct 12, 2010 
This company is a complete scam! The company will not refund anything they sell, they will try to get over on you at every turn. They have absolutly no customer service and over charging you is their number one priority
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Feb 08, 2010 
oh my god today i had two *** movies from the same page in my mail and i hope they will give me a refund for this *** lol
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