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Behr Paint - deckover paint

  • by   Jun 03, 2013
  • Review #: 414313
Company Behr Paint
Product / Service Behr Paint Rebate
Category Building Products
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Monetary Loss

I WILL NOT recommend this paint to ANYONE.I paid $158.00 for five gallons of this paint it don't roll like show on TV or paper.You can't pint in the day paint dry up in pan and gets thick coat on it.

I am so DISAPPOINTED in this paint.I would not of spent so dam much money on it I could understand it doing this but. I would take it back to the store if I would not of used it all ready.

I would like my money back.BAD PAINT.I WANT MY MONEY BACK. 300f247

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Apr 03  from Ancaster, Ontario
Look Folks.....wood is wood and when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and the prevailing opposite seasons of winter and summer it won't remain concealed for any length of time against the outdoor elements. Expansion and contraction automatically occurs between seasons and any medium of covering that I know of which is applied to a wood deck can't maintain adherence to a surface that moves even so slightly seasonally. The only alternative is to build a deck that doesn't require a stain, like Trex or another composite type material.
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Apr 03  from Ancaster, Ontario
Did you follow the initial preparation directions properly? What exactly went wrong?
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Mar 21  from Atlanta, Georgia
I used this as well ..on my deck that had never been painted before. I prepped it per instructions using the behr cleaner and everything. after i finished it looked great. Well 3 months later it is peeling and makes my deck look awful. I don't know what to do know but try to peel it and start over with something else
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Oct 07, 2013  from Princeton, New Jersey
As a Pro Paint Specialist at The Home Depot , I can tell you a few things about this product.
#1 thing is to read the instructions or watch the youtube video on installation.
2) Proper prep is essential. Skipped steps will effect results. The steps are easy and if you follow them the product will perform properly.
3) Behr has a tech support 800# ... if you have problems.
4) deckover is vastly better than Deck Restore by Rustoleum... and much easier to install.
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Mar 24  from Saint Louis, Missouri
wow you can just say that restore is great deck stain who do you think you are you butt hole
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Sep 20, 2013  from Brockton, Massachusetts
This stuff really works
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Sep 08, 2013  from Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Obviously ur retarded. I used this product and it looks amazing. If you don't know how to paint don't post reviews ***
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Aug 22, 2013  from Auburn, Alabama
LOL. This opinion would have a lot more credibility if it came from someone who was more than half literate.
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Aug 17, 2013 
To all of you who vehemently criticized the person who was not an English major, I would venture to say that they are doing appreciably better with English that all of you are doing with their language.
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Jan 26 
I agree with you. Its a very expensive product to end up with horrible results.
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Aug 17, 2013  from Livonia, Michigan
It appears you have a problem with English usage; I wonder whether you had difficulty with the instructions. If you even read them (many people don't). No insult intended. This product is not paint, and is not applied like regular paint or stain. When used properly, I have had no problems with it. :?
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Aug 14, 2013  from Danville, Vermont
Yeah, the "Pissed" consumer would have more legitimacy if they could produced a sentence we could all understand.

I just finished using 4, 5gallon containers of this product and it has saved my deck. We now have something that is both usable and beautiful. Deck is 16'-6" X 70'-0". It is huge. You can figure coverage with that number. Again, 4 5gallon containers. That was enough to do 4 sets of stairs as well and I've got about 2 gallons left over.
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Aug 25, 2013  from Williamsburg, Michigan
I am seeing a fair few people complaining about the DeckOver scratching very easily and not being able to clean muddy paw prints after following the instructions. Have you had any scratching or mud problems after some usage of the deck?
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Jan 26 
Mine hasn't even made it through winter with absolutely no usage and it is peeling up in spots. I followed all prep instructions. It looked so nice when I got it done. I'm SO disappointed:( and angry I spent so money and time on it. Its going to look even worse if it all starts peeling and even bigger job to scrape it all off.
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Aug 13, 2013  from Paducah, Kentucky
I cleaned and prepared my deck to the specified instructions. I was pleased with the deck over until I placed chairs back on the deck some two weeks after applying the coating. I now have circle spots pulling up everytime you move a chair, where it is pulling the coating off the wood. This deck is over 10 years old so it's not due to uncured wood. Very expensive product not to work as described. First time user of this product and probably the last :(
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Sep 11, 2013  from Saint Petersburg, Florida
How heavy were the chairs? :upset
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Aug 02, 2013  from San Antonio, Texas
Anonymous: My deck is about 6-7 years old and is in pretty good shape except for color lost due to weather and rain. I do not want to have to rent a belt sander and sand the deck. But, should I do that before using Behr Deck Over?
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Aug 02, 2013  from Farmington, Michigan
This guy is kuckoo
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Aug 02, 2013  from Lexington, South Carolina
I used this on my deck with great results. I found that I got a better finish with a brush than with a roller. Most importantly, read and understand the directions and how they apply to your application. Yes, If you try and use the product in direct sunlight in the summer it will soon be like painting with sheetrock mud. One evening I painted about a quarter of my deck and finished around 11pm. Due to the humidity and lack of sun/heat it was still wet like it had been freshly applied the next morning. Thirty minutes after the sun hit it, it was dry. I was able to fill most cracks in the wood in two coats. There were some that required a follow up application.
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Aug 01, 2013  from Springfield, Massachusetts
Just finished painting wood fence, part new, part 20 years old. Looks great. I would argue the temperature recommendations from Behr and not use this above 80 degrees, 75 degrees if in direct sun while working. At 85 degrees in sun, the working time is, maybe, 5 seconds and the ammonia outgassing intense. I got best results in the evening at less than 75 degrees. If I was doing a deck I would go cooler than that to have more finishing time.
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