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Bed Bath And Beyond - Lying to customer, misguiding customer

  • by   Mar 24, 2013
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Company Bed Bath And Beyond
Category Appliances and Electronics
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Monetary Loss

I needed to purchase three electric heaters, I seek help and the one the manager spent about 20 minutes and at the time due to my budget I purchased two electric heaters, the third one was Dyson AMO5 Hot and Cool heater, which was tagged with Bed-Bath Beyond price tag and as well as shelf price showing the same price which was $279.99 a sale price and Regular price was $399.00.I wanted to purchase the same heater but manager informed me and assured me that this sale price last for the whole month of march 2013 and I would be able purchase Dyson AMO5 with the sale price show.

I visited the store after about 8 to 10 days withing the same month and I purchased the Dyson AMO5 but the same manager lied to me and told me that it is not on sale for the month, it was on sale in Feb. 2013 and not in March 2013.

The First two heaters I purchased on March 10, 2013 and the Dyson AMO5 I purchased on March 22, 2013.

Manager did not kept-up with word and I ended paying full price of $399.00 plus Tax a loss to me for over $120.00 306e7e4

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Jun 06, 2013  from Savannah, Georgia
Bed Bath and Beyond does not have sales. They may clearance something and then it might sell out. At times there may be a mark-up if the item is there year round but alas... no sales. Especially monthly sales. Heaters and fans are seasonal items. They appear during their seasons and are then go on clearance before they are taken off of the floor.
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