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Beau Mason Transitions - Beau Mason's Transitions is now CrossRoads due to a DEATH.....


Well this is a true and sad addition to the Beau Mason Saga.Approximately 4 wks ago a patient died at TRANSITIONS.

I have now confirmed the story with another patient, who is bi-lingual who was at the so-called facility for the same treatment session. He understood the "helpers" calling out "he's not breathing" in Spanish, he had been neglected and was not even checked to see if he was a fit candidate to be an Ibogaine patient. There was no life saving equipment, not even oxygen the man told me. They tried CPR but the man was dead.

No EMT or Ambulance was called but instead the man's body was put in a car and taken to hospitals where no one would accept a dead body, so eventually the body was taken to a funeral home, some sort of illegal autopsy was performed and the family was called. Sadly they were unaware of their family member even going to Mexico let alone what Ibogaine was. They read my posting and called to get info on Beau Mason and Transitions. This is the second death at Transitions in 9 months and the house moved a few houses down but it is still Rosarito Beach in the same "gated commuity".

Now if you see online CrossRoads is really Transitions and a Dr.Martin is running the facility and Beau is taking his name off the business...He is still fully involved, after all who can walk away from $100 grand a month just because a couple of people died, right? Do not be fooled it is the same scary scenario, just no Isaac, he got fired, this new doc has been let go from other facilities, he's been in the Ibogaine game a long time, he has had deaths under his care and patient molestation and neglect.

Stay safe and due your due diligence if you are seeking Ibogaine Treatment, stay away from CROSSROADS!!!!Jackie 516-510-1503 2dff1a1

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Dec 16, 2013 
I am considering going in a week. They are charging me 8K and I would love to speak to someone that has gone through the process. I am very nervous and would like to take 2 to 3 minutes speaking to someone about their experience.
my name is Steve and my number is 720-840-7771
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Jul 08, 2013 
Because of the above writer (who posts repeatedly under various names on every site she can) I was quite worried about sending our son to the Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center. However, I did some much deeper investigating and ultimately decided that Crossroads was the best place for him to undergo ibogaine treatment. Our family was VERY happy and satisfied with the care our son received from the team at Crossroads. Dr. Martin made himself very accessible to answer our questions, both before and after treatment, and the staff at the facility was friendly and professional. I know that the person writing above was very dissatisfied with her ibogaine experience in that she experienced withdrawal symptoms after her treatment. All I can say is that if she was on methadone, or even worse, Suboxone, these are very long-lasting opiates and until a couple of years ago, just HOW long-lasting they are was not really known; Suboxone stays in your system for MONTHS and it's imperative to switch to a short-acting opiate for quite a while before your ibogaine experience, or else you will experience delayed withdrawal symptoms... and yes, death can occur if you hide drug use from your ibogaine provider. But based on a study done in 2012, there has not been a single death due to Ibogaine that was not attributable to other health issues or to concurrent drugs/alcohol in the system during an Ibogaine treatment. My son was given an EKG and thorough exam before his treatment, there was a... Show more
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Jul 28, 2013 
Hi Mamabear1 I read your post regarding Ibogaine treatment for your son at Crossroads. I am thinking about sending my son there but he has been in detox and is having a 7 day taper of either suboxone or subtext, I am not sure. I do know that that can interfere with the results of the ibogaine treatment and wondered if you had any knowledge of how long one should wait following a 7 day taper of suboxone/subutex. I understand that they are sticky opiods which makes detachment from the opiod receptors more challenging. I would appreciate any information you could share with me about this treatment. My email is jazzdustcb@gmail.com.. Thank you!
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Jun 28, 2013  from Newburgh, New York
I went to Transitions before the death of that man and I was treated very well and the people running it were wonderful , afterwards Beau and I became friends and he was devastated when that man died he also found out at that time there were issues with the staff not taking responsibility for the death so he fired them and sold the business he now lives to be with his family , the man that passed was overweight and had a heart condition and a huge habit for 10 or 15 years massive doses . I would trust Crossroads , Transitions was beautiful . This lady has been bad mouthing Transitions to steal the business she is *** .
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Sep 26, 2012 
Who are you Bradley? Deanna I know u, you are not only related to Beau but you acted as his aftercare specialist, I spoke with you three times once I returned to NY. You were not acting as a patient who needed care but an advocate for Transitions. Yu had no problem trying to charge $100 per hour on skype for aftercare therapy. Your adgenda is sabbotaging Martin/Beau's CROSSROADS due to the fact you are a patient and still an advocate, what is a client to think? I would think you're confusing everyone and attempting to build CROSSROADS a great reputation while TRANSITIONS disappears along with Beau"s name. IMPOSSIBLE.could never have happened, he is in the IBOGAINE GAME and has no intention of leaving peacefully. As far as Martin, Beau had tried to find someone wih a aqueaky clean reputation to set as a poster child for reputation management, but Martin has numerous deaths under his watch written about by Charles Shaw. You can goole all of this. He continues to practice now but he is not reliable or safe, until life saving equipment is added to the old Transitions house it is one in the same.
Jackie 516-510-1503
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Sep 23, 2012 
Dear Jackie,
First of all, let me state that I can admire that you are trying to "look out" for other patients. However, the information you posted was mistaken. I was a patient of Dr.Martin for Ibogaine treatment and so was a member of my family and both treatments were successful and done in a professional manner. I would also like to make clear that Crossroads and Transitions are NOT the same treatment centers because I almost went to Transitions for my treatment but after reading numerous posts online I decided to go to Crossroads. I can understand though how some might think it is the same because they are in the same town but again it's not and Crossroads has a completely different medical staff and on site medical equipment. Death is always a risk during Ibogaine and with addiction in general, especially if you have certain health problems but the deaths you are referring to happened at Transitions.
I think it's really unfair to make false accusations, because for one, if you met this man who truly dedicates his life to saving others' you would know that's totaly not true. Him and his staff were with me the whole time and a couple of my friends including one family member with tell you exactly the same thing. We all have nothing but praise and gratitude for this Dr. because he is one of the best at doing what he does. If anyone has questions about Dr.Martin feel free to give me a call ill answer any and all questions regarding the quality of
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Jul 28, 2013 
Hi, I am considering sending my loved one to Crossroads for Ibogaine treatment and he is currently in detox with a 7 day taper off of suboxone or subutex, I am not sure which one it is, but my understanding from everything I have read is that either of those are "sticky" opiods and may prevent the ibogaine from working. Is that true, and if so how long should one wait off of suboxone or subutex before going through the Ibogaine treatment? I hope you will respond as I do not want to send my son if this will not work given he has been on suboxone/tex for 7 days. Thanks! If anyone else reads this please don't hesitate to respond. I welcome all feedback.
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Sep 20, 2012 
Jackie, I sought treatment for opiates several months ago through Dr. Martin at Crossroads, and had nothing but the best care I could possibly imagine. I most certainly did my due diligence coming from a family of medical doctors. Upon arrival, I had all my testing done to make sure I was a hood candidate for treatment, I was supervised 24/7 by medical professionals, all the equipment you mentioned was in my room at all times, and my aftercare was amazing! This is a sad story about the death at Beau's facility, and you are obviously upset about it. However, I cannot sit back and let you make false accusations online that are just plain wrong, especially when I feel as if I have my life back due to Dr. Martin's care. HE AND BEAU ARE NOT OF THE SAME ENTITY.
Here are the facts: Beau does own Transitions, and I had shopped his operation as well as many others. I cannot agree with you more that Beau Mason is a seriously disturbed individual. He tried to use wild scare tactics just to get my business, telling me all these horror stories of other facilities. It was clear to me from speaking to Beau from a few minutes that he was the one that was lacking in terms of a proper Ibogaine clinic. It seems as if Beau has retired after this unfortunate incident, which I am sure is beneficial for the whole community. I am sorry for how this situation has affected you. On the other hand, you need to get all the facts straight. Bottom line, Crossroads is completely
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Jul 17, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
I was at the transitions facility the week before it moved to the house that is now called crossroads. I am not going to get into any details but I know that Beau was the primary owner of Crossroads. As for the death of someone at transitions this is the first I have heard of it. I was at Transitions the 21st of July 2012. I was one of the last patients to do a treatment at Transitions before they moved to the house that is now called Crossroads. At transitions I went through my treatment and it was successful. I was under the care of Issac and I will say they did do blood work and they did do an ekg the day I arrived. I was disappointed about a few things with Transitions but the goal I set out to do by going to transition was accomplished. I thank god for Ibogaine it saved my life. The week that I left Beau came to the Transitions for the move to Crossroads. Neither here nor there Transitions did help me and I look at it like this I was sticking a needle in my arm everyday TAKING the chance of dying every time. I would take the chance of dying to get clean with Ibogaine any day of the week. I have now been clean for a year thanks to the treatment at Transitions. Weather someone died or not or if Beau is a bad person all addicts that are still using take the chance of death every time they use. I am such a believer In Ibogaine. I would love to do another treatment even though I am now clean for a year. I would do it at crossroads if I had the chance to or at transitions if... Show more
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