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Bayview loan servicing

Company Bayview Loan Servicing
Product / Service Mortgage
Location Albany, New York
Category Loans and Mortgages
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Monetary Loss

for the past year we have been dealing with Bayview and things could not be worse.To start with Bayview makes us pay by phone and charges us a fee we also do not receive any statements from them only a receipt from western union.Bayview also is trying to hamper our attempts to re mortgage our home by stating that we owe them over $19,000 in back and current taxes when we never had an escrow account, plus we have proof that we paid most of our taxes ourselves.What we did find out was that Bayview sent a letter to the city that we live in last year to send our tax bills to them, so we know that they paid last years,but we stop them this year. So now we are fighting them for proof of what taxes that they say that they have paid needless to say that seems to be a losing battle.
Does anybody else a similar story 305f8f5

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Apr 26, 2009 
Go to HUD.gov and get a copy of theri compliance letter under RESPA. You can google RESPA and you'll see the letter. Send that letter to them. Also, contact the RESPA division of HUD if they still don't comply. If your deed of trust truly states there's no escrow, then they were not within their legal right to pay the taxes. That would be unusual for no escrow, but not unheard of.

Also, send them a letter demanding verification of your letter, and specifically request a copy of your loan documents, including the Note, Deed of Trust, and payment history.

If you still can't get anywhere, contact a lawyer. You quite possibly have several claims, including a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.
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Apr 14, 2008  from Hatillo, Puerto Rico
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