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Barrister Global Services Network - Did not get paid for Service Call

  • by   Dec 06, 2013
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Company Barrister Global Services Network
Product / Service Not Getting Paid
Location Greeneville, Tennessee
Category Desktop computers
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Monetary Loss

I received a cold call from Barrister Global in Oct. 2013 this year.
I own a Computer Repair Business and am registered with various search engines.
They sent me on a call to John Deere in Greeneville TN..
I read reviews online of this company and I gave them the benefit in spite of complaints of contractors such as myself not being paid.
Luckily, I went on only one call and waited to be paid so I would not be working for free.
Today I gave up, after numerous calls and emails I have realized that after doing everything right with my visit to John Deer company on the service call, I am not going to be paid, it is December 2013 now.
I chose the speed pay which takes 13% out but should be deposited within 7 days into your Bank Account.
Sorry to say the complaints are correct and you will not be paid for your work.

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Dec 07, 2013 
If you were contracted to perform work for us and you completed it and retuned the parts you WILL be paid. Have you visited the online tech portal where every call you have run is visible with payment status?

A complaint forum cannot help you and is not the correct place to conduct business. Barrister pays tens of thousands of techs every year. Errors can occur and we take the time and effort to correct them. We work with the finest computer techs in North America and the very tiny amount who complain on a forum like this do not help resolve their issue. They simply complain and mislead others.

Please contact payissues@barrister.com and provide the service ticket number along with your bas ID. When you email payissues an auto response will generate with a form to complete and return.

If we were ripping off anyone why would I take the time to reply to these false posts? I reply because we do pay techs, we value techs and we will work with you through the correct format to research your issue and pay you if payment is due.
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Jan 09  from Danville, Pennsylvania
I too have ran a call and am not being paid. Your tech portal is nearly useless. It constantly changes and the information changes too. I have tried for over 2 months to get compensated for my work and you seemingly ignore and have excuses as to why I wont get paid. You made the error, and I must suffer for it? Do you treat your customers with the same regard? my area has a huge lack of techs and the few around know not to work with you from the problems I and many others have had. Change your ways or hang it up please
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