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Barbizon Modeling School - Barbizon Scam Review

Company Barbizon Modeling School
Product / Service Positive Experience
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Schools
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My daughter attended Barbizon Schaumburg at the age of 14. She always wanted to be an actress/model, but she had no self-esteem. She walked with her shoulders forward and always hunched over. She was so intimidated by strangers to the point she couldn’t even pick up the phone and order a pizza. I never understood it because she was a straight A student, athlete, pretty girl, etc. So, when she approached me about Barbizon I could have cared less about the modeling and acting, and was just thrilled for the personal development and growth that I hoped would raise her confidence.

What I saw in her after Barbizon Midwest was a complete transformation. Her shoulders were finally pushed back, she didn’t need others to make phone calls for her, and I mean how Barbizon built her overall confidence is remarkable.

While I was so happy for her self-esteem, she was thrilled to get her start in the industry and has actually had much success. She has modeled and acted in both Chicago and New York, graduated from college with her Master’s Degree, and still works in the industry – both “behind the scenes” and as a model and actress.

Now, I am not the type of person to take the time to say anything unless I’m pretty upset, which is actually what I was doing on this site when I stumbled upon Barbizon and felt compelled to voice my opinion. Barbizon is one of the best decisions I have made as a parent, because the confidence she gained to go out into the world, experience life, and succeed is irreplaceable.

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Dec 08, 2012  from Akron, Ohio
My daughter is in Barbizon on Akron and is also there for self-development. A girl in her class at school committed suicide and I knew I had to do something. I could care less if my dtr. ever models. What they are doing for her self-confidence is worth every penny I am paying.
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