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Barbizon Modeling School - Barbizon Modeling Scam?

  • by   Nov 29, 2011
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Company Barbizon Modeling School
Product / Service Modeling School
Location Wappingers Falls, New York
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Went to the audition Nov 26- I didn't have any doubts my daughter would be picked- she smart, confident,and beautiful- she had may compliments from the directors working there so why when you get the phone call they start out by saying "so many girls...only can take so many...only a small percent of job areas that your daughter fits into...but yours made it!!!Would that be cash or charge $2500- classes start in 3 days.

They make you think that omg I just have to pay all this money because she was picked out of all these girls. Then I thought what are they going to teach her? I'm a cosmetologist so she already knows how to do her hair and makeup-she doesn't need a confidence boost-and why couldn't she learn the photo terms from the web-she's smart. But my biggest peeve of all was the directors themselves- don't they take the classes themselves- omg- not one of them was remotely attractive and they were all overweight.

What pops into your head when you think of a model?I seriously wouldn't hire a personal trainer that was 300 pounds so why would I hire this company to represent my daughter who didn't care about the image it projects to its students? 305ec16

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Feb 18  from Haltom City, Texas
hey i been with barbizon and i had a few job 8) 8) 8) 8) :grin :grin :grin :( :( :( :( :x :x :x :zzz :zzz :zzz :eek :eek :roll ... Show more
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Jan 21 
It is not a scam! Maybe you got someone bad because all schools vary. There are so many success stories out there!
Currently in classes for Barbizon and proud and excited. They tell you your in and it goes from there. You don't pay first. Thank you so much mom. :grin 8) :p
Reply to BarbizonStudent

Jan 05 
1st of all Barbizon is NOT a talent agency:

"Barbizon is not an agency. We are a training center or a school. We do have a tuition fee for our training programs that is comparable to many extra curricular activities."-http://www.barbizonmodeling.com/index.php/barbizonreality/barbizons_a_scam#barbizons_a_scam

This in and of itself doesn't necessarily seem like a bad idea initially, and it's how they've stayed in business for as long as they have. They are not breaking any laws. They are simply preying on you and your child's gullibility and eagerness. This business is not easy, any level of success does not happen overnight. It takes years of hard work and dedication, no matter what age. Those who state they are actually working often and were signed by an agency via Barbizon are either lying (working for the company), or are the 1% for whom that actually does happen. But this is NOT the norm...trust me.

2nd, reputable agencies will NEVER approach your child in the mall or call you "out of the blue" (if someone calls, they've been given your name and contact info via a "friend" or acquaintance...guaranteed). Reputable agencies are FAR too busy to "scout". Scouts always indicate a scam.....always. Top agencies simply do not do it. "Name dropping" such as Disney or Nick are also red flags. Reputable agencies have no need to "brag" about their clients, they're far too busy sending them out on auditions and negotiating booking contracts for
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Reply to Bizmommy

Jan 04 
my granddaughter was called to be in Baton Rouge La. today. We went to Holiday Inn in high hopes of my Destinie my 13 year old granddaughter of making a model or something special out of her young life. Seemed as if they promised these girls a job making 80dollars an hour. The last thing they sprung on these girls is that the cost of this would be 25hundred dollars. They really made this sound great for all of these children all 200 of them. They told me that on the phone there would only be 50 girls there and only 30 would be called so far Idont trust these people.

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Nov 25, 2013 
I am a graduate of 2009, no I have not extended my ways to modeling after graduating. But the confidence I have now is unbelievable. Attending Barbizon was the best thing I have ever done for my life.
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Oct 06, 2013 
I am a barbizon graduate of 2011 & I constantly have auditions. It isn't a scam !
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Sep 09, 2013 
Hello! I just want to say that none of that is true. I am a graduated model from Barbizon and now I work there. So, I would just like to say to anyone who reads this that this is most likely a frustrated mother because her daughter didn't get chosen or something like that. Barbizon has allowed me to earn my millions over the years, and was an excellent way to give me the tools I would need in everyday life. Oh and by the way! Who ever wrote this, you need to work on your grammar and spelling some
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Jul 29, 2013  from Port Charlotte, Florida
Sure, your daughter can learn all the terms online, but how is she going to make it to the industry? Barbizon jumpstarted my daughters career. Many agencies get hundreds of resumes and photos everyday that they just don't have the time to look at. Barbizon talks to the agencies and sets up auditions with your child. They are always there for support, or whatever you need. Now my daughter is signed with an agency, and she's never been happier. They never guarantee your child jobs-- that's the risk you have to take. So while you consider the chances, I'll be sitting back, watching my daughter blossom.
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Jul 18, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
I take classes at Barbizon. My single mother works so hard and was not very happy about paying 1300 dollars for singing lessons. Especially since they don't really teach you anything. I honestly have become a better singer and on the date of my graduation from Barbizon, an agent came up to me after my performance and gave me his card. The next thing you know I am singing background for Mavis Staple and Zach Brown at the pre-show for the Grammys. I have sung backgroud for Bruce Springsteen! There is definitely no scam. I got my beautiful headshots done and I still go to the classes every now as ten for no extra price. Barbizon has really helped and I got more than 1300 dollars back from all the gigs they have hooked me up with. I am not sure about actors or models, but if you really have talent you are sure to get more gigs in the future. :zzz
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Jul 14, 2013  from Minneapolis, Minnesota
My sister just got accepted to Barbizion Modeling/acting yesterday. The fee for this is 2,348. She have never been modeling before and she a very shy person. When she had her addition she didn't talk much. But today they give her a call and say she got accepted. I want to know if this is a scam or does this program really work???
Reply to Lyla

Sep 20, 2013 
I signed my 15 yr old granddaughter up and i didn't care about modeling, acting or singing. If it comes that's great, she is beautiful. I wanted her to be confident, poised and ready for the business world. It makes a difference in just the way you present yourself. It not just education getting you in the door anymore. You need the whole package as it is very cometitive. She knows how to stand and sit properly. She is learning how to speak eloquantly (spelling?) We are going to her 3rd session tomorrow in Boston. I am a single gramndmother and the fee is hard for me too. But already, it is worth the price. I notice the way she carries herself and how she acts in public and most of all, how she feels about herself. Not a scam for us! :)
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Jul 12, 2013  from Ontario, California
People please it's not a scam your not garenteed a job ! Yes the agents come and see you and if they like you then they'll pick you ! You Have to have fun with it and enjoy the time being there it's not all about the fan and money it's to help build your confidence and train you they send you notices its up to you IG you want to go to the auditions but it is not a scam ! I'm going to barbizon for acting and I simply love being there it's fun there's absolutely no one to huge you there ! The teacher that I have is amazing fun and funny and really nice and has taught me about cold read and how to breath properly and tomorrow I finally have class again cx ! And we're going to learn about a monologue ! All u know is that it's not a scam the expire car is just fun and amazing !!(:
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Mar 03, 2013  from Portland, Oregon
After my daughter went to Barbizon, I realized that what Barbizon had said, promised, and introduced at registration was all inaccurate. They advertised more classed than they offered. My daughter did not learn anything in most of the areas Barbizon teaches. They said at registration that they are very selective in choosing who they accept in their program but they choose everyone who is gullible enough to pay. At the end, they hook you up with their agent who ask another $2,000 plus other high fees to introduce you to other agents. Then they convince you to retake the classes again through her and pay even more than Barbizon costs. The teachers at Barbizon promise the students that they will find them jobs but they don't. At the end they want you to pay more to do this. So many families end up in debt. I understand that Barbizon is a business but they are very dishonest, misleading, and overpriced for what they offer. I would not recommend this to anyone.
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Dec 15, 2012  from St. Louis, Missouri
Barbizon is not a scam. They are a SCHOOL for modeling. When I was in high school my mom paid $1200 for the "classes" (which were definitely BS) but I have made that back and then some with the jobs the agency has found me. They email you information on open and closed casting calls and opportunities for all ages and ethnicities multiple times a week. I haven't had steady work, but I have had a couple big jobs a year. I know some girls who they have taken to New York and were signed with agencies like Elite and Ford. Barbizon won't always get you jobs and will most likely not get you famous, but it's fun for young girls. They will accept just about anyone, so don't let your kids enroll unless they will actually be able to handle the rejection and instability of this kind of "career."
Now stop complaining. No one is scamming anyone.
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Dec 10, 2012  from Manahawkin, New Jersey
Just my opinion but my kids have been on a gerber commercial, and a huggies print. I did not have to pay anything upfront. The agent took 15 percent (well deserved). Oh, and also no head shots. She wanted any photo as long as it was full face and no glasses, etc. Hope this helps.
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Nov 17, 2012 
:? Barbizon may not be what u think it is they tell you that you may not be picked and all that stuff well yes it is a SCAM and i no that for a fact because i went to the audition and then they told me to call them the next day at 3:00pm and they said i made it but after we sighned the contract they did not do any classes or anything all they did was take our money monthley like seriously you can't get out of the contract once you've been in it... DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE THAT WE DID :)
Reply to The Truthh Hurts

Mar 25, 2013 
Well I took the barbizon classes and paid everything up front and at the moment I am training for IPAC so I don't know about other barbizon locations but the one in San Fransisco is exactly what they tell you they are and they teach you what you need to know as far as acting and modeling.
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Mar 25, 2013 
Well they might not look that great but they teach you what you need to know and they don't promise anything so don't start with that just so everyone gets this straight barbizon is not a scam and recommend it. :grin
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Jul 02, 2013 
If they say that you are paying for classes and take your money but don't give you any classes but keep taking there payments then by law you can get out of the contract by taking them to court and getting the money back.. But sence you didn't do that I don't think what you rote is true..
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