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Bankers Life and Casualty Company - Interview Scam

Company Bankers Life and Casualty Company
Product / Service Interview
Location Newark, New Jersey
Category Health Insurance
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I was contacted by Bankers after they "picked up my resume on CareerBuilder" to be invited for an interview. Nothing wrong with that, however here are the warning signs:

1. The person contacting me sounded like she was reading from a script. She was unable to give me meaningful background for the position.

2. Initially I agreed to the interview however I asked for the following: (1) a position description of what they were looking for and (2) background about the company itself to be sent to me via e-mail. Neither ever arrived.

3. I was supposed to be contacted back the day prior to the "interview" to confirm. When I did not receive a call, I called them back. The same person who called me the first time answered and gave me the same sale pitch (almost verbatim) as during the initial contact. She seemed bothered by my questions and clearly wanted to get off the phone as quickly as possible. When I said that I never got the e-mail with the information I promised, she asked me to "check my spam filter"... A warning in and of itself.

4. The person I spoke to reminded me to "dress professionally" (really? For an interview??) and to "bring my resume"

All in all, the above is a scam. When a company seeks you out based on your credentials and the resume you post, they don't ask you to "...dress professionally and bring your resume...". They either seek you out, have an opportunity and want you for that position or they don't. In this case, they are blanketing job sites and cold-calling job seekers. I don't know how it is to work for them, however based on the large number of complaints, this can't be a good place to work at. - If you are not convinced by my logic, here some guidelines in general:

- NEVER pay for your training. If a company asks you to pay to get trained then RUN!
- NEVER trust a company who asks you to bring your resume to an "interview". Your resume is supposedly how they found you in the first place so they will have it.
- NEVER trust a company who, after an initial contact, does not follow up with serious materials as to what they would want you to do including a detailed description of the job(s) they are trying to fill.
- NEVER trust a company that gives you a salary range of "80k to 200k" (as was the case here) for a position that does supposedly not involve sales.

I will not be going to my interview. To all those who choose to go: the best of luck and I hope they don't wast too much of your time. 301a84a

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Mar 21 
I am pretty sure this is a 100% commission job and they want you in for the interview for the hard sell, before divulging too much information over the phone. However; Sir, if I was an employer and an applicant asked ME to send them information on the Company, I would cancel the interview immediately. Employers have a rightful expectation that applicants can utilize the internet and research the company themselves! Also, I have many times over the years been told to bring my resume and dress professionally, including when I worked at IBM!
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Mar 21  from Clear Spring, Maryland
Thank you for the advice. I too had my resume pulled and was called around 7:30pm.....that flew a flag as well. Most companies call during the day. I listened to the voicemail left on my phone about calling the number back. I have called back twice and only was answered with a voicemail.
I wont bother to waste my time any further on this so-called position.
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Mar 20 
I am glad i just googled them bc they set me up for an interview next week. I will not be going to that
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Mar 14  from Hamden, Connecticut
I will not be attending my interview either. Thank You
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Mar 09 
I am glad I googled the company before wasting my time going up there. Was trying to find information on the company before I went and the first thing that popped up on Google was this company was a scam. Guess I will stay in my warm bed tomorrow. Thanks Google.
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Mar 06  from Morristown, New Jersey
@Bankers or Bonkers:
Please research. You will be able to answer your own questions. Banker has re-branded several times over the term of its existence. They continue to be forced to do so because (1) fraud allegations and (2) an increasingly bad image that builds up over time and becomes unsustainable. - "Go Getters" are wanted everywhere. But there are serious employers out there...with serious products. I invite you to spend an hour on Google and YouTube researching Bankers. You will find good comments, however the overwhelming majority of comments will be bad. -- Look at the products they sell and who they sell them to. If you are willing to make money peddling worthless insurance products and "savings" schemes to the elderly in a high-pressure fashion, then this is a decision you make for yourself. You'll have to sleep with that.
Can you make money at Bankers? --> YES (...as you can anywhere else)
Is Bankers being investigated for insurance fraud (for the THIRD time)? --> YES
Does Bankers sell reputable products --> NO
Does Bankers have MILLIONS of hate comments on open forums and social websites --> YES (More so than almost any other company). Just take the time to read through THIS blog which i started not that long ago... The bottom line: if this is the company you want to be associated with, then go for it. If I were you, i would stay FAR away. But the decision is yours.
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Mar 05 
Wow ya'll you either want to work or you don't right? Bankers Life and Casualty offers careers and for those who are willing to take the chance on being a "go getter" if almost a million people are hating this company then I would think that Bankers Life should be out of business by now. Since it says that they started in 1879? Some of you cry out fraud yet they are still around? I don't get it, someone clear this up for me, a company that's been around for 134yrs has been doing fraud for that long?? So.. then fraud is legal right? NO?
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Feb 28 
Just got a call today from Banker's Life wanting to set up an interview for my new exciting career with them. The gentleman spoke broken english and had that monotone script voice. I explained I had no experience with insurance and no licensing for that field and he told me no worries. He then proceeded to quickly want me to confirm a Tuesday interview and when I asked what the work hours were as well as the position and pay scale he said the interview would answer all my questions. I asked why he did not know these basic facts since he was calling me and I had not even applied for the job, and his response was he was calling on behalf of his manager whom I would meet on Tuesday if I just went to the interview. I then asked for the manger's name and to speak with him directly so I would know more about the job only to be told to dress professionally and bring my resume on Tuesday. Within minutes of hanging up they sent me an email for Tuesday's interview which I never agreed to go to in the first place. All of these are huge red flags!! First off when someone is calling you about anything they should sound professional and speak english properly as they are a company representive plus they are also the first impression that any potential employee/client will have of the company. Second they should know why they are calling you so if it's for a job they should know the basic facts about it or if they do not know the basics then they should be happy to put you in touch with... Show more
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Feb 20 
I too was called by a woman saying that her boss had found my resume on a job board and could I come to an interview this week about 25 miles from my house. I said sure I can come. Immediately after hanging up I Googled Banker's Life and read the HUNDREDS of horror stories about not only the interview but stories from those that took the bait and gave the job a try. It seems Banker's Life not only preys on the unemployed, but they also prey on the elderly. They try and get old people to buy annuities that are actually quite harmful to them but profitable to Banker's Life. Knowing all this beforehand and pissed at what they were doing, I decided to go to the interview to raise *** like they have never seen before and have a bit of fun with these jagoffs.
My appointment was for 1:00 on a Friday and even though I was told to dress professionally, I wore sweat pants and a T-Shirt with a *** on pole I got from some strip club I once visited. When I arrived the woman that tells you where to go mentioned my dress and I quickly apologized and told her that on my way to the interview I had hit a marmot (I don't even know what a marmot is but she bought it). I told her that the marmot was stuck in the grill of my car and when I tried to pull it out, it attacked me and that I ended up fighting with the beast for at least ten minutes until I was able to grab a large stick and bash its head in. I told her my suit was all torn up and covered in blood so I changed into some clothes I
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Jan 14 
I want you to know that I was approached in the same manner to this so called "scam" however I went to my interview and I was very impressed by the professionalism that this company had and the career they offered! They did not promise me a salary but a career! I had to pay for my insurance license that is a state mandated amount of money. It did not go to the company but to the state. They did in fact pay for my training as well as the cost of my hotel room! I will be getting reimbursed for that license fee once I've made my sales quota (like any sales position) in the first 90 days.
This company wants people who are willing to WORK for their career and earn their income rather than slackers who just want to get by on an hourly wage and think they don't have to do anything but sit and collect their hours to get paid.
I have already started with Bankers Life and Causality and I LOVE IT! It's been the best decision of my career so far! I'm remaining anonymous because I am not responding on the companies behalf but on my own! I hope people out there read this and realize there are two sides to every "story"!
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Jan 05 
This is exactly how they approached me and I was also told to bring my resume and dress professionally. I got suspicious and e-mailed them back to find out if this was a sales rep type job (commission). The girl who replied was extremely unprofessional which was another red flag for me, considering this is supposed to be a "professional company". After I told her I wanted to cancel my appointment she still send me a reminder of set appointment the next day. Needless to say I am not going to this interview :roll
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Oct 08, 2013  from Augusta, Georgia
I also recieved a similar phone call. There is a 2 part interview. The first is a group the second is an individual. Your training is free you have to pay for your license and. Back ground check. (Nothing unsual) bankers is not a scam they are actually a multi million dollar company.
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Oct 03, 2013  from Ashburn, Virginia
:p I wasnt told it was for sales ! Sorry, ....
I trained for a different career ! if you had taken the time to actually read the objective on my resume, you wouldnt have wasted time and money to offer me a
"career briefing"#...glad I researched;
not wasting my time will be great !
...and thank for the heads up !
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Sep 19, 2013 
I just got a call from a Susan Douglas this morning. I didn't recognized the number so I let it go to voicemail. I couldn't understand where she said she was calling from so I Googled the phone number & nothing came up but once I put her name in, this came up. So Thanks for the heads up everybody. I'm just going to delete her message.
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Sep 17, 2013 
Thanks for your story! I JUST got the scripted "cold call" from Banker's Life & Casualty to schedule a "meeting". She told me how I should dress and to bring my resume. I didn't ever recall applying for a position with them so, yeah.....I'm not going to attend this scam!! Thanks for saving my time and efforts!!!

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Aug 30, 2013  from Houston, Texas
I've been with Bankers for 6 years. I've been in management, and also as an agent. Career Briefings (the proper name for a first interview are done simply to *** out most people like yourself, who would rather sit around and complain about finding work then being a go getter. The beautiful thing about commission only is that I get to control my income, not a company. I made 50 my first year, and has increased every year since. I'm not special, I am just motivated. I love Bankers because it allows me to run my own business, without having to get a loan for 200k to open it.

I am just an agent now, and make 6 figures. 6 years into it, I have a good client base, and make about 3k a month in renewals on average. I'm only an agent now, had no experience before, and would not trade it for the world. The scam is your attitude, not the company. 134 years, 14.5 billion of assets under mananagement, 1.3 billion dollars and claims paid to our clients in 2012.

Sales is not for everybody, but as a motivated person, going to this so called "scam" interview was the best decision of my life. It's nice knowing I control my future, my hours, and my income.
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Oct 02, 2013 
I received a call from the Bankers LCC just today. I visited the website and did a little research. I am going to the interview and am very hopeful. If a person doesn't like what they hear they have the option to walk away! Thanks for your input and clarification about the company.
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Dec 03, 2013  from San Diego, California
Great for you, but they should be more up front from the start!
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Jan 05 
I agree, nothing wrong with a sales job but it would be helpful if they tell you up front. In my case I would have driven 1 and a half hours each way just to find out it's a sales rep. job.
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Mar 15  from Nashua, New Hampshire
You hit the nail on the head. I got the call a few weeks ago but I am smart enough to know about all of the negative comments regarding 'the interview process'. I realize many insurance companies recruit this way. I kept an open mind. What I discovered was professionalism and brutal honesty. First interview was a presentation. Second interview was one on one with the person who would be my manager. I had some experience many years ago with Bankers because my Dad had an annuity. The agent was very professional, kind and caring. I discovered he is still at the company- has been for 20 years. I am impressed by the fact that I do not have to pay them- I will not get billed- and it appears that I will get the support needed to build my business. I have been working for another company for over a year and a half- I have spent a ton of money, I work 12 hours a day and long story short- my daughter qualifies for free hot lunch at school. I go weeks with out any contact from my team manager. I start at Bankers on Monday and I am very excited !
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