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Bankers Conseco Employment Scam

Company Bankers Conseco
Product / Service Insurance Offer
Location New York, New York
Category Advertisements and Cons
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Why am I not surprised to find so many employment complaints about this company? I made the poor decision to work there for a whopping 2 months which is all the time it took me to figure out that this is nothing but an employment scam. And I'm probably forgiving compared to most folks who would never start working here at all. Unethical and borderline criminal management, this firm takes advantage of young people looking for a real job. They promise leads that are nothing more than rehashed sales calls. My "manager" who had no idea how to lead a work force was an intolerant fool who made inappropriate comments in company meetings about employees and customers alike. I was "trained" by a "manager" who came to Conseco from a multiple 6 figure income and who made a whopping $16,000 his first year there. I should have left the place then. Here is why Bankers Conseco needs to hire in mass numbers:
1) The main concern of management regarding new recruits, mostly very young folks, is to sell them insurance to bloat sales results.
2) Alot of people are too smart to stay long.
3) After you leave they will call you and tell you you owe them money because policies you sold cancelled and they want their commission money back. In other words, you were good enough to get the business but this lousy company couldn't keep the business and now they want you to make up the difference. WOW! I got that call last night, my wife came to me terrified because someone left a message regarding a legal matter. When I called today, they started the conversation by asking if I wanted to settle this matter in an amicable way but I deferred an answer until I was told what it was about. When they did tell me and said I owed them $200, I laughed and then told them to send me a bill.
They can burn in *** before I pay this. And I wouldn't even blink at or miss $200. Now that I think about it, I will pay them by sending them $200 in pennies.
Stay far away from this company. 2d581cc

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May 05, 2013 
I've been getting calls from these people for months. The one or two times I picked up, the lady on the other end of the line wouldn't even let me get a word in. She just kept talking over me and ignoring anything I said, going on about how great they are and how I should come work for them. Give me a break, I'm a programmer!

They always call at 8 in the morning, too. From the sounds of it, they're a shady company taking advantage of desperate people in a poor job market.
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Feb 19, 2013  from New York City, New York
As an honarable individual I will say that reading these comments have made me concerned about accepting Bankers Conseco employment or career opportunity offer. Although, most of the comments I have read send warning messages and regards the company as a employment scam, I will agree that not everyone has the same experiences and what may not work for some may work for others, however, for me that is not a justifiable reason for me to accept their offer. I'd rather be safe than sorry. 8)
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Apr 11, 2013  from New York, New York
Can people be this ignorant?? All these complaints on here is totally ridiculous! Welcome to insurance business!! Leads will never be perfect anywhere or everyone would do this!! They don't rip people off, bankers like other companies, educates the clients, asks questions to find out about their needs, then recommends a product/solution!! The business is the same as being commission and working as mortgage broker, real estate agent... Exact same, they sell something, they make money and there is tons of turnover in those industries too. I have been in insurance biz for almost 10 years and make an average of over 170k per year... Very compliantly and suitable, wouldn't risk my license. So please please don't listen to failures that can't make it in this biz!!!!
Reply to Insurance guy

Jun 03, 2013 
Phenomenal response. I absolutely agree with all that you said. I've been with the company for about 2 months now, and I absolutely 100% love my job and what I do. I get to know people, and I genuinely help people. I am a firm believer in this company and all that they do. They offer products that I absolutely believe in and love selling. With any job out there, you have to be willing to work. I put in insane hours, but my trainer and supervisor have been more than willing to work with me. I am very thankful to have a job that I love in this economy. Anybody who doesn't go to the initial interview is a fool. It's at least an interview. What's the harm in at least going to hear what they say. If you agree, then great. If not, you simply lost an hour. I will honestly say that I believe Bankers Conseco to be a truly honest company with amazing agents who are honest, hard workers that care about their clients and the people they work with. I'm proud of my job, and my family is proud of me.
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Sep 26, 2013 
How's that coolaid taste. You must drink it by the gallon.

Jun 04, 2013  from Albany, New York
Great for you and your success! But do you or have you ever worked for this company? If not then how can you give this company credibility by simply reading a complaint? How do you know what's going on within their walls? I don't know much but I do know this, a company that bills their own employees instead of the customers they failed to keep doesn't sound like a respectable employer.
Reply to hepilia

Aug 18, 2013  from Fairfield, Connecticut
It Makes a lot of sense when you are getting advance on future commision. If you make a sale that cost $20 a month... Youre commision could end up being $100... Now if the client only pays for 2 months then cancels the company will end up losing money.. So the Compnay actually tries to help you and then the people who fail sit a complain.. I started working about 2 months ago and I love every minute of it and feel I have the best coworkers in the industry. The people here truly care about the people they work with and the people they meet. Dont listen to the fools who couldnt suceed and blame it on others this is truly a golden opportunity but it is definitely hard work and you must pay your dues. If you're looking for something easy and quick this is not it. But if you are looking to be a respected proffessional and actually help people for a living this is the greatest opportunity youre going to get.

Sep 12, 2013  from Somers, New York
Ive been in sales for 27 years and questioned the validity of these complaints, if you want honesty and security " Get a Civil Service Job"
Reply to Seasoned Sales Consultant

Jan 26, 2013  from Coram, New York
My friend who works there has me coming in this week for an interview. All I know is he makes the same money as my parents and he isn't even 25. So I think I'm going to take the word of a sucessful person over the word of people who couldn't make it at a big firm. I don't know why anyone would take advise from someone who openly admits that they couldn't make it. I'd rather in the the 1% that do. Thats just me.
Reply to PMA 47

Jan 22, 2013 
i had the same email sent to me saying that im perfect for the job and im only 17 why would they want me working for insurance but then i signed up like an *** set an appointment my brother then told me to check if its fake and now that i came upon this page and reading these comments i dont know what to think ..how do i cancel my appointment with them ?? :(
Reply to j

Dec 08, 2012  from New York City, New York
I'm not surprised to see this report. These people have been calling me once every few weeks since this summer. They always hide their number, and the woman who's calling me (always the same one) speaks very quickly, so you can't get a word in to question them on what they're saying. I'm a computer programmer and they want me to do some cold calling insurance salesman gig!
Reply to Rob

Sep 16, 2012 
I was hired and worked for this company for three months. When I resigned, they told me my salary was a loan. And I had to pay back $3000 to them or lose my credit. They are ***-Seekers!
Reply to Rogina

Jul 12, 2012 
Awesome summary by bankers conseco sucks.

That's the bottom line.
Reply to SalesPro

Jul 12, 2012 
Reply to bankers conseco sucks

Jun 22, 2012 
I am also supposed to have an interview on Tuesday. I posted my resume on Jobs.com and got a call from them. I emailed the lady who called and asked her if this was a commissions only job and have not heard back from her. I don't think I am going to my "meeting" also. They are in the paper here in month or so hiring sales agents. I also have no experience in this field. Even if it is legit, I can't afford to drive around, putting miles on my car and wasting gas not to make any money. Did you end up going to your interview or no?
Reply to cletis80

Jun 13, 2012 
I have an interview with this company tomorrow and I'm reading all these complaints about it and I see that the Better Business Bureau is involved as well. I'm having second thoughts...check that, I'm more than likely not going to the meeting/interview. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TOO CALL it. It's crazy becuz everything that other people said about the "phone call, the resume, you're a great candidate for the company" shpeel all sounds the same as the call I received. On my resume, I've been in the Pharmaceutical and Mental Disability field, so I don't know how I'm a candidate for this job. SOUNDS SUSPECT!!!
Reply to Blaqsoul2soul

Mar 07, 2013  from Staten Island, New York
I have an interview monday I posted resume on job.com and lady called me and this sendt to a e-mail she said you are great candidate I don"t know how Im a good canddidate because I have knowledge for medical assistant
Reply to pretty girl

Jun 05, 2013  from Albany, New York
I believe you guys are qualified because you're in the medical field. Old people are near death and since you two are in the medical field you are familiar with the smell of death. Which makes you great candidates to sell life insurance.
Reply to Prostate Gerbil

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