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Bank of America - Closure of account mess

  • by   Feb 07, 2013
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Company Bank of America
Product / Service Banking Accounts
Location Hamilton, Waikato
Category Banks
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Monetary Loss

I lived in CA for 2.5 years with a Bank of America account.When I moved to NZ I needed to close the account.

I rang the bank and made arrangements for the account to be closed and the outstanding balance to be sent by check. Two months later, nothing. I rang the bank, they said the account was closed, but check not sent. They then reopened the account and told me I didn't close it!

Then locked me out of my online account, so my account is now closed buy I have no idea of where my money is, I can't access the online message bank and there is no phone option to talk to a banking person, only preset recorded messages.I am so mad! 303b324

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Feb 20, 2013  from San Antonio, Texas
You should have withdrawn all of your money before closing your account or written a check to yourself for the remaing balance.
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Feb 20, 2013  from Oregon City, Oregon
So mad I have kept my NEA BofA account for emergencies and have a 6000 limit. Have only used it a little bit but last summer I went to Europe and paid for my son to come home for a wedding. Already have paid all but 800 off. My daughter called and her car she just paid 1200 in repairs for now needs another 800 repair. I said I would just put it on this account and we could pay i off together which will not take long.

Called BofA about using a check they sent and they inform me that Bof A has closed those NEA accounts and I can no longer use it. This even though I am getting regular bills showing the credit limit and have had not notice. Now I might be able to use it once I complained if I submit to a credit check and wait for the head office to call (during my classes) the next day.

:sigh I am pissed! How would a consumer know. Never B of A again.
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