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Bambusa Circuware - Company refuses refunds and blocks my phone number

Company Bambusa Circuware
Category Footwear and Clothing
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Update added by user May 25, 2013
A representative finally called me back on April 24. It was a different person and she was very nice and she issued me an RMA#. I returned the product that very day and in two weeks I got my full refund minus the S&H. I did have to pay to ship the product back to them. I will not do business with them ever again or refer them. The were very pushy and they do not have a "No questions asked" policy.
Original review posted by user Apr 24, 2013

The following is an email sent to the company.


4-17-2013 I have been trying to contact your customer service to initiate a return. They called back and we had a bad phone connection (I am not having any problems with my phone service) and she said she would call right back and hasn't yet. I called back and talked to the customer service rep.(with no phone problems). She talked me into trying the product for one more week and she PROMISED to call me on Wed. April 24, 2013 at 3:30. I waited 20 minutes then called Bambusa and they told me they would have her call me right back which she DID NOT. I then called back the purchase phone number and asked to speak to Dan. I was told again he would return my call in which he DID NOT. So I tried another time a little while later only to find my phone number has been blocked!
BAMBUSA has stolen $129.90. From me and I cannot contact them to get my refund that I was promised! I have done everything they asked and they have NO REASON to NOT refund my money!


Order#: xxxxxx
Date of Purchase: 1 April 2013
Detail of what you wish to return and why:
I wish to return the complete Super Circulation package (CircuWear).
I have cold feet, (warm to the touch) and I wore 1 pair of socks for a week every night and could not tell any difference.
After talking to the customer service rep I wore them for one more week day and night. I still could not tell they had done what they advertised to do.

Everything else is still in the packages and I would like to get a refund.
Please send me an RMA# so I can return these items.


PS I just want my money back! $139.85 less S&H $129.90 2e9cb1d

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Feb 19 
I saw Bambusa's ad in the Phila Daily News. I lost my left leg to blood clots and spend all my time in a wheelchair and also have carpal tunnel, which I cannot have surgery to correct due to clotting issues. I read the ad and called for the socks and they offered me a whole package for $129.00. I'm on A fixed income and could never afford this. The salesman offered me one pair for $40.00, there is just no way I'm paying that amount for one pair of socks, so I declined and hung up. I must say he wasn't pushy or rude to me at all. Then I just happened to google their name and found this complaint and boy did this teach me a valuable lesson. Always google the company or product before calling to purchase a product. Thank you and I'm very happy to hear you received a refund, unfortunately after going through a tough time and run around :)
Reply to Aunt Car

Jan 20 
I just saw the BAMBUSA infomercial. Went to the web page to find out cost & possibly order. First thing they want is all your personal contact info with no mention of keeping it confidential. No price indicated. Infomercial never tells cost either. Big RED FLAGS! Fortunately I've learned (the hard way) when to be very careful. So glad you pushed to get your money. Think of all the people who didn't bother to fight because it wasn't worth the hassle. They count on that. Also saw these reviewed as "Miracle Socks" on other sites. Two people said they immediately started getting phone solicitors, so you know your contact info is being sold to make even more money.
Reply to IfWishesWereFishes

Dec 04, 2013 
oh' there socks, I thought they said box. and I've been shipping stuff in them ! oh'well they are nice for shipping... :eek
Reply to shipper

Nov 08, 2013 
another one sucked in by this company. stay away from their product: it does not work on intelligent people.
Reply to nodice

Nov 08, 2013 
Ya'll be advised: Buyer Beware: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. If you buy and they work miracles for you; great. If they do nothing, good luck in getting your refund (their guarantee). They talk nice and do absolutely nothing to refund your money.
Reply to hero1

Nov 08, 2013 
This complaint is spot on. If and when you can get someone on the phone, they tap dance and tell you they will call back: but never do. Only thru threat of contact with FTC (they do business across state lines), and the Attorney Generals of the state; do they ever seem to want to do what is their advertised refund policy. THE SOCKS THEY OFFER SEEM TO SATISFY SOME PEOPLE; HOWEVER WITHOUT ANY PROVEN TESTS, THEY ARE PRETTY MUCH UGGYYUK! YOU MIGHT GET THE SAME RESULTS BY WRAPPING YOUR FEET IN SARAN WRAP!.
Reply to lost customer

Oct 08, 2013 
I also had no luck with these socks, and finally got discover card involved with the return of my money, this company is a scam. call your cc company to help you
Reply to andy00725

Sep 09, 2013 
thank you for your reviews and the problems you have had...i was going to purchase them but i am handicapped on limited income and i cannot afford a scam...bless you all
Reply to laura

Sep 03, 2013  from Richmond, Virginia
So great to be able to avoid this company/product because of a thoughtful user. Thank you!
Reply to William

Sep 03, 2013  from Dayton, Ohio
Thanks much for your review. I, like the others was going to place an order but the hassle you experienced is not worth the stress!!! Appears to be just modern Snake Oil! Thanks ,)
Reply to Thankful

Sep 01, 2013  from New Orleans, Louisiana
BDidnt, like review on return of product if it work so well u shouldnt have a problem returning customers refund .not good. :p
Reply to Bena baby

Aug 23, 2013  from Brooklyn, New York
I was just about to order the entire Bam Busa Product Line, but after reading these comments and reviews for this product. There is no way I would put myself though this experience. It is just too bad that these people make these claims to people who really need to relieve their aches and pains.
Reply to Carmen Murphy

Jul 31, 2013  from Toronto, Ontario
I would have also bought this product for my mother. Thanks for making us aware of their poor return policy.
Reply to Raj

Jul 30, 2013  from Ottawa, Ontario
I almost ordered the product. Thank you!! No sale to me.
Reply to henkei

Nov 03, 2013 
Thank you I wont be purchasing this product I cant afford to be scammed
Reply to sissy

Jun 03, 2013  from Charlotte, North Carolina
Thanks. This one review helped confirm my suspicion. Bogus marketing. Too good to be true. My mom sent this ad to me and asked my advice...so I've been reading about it online searching for the basis of the claims made around the benefits of Bambusa socks, but can find no 'clinical evidence'. The cost outrageous. Customer service sounds non existent... I'm sending back a definate...'no mama, lets keep looking'. Do not order these
Reply to Skepticalia

Aug 22, 2013 
I called them today because of an add in the paper. It sounded SO GOOD! Well, maybe we should always remember -- if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Cost is sky high and they not only want you to buy one pair but four! Plus I thought their S&H was very high.
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