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BA Techno Links - fraud consultancy BA TECHNOLINKS

Company BA Techno Links
Product / Service Time And Future
Location San Jose, California
Category Financial Services - Consulting, Marketing
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Monetary Loss

hi i just wanted to share with all of people who fall into trap of this fake consultancies and ruined their life from home we think of diff drms and this *** ruined them
one was bartronics america and now the second one id BA TECHNO links
run by idiots whose only motive is to money either way they can get it
one *** is RAGHU who who tells you about sweets words intially den lately shows the real colors these mo***R F****R dont pay u gud and you will be in trouble in future for all the documentation like dey dont run ur pay role but still deduct tax and pay less and u take cpt and when d time of opt u will get the query for all the cpt letter and work, dont believe blindly these ***.. 2ebfe2d

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Jan 21 
Don't ever think of joining this FRAUD firm .
Reply to kartik

Nov 26, 2013  from Scottsdale, Arizona
I had been searching for consultancy to market myself and always get the confusion as most of the consultancy gets both good and bad reviews..If some one tells that they are good , their r other set of people who say that thy r bad.. After doing a bit of research - just realized that its upto me to decide based on the place / comfortableness / skills / acceptability between myself and consultancy..System followed by the consultancy r mostly similar and if you are willing to be part of it -- have faith and take the risk and be clear about what you could do or not and also what you expect. If they don't , just look out for other consultancy -- there are lot of them in the market and someone would agree to your terms.. I also felt better to see large num of issues been mentioned against those consultancy I thought are really good (Like Kforce, Tek Systems , AeroTek , Adecco etc..) .
Reply to Andy

Nov 11, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
If you want to do fraud and get job, then choose this company. I agree they help one to get job, Imagine, accountants, nurses, drivers , cleaners getting job through BA tech as SQL developers ? yes its possible through their fraud mandali. They fake resume like anything and market the resume, which will definitely end up in getting job, but after that? you will get only 2 weeks of training on SQL etc then on the job you are on your own. they dont help you on site, if you find some one to help you , you are safe,, else you will be thrown out of company within no time.. Yes its your own choice to go with them or not,, they will tell you about duplicating your resume,, they tell you are on green card,, even though you will be on F1 status and on CPT, then they say you worked in USA for 7-8 years :grin even though you just entered USA a month ago. all fraud and lies.. but these lies help you to get 50-60$ an hour,, so its your own choice,, :grin :eek Ultimately everyone wants to make money,, so do they,, There is no straight meal ,, in USA,, do fraud,, if u survive you win , if not get deported..
Reply to Dhanush

Jan 15 
What I am asking is how long have you been working for the company? I am sure the answer is none. On which project have you been assigned on to pass on such kind of judgment to a company that does too much for so many?? I am working with this company for over a year now and I don't see the problem that you are mentioning over here. In my stay in the company, what I observed was that the most negative comments come from those consultants to be who don't work hard. They take the training so lightly that when it is their turn to go out and work on projects, they fail to deliver and blame the company for that :( What I advise new comers is that those negative comments shouldn't scare you of trying this company. I was one of you sometime ago. What some negative comments said and what I found after I joined is completely different. I don't regret joining this company and ask any new comer to give it a try and see it for themselves.
Reply to Haq

Oct 20, 2013  from San Jose, California
Raghu, the lead fraudster, followed by Pramod.
Reply to Bill

Oct 09, 2013 
if we are committed to them they will help us guys.. i think ppl here are more greedy.. without technical knowledge u want to get paid.. hw can they help u.. so think practical.. u work for them they pay u and help u.. :grin 8) :roll
I m beeing marketed by them for my 2nd proj and also got confirmed.. I comepletely support them. 8) :) :grin
Reply to Sharma

Sep 12, 2013 
:upset ..Oh My God, BATC.. Its directly we can say a Fraud company and *** are available in this company.I have my friend who went ther and was in trouble now. They say that they have a very good trainers. But only one trainer would be available and take different classes. Even he is not regular for taking the classes.he makes us to sit for long hours and will teach only 10-15mins a bloody ***. And the employees who recruit people convert us from as per their schduled training sessions.. i have been called up with rekha who is a best *** with demanding voice , asks to please join us... she forces us and spoils our lives a bloody ***.and also she made me to talk with Vidya who is a best blacky ***.. God, Commiting sucide is better than joining this consultancy. Kiran marwada, will eat anything even suck an d *** everyone ***.Fuckoff Kiran.. i pray u must die and then this company will die.
Reply to Wellwisher

Sep 10, 2013  from Sacred Heart, Minnesota
How would someone call you and the first thing they ask you is if you have a green card or maybe you are a green card holder. How did you know if I'm a citizen or not? By my name? Pavan Mudhapu (Pavan |BATC| ), your first statement was so deceiving that I'd guessed that all that you were saying was all lies. Why would you want to train me in what I know and understand? Why don't you just provide me the job if you have it? Why g through you? Anybody who says they are a good liar obviously is not, because any legitimately savvy liar would always insist they're honest about everything. So you don't need to prove to be honest by sending my one shady unprofessional email asking me if you have cleared all of your doubts. Why would you think I would doubt you in the first place. Anyways, thank you for the offer and to everyone out there...be careful!

Email from Pavan..
It was nice speaking to you!!!
We are going to Start Batch from September 16th on MS SQL,ORACLE PLSQL. The Training period will be 20 days, after that we will give the mock interview sessions. It’s an in class training.
Once training & mock interview is done, then you will be ready in market. Regarding placement its totally depends on you we will definitely provide very good numbers of interviews.
Initially we provide 60k/annum and after six months we go on with 70-30% basis pay on pay(I.e. 70% will be for you and 30% to the consultancy in the month )from 7th -9th Month,
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Reply to dunikguy

Sep 12, 2013 
So u think. this email is sent by Pavan.. No ways.. He doesnot even know how to talk in english.. May b kiran/ vidya/ raghu/ rekha have suggested him.. He doesnt know how to talk.. *** he tried to convince regarding the Training,. Thank god, I am not joined with them. if i so, I would have been terminated from US and become beggar.. God is ther BATC ***.
Reply to maddy

Sep 06, 2013  from Maryland, New York
All the good comments here are fabricated and put by either Raghu, Kiran and mostly by Vidya the biaacch. These people are total fraudstars. They have no sense of of proficiency and can try to hire a begger on the street with a green card.

Total fraud: Will never pay you on time. Raghu is the punching bag for MF Kiran who will give you a fake promise every other day. Will hold your payment for couple of montha and make fake reasons saying the client didnt pay and stuff.

Dont even think of going in this vicious trap. These are total moths*Fu***ers. Vidya can suck the d*c* of any guy who just enters office of BATechnolinks.

I was stuck there for a while. These b*sta**s didnt pay me for the last month even after 5 months saying your pay is in process and we have mailed you the check. WTF will you mail me when u dont know my location.

Total sicko and fake, people. Never go near these ppl.
Reply to MJ

Aug 22, 2013 
i was doing bad with my technology i was trained in by BA Tech, but they gave me more days of training and got a good project in Chicago while in OPT, now i also have my H1B running under BA Technolinks Corp with no payment issues.
Reply to Sachel

Aug 22, 2013 
i was shocked looking in to these comments and decided not to join them, but on my friends advice i went to them where i was surprised because they give technical good training & my marketing was also awesome. now i got placed in Bay Area & happily working with BA Technolinks corp. I also have 2 of my friends working with them after this.
Reply to Rohan

Aug 16, 2013  from San Jose, California
Total waste of time. Fraud company. they make you lie , they will be nice until you join them , once your so called training is over they will harass you to get into job even though you are not confident what to do? once you some how manage to land in job, you are left all alone without any support. Join some reputed good consultants rather than joining this fraud company. they don't even have proper staff to teach. one guy will teach for 10, 15 minutes a day and within 2 weeks before even you know they say your training is over. if you want to get into trouble then join here. :(
Reply to dinkachaka

May 30, 2013 
BA TECHNOLINKS ---- "Pure Fraud" and useless company. They all are just doing time pass in market and spoiling India's name. Sitting some corner in HYD in some HUT they are operating. Such a layman company with no owner or director information. Useless piece of *** company.
Reply to BA - - - - B@$%@RD and Anoyi

May 02, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
donot choose this company.. its too bad ....

i never seen such a bad company like this..here is my situation ,,,,, last year... i got a call from one of recruter from this company , got selected......join in the project.....project is well going.... but these guys not paying at time... u need to run after them to get paid.... and also u wont get full pay.... and last it was time to apply for h1b..... i have been running after them to to apply but these guys are negliting me.... at lat h1b quota is filled out.... and i am speach less... because of these guys i joined school again,,,right now i am traveling every by week ,,thousnds of miles.....my project is completed .... i came out and asking for pay for last month, these guys are not answering my calls also... literelly thse guys are had my 1 month salary...its 4,800 dollars,,, and one more thing i had ask them to run my pay stubs where my client florida...... but these guys are runned under california where ba technolinks placed....please try to understand these guys are theives ,, they will rob u litterly...... any body can give 15 days training ...and they can place u in a week... but freshers like us dont know how these guys will work......i am strongly recommending u not to go with BA technolinks....try to understand me...
Reply to vidya reddy

May 03, 2013  from San Francisco, California
So, they never pay you on time? How late are your checks? How much did you pay for training? What do you mean you weren't paid in full? Why are you traveling every week? Do you have to do it for work? You should try to email them. You made $4,800 in one month? They are based out of California and you work for them so they would have to do it out of the state that they are in. I am a American so I don't need an H1 visa. Thank you for your help. How long have you worked for them? Did you go to the one in California?
Reply to Private Man

May 28, 2013  from Scottsdale, Arizona
I am not sure how well I could take your comment as such .. I had been associated with this firm for last 4 years and luks like they had been doing a good job.. I have to accept that there were differences initially when i joined but were sought out by having a discussion and keeping things on paper rather than assurance through talking. Since then I had been getting paid regularly as assured and they are doing good when it comes to marketing. This industry is very difficult if you work hard and be smart - you will get what you want if not they will dominate you and you are left with no choice rather than getting pissed off as you are right now.. don't expect a return without having your part of work done.. All the best for your career..
Reply to Sandeep

Apr 28, 2013  from San Francisco, California
I am considering working with them seems like they are a good company when I went to the office and talked to them. They just seem like they want to train you to have an edge and get jobs. I was told you can make like $75,000 a year or 5,000+ a month. Is it true? What makes them so bad? When I talked to them there were flaws but easy to get over. Can someone help me understand why they are so bad? Bosses tend to be mean. Checks are late sometime. You have to lie sometime to get ahead. What are they doing that is horrible? They can't stop me from working if I quit. Is it really worth paying $800 for training? Help me decide if I want to go. From reading everything I don't see a reason not to do it. Can someone tell me more?
Reply to Private man

Mar 26, 2013  from Sandy City, Utah
Please do not hesitate to file a complaint against the labor department or home land security, if you feel you have been subject to discrimination, cheating, wage holding, etc. Wether you are a citizen or not, it is important to file complaints/sue fradulant companies like these Indian consultancies. All of the complaints sound like enough to conduct an investigation. This should not be allowed, it's costing tax payers money.
Reply to Lawyer

Mar 11, 2013 
It's absolutely bullsheet. Don't take me wrong sir.....There are plenty of consutant who are doing same business and all want to survive in this tough competition. If you had any issue with payroll then it might be something went wrong. So please apologize BA Technolinks.

We hope you good luck for your future carrier.


Reply to Rahul jadeja

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