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Awareness Technologies Review - WebWatcher

Company Awareness Technologies
Product / Service Webwatcher
Location Stratford, Connecticut
Category Software
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Awareness Technologies Review - WebWatcher worked really well and provided my wife and I with everything we needed to check in on our teenage son's computer activity!It not only gave us the ability to review our son's laptop activity and all online activity without having to check his computer every day but it gave us updates and allowed us to set alert notifications to look for specific searches.

We also just recently bought the mobile version and are now able to see all of his text messages.

He still does not know that we check in on him from time to time, but we feel a lot better now knowing that he has two facebook accounts: one that we know about and are friends with him on, and one that he had hidden from us!Great product would definitely recommend to concerned parents. 2d5cbe2

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Jan 11, 2012 
obviously you are an awareness technologies employee. just curious: do they pay you to type this hooey, or do they require you to do it off the clock?
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