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Autozone rewards program is a scam

  • by   Aug 12, 2010
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Company AutoZone
Product / Service Reward Card
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Category Service Centers and Customer Services
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I have had reward card worth $ 20.00 for months evey time I go to buy something I cant spend the $ 20.00.They tell me some nonsense about the computer etc Then I call the customer service and they tell me I have $ 20,00 credit.

I needed a new battery. The City Ave Autozone in Philadelphia would not honor my $ 20.00 reward card so I walked out and went to Firestone. The autozone store was understaffed rude sales people rushed you every purchase.

Later I called on the phone was placed on hold till I gave up.

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Mar 17, 2013  from Arnold, Missouri
Depends on your definition of "scam".I WAS a customer of the Autozone on jeffco blvd for 10 years;Averaging around $500.00 a year in purchases.In ALL that time,I somehow never "qualified" for the rewards credit,(ALL my purchases were for well over $20.00).While the reasons each time were different (part doesn't qualify,"system is down etc".),they always found a way to refuse.Now Advance auto has a new customer.
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Mar 17, 2013  from New York City, New York
beware advance too. different name same game
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Dec 22, 2013 
For the record I DID call customer service.And corporate...Even called the CEO once (number changed after that,go figure)The rewards program is just another way to get the suckers in the door.Not saying Advance is better,they just haven't ripped me off .Yet.
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Mar 08, 2013 
The rewards card in our area works as follows. Every time you make a purchase of twenty dollars or more before tax you receive one point on the card. After you accumulate five points you receive a twenty dollar credit into the card. Indifidual points will be removed from the card six months after the point was applied but the twenty dollar credit is earned the credit will stay on the card for eighteen months. Points may be applied by either having your card scanned or by providing the cashier with the phone number linked to the card but you must have the card in hand to redeem any credits earned.
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Feb 06, 2013 
i believe the points will stay for 18 months or 6 months of inactivity
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Feb 05, 2013  from Middletown, New York
The old system was a lot better. I ran into the same problem, I have not redeemed my points in several months and now there gone.........
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Feb 05, 2013 
it sounds like u havnt been completely filled in on the way it works friend. depending on the program ur district is on(not familiar with that area) but if its like ours, the way it works is after 5 separate transactions of 20 dollars or more before tax and 20 dollar credit is put onto the card for you to use at any autozone. transactions have to be a certain length of time apart to count as points. and the part you needed is u can add any transaction w/o the card by phone number however to actually redeem any merchandise credit on the card u have to physically have the card with you and it has to be scannable. if you lost it or anything, u can still get ur credits by getting a new one issued and calling the number on the back of the card, follow the phone process and they will transfer anything on your account to the new card. hope this at least gives u some explanation of wat happened. we really arnt scamming u brother, :)
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Dec 20, 2012 
For some people like Obama voters picking up the phone to call the customer service number on the card is just too much trouble.
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Dec 20, 2012  from Largo, Florida
Obama voters have nothing to do with autozone sucking shows how mucg of a retard u are
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Feb 02, 2013  from Branson, Missouri
Before you call him a retard you might want to install spell check so you don't look like the tard
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Oct 26, 2012 
Never had that Issue. I've used the $20 Credits multiple times with success.

I do however have an issue with how the "Credits" are calculated. They only give you "One Point" Credit if you spend $20 or $2000.

My suggestion is to break down your purchases to as close to $20 as possible. That way you can get multiple Points and make your Rewards faster.

Good Luck
Reply to ZenSei

Apr 10, 2013  from Birmingham, Alabama
Doesn't matter. You can only get up to 1 point per day. When I had customers try to do that, I would break up their transaction, and let them think they had cheated the system, but all those purchases still only added up to 1 point. (If they got greedy, and tried to break it up so that sales tax was all that would bring them over $20, they would end up not getting any points.)
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Oct 01, 2012 
Jojo here from tx iv earnd more than ..2=400.$..never have they denied my credits.....some stors do have *** in there staff.
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Oct 01, 2012 
Jojo here from tx iv earnd more than ..2=400.$..never have they denied my credits.....some stors do have *** in there staff.
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Jul 23, 2012 
I am very happy with the Autozone rewards program - that is the only reason I am a loyal customer. Please, do not change it.
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Jun 30, 2012 
I have no complaints with the in-store people @ AZ #5775! Thier registers EVEN stop until I tell them I want to use my AZ rewards when they kick in. :)
Reply to Aeniar W

Jun 01, 2012 
I use my rewards regularly without problems. I wish they would give points for every $20 spent, for example I should get 5 points when I buy a $100 item. I usually try to split up my order so I only spend $20 at a time.
Reply to Bill Derry

May 22, 2012 
"Sigala" is right. What type of program you have varies by where you signed up, but it's far from a scam. Just follow the rules. On the most common previous system, it was 5 separate purchases over 20 dollars (BEFORE SALES TAX!!) and you get a 20 dollar store credit, redeemable with your card. Which is honestly a pretty sweet deal. If you forget your card, your points can be applied with your phone number, but to redeem any store credit, you need your card. WHICH IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! It doesn't matter much for someone who shops with autozone once or twice a year, but there are some driveway mechanics who shop with autozone on a daily basis, and therefore rack up hundreds of dollars worth of store credit over the course of a year. Do you really think that it's fair for his LOYALTY rewards to be stolen by him just because some bozo overheard his phone number? As for "splitting" transactions (buying pads one day, one rotor the next, the other rotor the next, etc.) it's freeloaders like you who ruined it for all of the good and honest customers. Now the program has been switched over in most areas to a percentage based reward program to combat this. So all of your total sales over a 6 month period are added up, and you get a very small percentage of it back as store credit, 3% if you spend $150-499, 5% if you spend over $500. So if you buy 500 bucks worth of parts you get about 25 bucks back, where as it used to be that your average do it yourselfer could get a free 20 bucks... Show more
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Dec 16, 2012 
following auotozones own rules for the use of the rewards card is not scamming anyone. If they feel they set up a program that they cannot honor, then fine, I will go to one of the other 5 auto parts stores around here.
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